Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 21th

21st November

Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

Pronita asking Rishi if he loves Ganga.. She says I know you love her and you are respecting her decision not to marry her. Rishi remembers the times… She tells him that sometimes we mistake friendship to love… everything that you do for her shows that.. she says that the love you feel for her gave you the strength today to propose to her. Ganga spoke very rudly to you but you should not leave her and go. her dreams are shattered..but now you include her in your dreams and show her… at the most. You are a nice boy and I know that you will always keep her happy. She asks him not to loose his faith in love as it is very powerful..he asks him to try .. she says maybe you are not fully understanding what I am saying, but just once close your eyes and ask yourself who you love… who makes you happy…you will find the answers…

Rishi sees Ganga first blurry and then quite clearly… Ganga comes down from her room. Jai asks her what she decided. She says I already told Rishi. Rishi says we are ready to get married. Everyone is happy… Ganga is shocked.. Adi says I know God is there to see us and take care of us.Adi says lets get you married before the time goes by.. Ganga is confused… They finally sit in the mandap and the pundit performs the ceremony. Pronita tells Mr. Walia that I told you it will be happy tears today and this is my happpiness .. Ganga’s happiness … The couple are blessed by all the members of the family. When Ganga hugs Meera, she tells her that Rishi came back cause of Pronita. Pronita wants to ruin your life… (stupid Ganga believes her.. )

Vidya and Krishna are not letting Rishi go to Ganga’s room.. They want bribe.. Shonali too comes there and says I should be getting it. She says the whole script was by me and now you will give money to someone else.. She asks him for Rs. 5000/ .. Rishi agrees and gives Rs. 500/.. he says I have only this much.. I didnt come here planned to get married so I have only this much. They say ok.. well do with this much .. better than not getting anything.. they push him in Ganga’s room… Ganga is waiting for him… but she has not dressed as a bride anymore.. she is angry at him. She says good now you have become mahan. You said yes at the time when I could not even refuse She said if I would have refused, it would have hurt my dad a lot and I didnt want to do that. But you were my friend and still you did not support me. She accuses him that he wanted to be mahan even if that meant destroying his friends life..

Rishi tries to explain, but she is in no mood to listen. She says that you just wait and see how our life get destroyed (ya … if you still listen to Meera then you are definately doomed.. ).. she says this is just the begining.. just wait and see how bad the end will be.Rishi thinks that you are wrong to think like that and I will show you how beautiful our life together can be.. Ganga is in the yard and Pronita comes and tells her to go back to her room. She says I am here cause of you. She says that I am here cause there is someone else in my room.. Rishi is in my room and that too because of you. She says this is what you wanted.. to destroy my life.. arent you happy even after doing so much..that you are here … Pronita tries to explain but Ganga tells her I know you hate me..you want to trouble me.. I was against you and that why you are doing all this to me..she says today you took away everything.. she asks for answers.. she asks her who gave you the right to take decisions abt my life.. she says I had refused Rishi then why did you send him back to me.. you are my fathers wife but you are not my mother and dont try to be one… she tells now I will destroy your life now.. I wish you bad .. and the day you think you have everything in life, you will realise that you have nothing…

Pronita says I did all this for you.. Meera comes there ..she says what happened.. you are crying.. I thought you would be very happy today.. this is like loosing everything after winning…she says that your pic with Ganga will not hang on that wall cause I told Ganga that you told Rishi to marry her … she says that Ganga has to leave this house.. whether its with Pritush or Rishi.. how does it matter.. you had such a big chance of telling everyone about me but you did not do anything.. she says maybe you did not plan well, so do your homework next time. she says now Ganga will hate you and I dont even have to pay the Mittals…I will also fulfill my other promise of kicking you out of Walia house. The Next morning all the Walias are at the table eating breakfast. Vicky and Varun are not eating. Krishna says that they are not eating cause they just dropped off Shonali and with her their hunger, their smile.. everything is gone… Adi says dont worry she went to Mumbai and we too are going back tomorrow.. so you can meet her.. Ganga comes for breakfast and everyone pulls her leg.. They ask her why she is alone and where is Rishi… Jai asks him why he is worried. He tells Jai that he was trying o call his home but coudnt get thru. Today finally he spoke to him mom and told her everything that has happened. She is quite happy and wanted to know when I was getting her daughter-in-law home.She is a little angry but I will make her understand. Adi says no one can stay angry at you for long..Krishna pulls Ganga’s leg.. but Rishi says that he will make chai for Ganga. .. so sweet.. Meera gets a call … Krishna tells Ganga to share her cup with Rishi… Ganga tries to give the cup to Rishi but it falls down and breaks.. she appoloises saying the cup was too hot. Rishi is more concerned that she is ok…

