Wednesday Update on This is Fate 23 January 2019

In the car Prithvi thinks he must control his emotions as they might cause hindrance in his mission. Right now its important for him that Sherlin marries Rishab and he prevents Preeta from causing any troubles in it.
Sarla and Dadi ji were waiting for the guests in hall. Prithvi arrive and decides to begin his acting. As he greets everyone Dadi ji slips. Prithvi holds her hand towards the chair. Sarla was happy that she got a son and Preeta is really lucky. Prithvi thinks its easy to fool these people, they think by heart not brain.
Karan decides not to go to Puna but Kumkum bhagya hall. He decides to warn Preeta against Prithvi.
Shrishti brings Preeta into the bridal room. They discuss about her feelings. Preeta says she is happy, Sarla’s promise with Deepak to marry her to someone rich is being fulfilled. Also Kareena won’t get a chance to call her something. Prithvi is a nice guy. Shrishti asks about Karan. Preeta says Karan doesn’t care about her at all. There is Karan’s call on her phone which she ignores. Shrishti asks if something wrong, Preeta denies saying Karan would obviously have to taunt her. Shrishti asks her to behave normal then. There, Karan wonders if Preeta is his girlfriend that she got annoyed. He wanted to speak to her for her own benefit. Preeta thinks if she must call Karan, then thinks he himself must call her again if important. Janki comes to take Shrishti to attend Prithvi.
Shrishti sits with Prithvi. She asks why is he in a hurry to marry Preeta. Prithvi says he doesn’t believe in delaying good things that would change the face of his future. Shrishti asks if love isn’t there. Prithvi replies off course there is, he says love and hate are very powerful feelings; specially hatred take someone to revenge. Shrishti was confused why he was speaking about hatred. Prithvi says it was just for time pass and smiles. He asks about Karan. Shrishti says Karan won’t come today and leave. Prithvi was happy as his mood won’t spoil today.

Dadi asks Kappu to be careful, although last time it wasn’t his mistake. Shrishti comes to kitchen to help him.
Sarla welcomes Luthra family, she introduces them with Prithvi’s parents as well. Prithvi’s mother asks Sherlin if she got engaged already. And says they feel lucky to have found a family like Sarla’s. Sherlin was jealous.
Rishab and Sameer come to greet Sarla and Dadi. Dadi sends Sameer to look for cooking arrangements. Sarla notices Rishab was lost and upset, he turns the other side and hits Karan. He inquires why Karan missed his training. Karan makes up that it was cancelled. He tells Rishab he didn’t come here for Preeta, she doesn’t matter for him. He came here because his family is here. He hurries upstairs to Preeta.
Preeta was in the bridal room

when Prithvi comes in. He complements Preeta and asks if he can fix her dupatta. Karan opens the door, and wonders why he feel jealous watching them together. Preeta welcomes Karan inside. Karan says it was important to discover about Prithvi, he is quite an interesting man and has hidden a lot of his faces. Preeta wonders if there is some cricket match going on between them. Karan says it’s a cricket match, they must only witness who would be catch out first. Sarla comes there to take Prithvi downstairs to meet some guests. Prithvi forces Karan to come along. Karan was curt. Preeta wonders what Karan wanted to say to her?
Sameer comes to Shrishti asking about some needed help in kitchen. Shrishti firstly denies taking any help from him, then asks him to knead some flour. Sameer agrees, Shrishti instructs him which he follows. Shrishti was impressed that he is following whatever she is telling him. She recalls Dadi said a guy who follows her instructions would suit her. She jerks the thought but smiles watching Sameer’s face covered in flour. She turns to leave but slips, Sameer holds her from falling off. Shrishti notices her dress was ruined. Sameer apologizes, as he only wanted to save her from falling. Shrishti feels nervous and hurries outside.

Roo tells everyone there is a fell student in her hostel cute like Preeta. Kritika and Roo watch Prithvi and Karan come together. Roo complements he is too hot. Mr. Luthra jokes he is hotter. Sarla introduces them with her son in law to be. A girl asks if Karan Luthra would be her son in law. Prithvi says he is the lucky one. The girl takes Karan for an autograph. Kareena asks Prithvi if there is something lacking in him? Dadi interrupts her. Kareena says he is good looking and perfect, but. Prithvi thanks for her complement, he says what’s incomplete has been accomplished by Preeta. His business is flourishing, and he is lucky as well to be connected to Sarla’s family. He as well met her… then corrects ‘them all’. Everyone complements Prithvi.
The girls take selfies with Karan. Preeta feels curt watching him and thinks he is so flirt. She leaves the corridor while Karan comes behind her. He was furious about not getting a chance to speak to her, he must do anything and tell her about Prithvi’s reality.