Jai offers Rishi the position of CEO at one of his hotels needed urgently, Rishi refuses and say that I know why you are offering me this position, I am simple man with a small catering company, and I am capable to expanding my business. He knows that the family is very happy with his and Ganga’s marriage and you are insecure whether I will provide for Ganga all the luxuries that she is used to. He promises to fulfil all of Ganga dreams and keep her happy. He asks for forgiveness for offending him. Jai basically tells him that he is very proud to have a son in law like him. He says that till today I was happy that you’ve become part of my family, now for the first time, I am very happy that my daughter is part your family’ (How touching’why was he not this understating with BANI!!!!). Mira walks into her room, she hears a sounds and see’s HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIRA written (in blood) on the window (for anybody that Watches LOST- they have a similar background). She is super scared and run out of the room (HAHAHAHAHA’)- the family is singing happy birthday to her, with a sigh of relief, Mira says that it’s you guys who did that’.Ganga say of course, if we can remember Bani mom’s death anniversary than how can we forget your birthday. We thought to give you a small surprise (more like a major heart attack!!! lol ) – Ganga takes her for a Chota sa celebration (hmmmm’another party at walia house!

They take her downstairs’there is a cake cutting ceremony, Ganga applies some icing on Meera’s cheek- Meera goes upstairs to clean it (note: the icing shifted from her ears to close to her mouth’she must have gotten hungry on the way up! ) Mira walks out of the bathroom and hears another noise- thinking that Ganga is playing another prank’meera walks to the window- something is written in Hindi- something about how it was this same day, in this place 16 years ago- what you did’only I know’.your friend’ Meera says BANI! Flashback on how she killed bani! Mira is in denial, she can’t believe this can happen’she thinks that I killed her with my own’she is like’this can’t be truth- this must be a joke played by someone and that it’s not Bani! Rano, Raashi and Ganga walk in and invite her for Bani’s shraad- Mira excuses herself by saying that she isn’t well and she will join them in a while- Ganga offers to stay back but Mira tells her to go.

Pronita and Jigs are doing durga pooja at Kali Maa’s mandir-Jigs puts tikka on bani’s forhead. Jigs tells Bani that 17 years ago this war had started on this day, this time and this moment and this place where you have promised before kali maa to protect you kids. Maa has brought you back to return all the pain and suffering that Meera gave you 17 years ago. Peeople change, but not their hearts, memories change but not promises’you have to fulfil your promise- you have to expose Meera- you have to gain everything that you lost. Pronita agrees and says after 17 years, she will recreate history ‘ it will be the same strategy but the pawns will change. There will be destruction and will end Meera reign. She will torture Meera the same she was tortured’Meera will have to pay for killing my kids- she will torture Meera to the point where she will confess her sins in front of everyone (less talking and more actions’or else the night will place and you will still be going on’. ) She seeks blessing from Maa (Pronita is dripping of DRAMA!!! Hurry up woman!!! ) She cries about all the injustice done to her and claims that tonite will be judgment night. She requests from jigs that she would like to fight this war alone, jigs agrees and says that a mother never needs help to avenge her kids and you also have Kali maa to help you. Today Pronita wait is over and Bani’s final attack has started- She ends with a determination KASAM SE! Meera tells her self to relax and that everything is ok, you only have one night to spend here.

The lights go off and Meera is like ‘vhat the hell'(hahaha) why did the lights go away. She goes out and asks for Ramu kaka, calling to see if anyone is home’ She comes downstairs with the wind blowing in the entire house’.the clock strikes 8:00pm (cameras are zooming in on all the clocks in the house) – there is a funny dialling tone She hears a voice (Bani’s I presume) asking how can I forget this time Meera, going back 17 years ago where you started your game today!- we hear Meera’s threat to Bani 17 years ago, when she said that today is the day you find our your kids’s killed’Bani’s voice asks Meera if she remembers all that. There is clock chimes and rings’Meera shouts to stop this and everything freezes (for a moment I thought I lost the audio’.lol but everything went quiet) Meera’s sees a shadow and tried to run away from the shadow’ Jai is looking for Bani’s picture in the dark, he find its leaves the room, Meera see’s him and bangs on the window’asking him to hear her voice and to stop’as she is banging on the door, there is another hand also banging- but this hand is bloody- ‘Mr. Walia- you didn’t stop last time nor did you wait this time’ Meera turns around and sees Bani near her. Meera has flashback of when she saw Bani’s ghost in the jungle. Meera is super shocked (LOL) and runs from there.

The ‘ghost’ turn around lifts the hair from her face- It’s Pronita with blood in on her face- she says how much will you run Meera- Run Meera to your heart’s content- I’ve waited a long time’today is my time- will make you run sooo much that you will not have any more land to run!,