Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv November 14th

Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

November 14th

Meera outside with the Mitals are having a drink and Meera says Prityush is on my team and is ruining Ganga’s life by fake loving her.. Pronita hears this all. Meera says you want money i can give it. Prityush tells Meera to ‘Chill’ and she says that the money will only get into their account once Ganga is out the house and is having a hard time in their house. Meera says if she wins all this, she will get everything back and she can throw it in Pronita face

She also says if Pronita knew about this then all hell will break lose.. Pronita then decides to drop a vase at this point! Meera notices Pronita running off and stops her.. Pronita says she will never let Meera win and she is goin to tell Ganga the truth When Pronita enters Ganga’s room she stops and stares at the way her daughter is all mushy lol.. she closes the door and meera says you were running pretty fast to Ganga’s room , i guess you realised that Ganga will never believe you , Meera tells her to try her best but to be honest she is in a big mess, she cant do anything. She asks how she never knew this from before as she is a master of the game. She says a little ryhme and tells her to go to God and have a little argument as Meera is the winner of the game. Meera looks at the screen and says will meera win this battle, she wishes Pronita all the best and leaves

Jigs is telling Bani not to loose hope. Jigs knew Meera was going to retaliate and she did it very well too. Bani is worried about Ganga, she thinks they should tell her everything. Jigs disagrees with Bani’s and says that Meera is right’we are stuck between a rock and a hard place’however this time it will be Meera who will suffer the consequences.

Jigs says that me and you have lost sooo much that we have only to gain now! How, when, where I am not sure of, the only thing I know is that you will be victorious in this war, and only you (Bani). Meera enters Jai’s room and he asks her what the hell she is doing in his room. Meera reminds Jai that they have to pretend to be married couple till Ganga wedding as the Mitals are staying at WM. She tells him that she will be in this room, and that Pronita will have to leave. Jai fights back but is to no avail.

Meera says she is doing this Ganga and Jai needs to pay a little too. Pronita walks in, and Meera tells her that she is in the wrong room, she should knock before entering a couple’s room. She tells her to leave. Jai says that you can share the room not the bed, Meera replies back that we have a window in our room and if the Mitals see that we are sleeping separately then it will create another

Pronita speak to herself again, and says that she is aware of Mr. Walia’s pain and how can she tell him that Prityush and his peeps are fraud and the are Meera’s Pawns’she only has one way to go’she has to expose them in front of and save her daughter (this woman always has this way!!!)’she will do it tomorrow at its Ganesh Chaturji (not sure how to spell it )

Family does the Ganesh stapna- Pandit asks who will do the Aarti- Vicky and Krishna says that it will be Pronita Aunty- Bani walks forward and take the Aarti. Prit’s mom speaks up and ask’s if Meera is the daughter in law then why is Pronita doing the Aarti. Meera say if oyu insist then I will do the Aarti, she takes it from Pronita and say I hope you don’t mind, she smirks at Pronita and proceeds to the Aarti.

It seems like Bani confront’s Prityush and his parents. She asked them why they are pretending to this, and how their lies will impact Ganga. She says that she can be ruin for life. She says that you must be doing this for money. Prityush says that to save their business, their prestige and reputation he will go to any extend (I believe he is accruing some loses in business or on the brink of bankruptcy), and playing Ganga’s emotions is no big deal. He also tells her that Ganga will not listen to you as she will only listen to me’he tells her that please not bother us’today you have stopped us from doing Aarti today, and if you bother us more, tomorrow you will get kicked of the house.

Pandit ask every couple to do Aarti. We invited Jai and Meera to do the Aarti as they are eldest. Jai looks like he swallowed a pint of Castor oil, and Meera looks like the cat that swallowed the canary . Pronita flashsback to Prityush’s conversation’and his threat! Pronita walks towards Jai and Meera, grabs his hands- Everyone is shocked!…she gives him a sweet smile’ok now meera looks like she swallowed a pint of Castor oil ‘Jai just stares at Bani- Phamily is smiling at them. Pronita Voice- She says that she does not approve of what Prityaush and the mitals’she will fight them at any cost’Ganpati baba has come to her house today, he always trought sadness and happiness and he will not fail a mother. She pray to Ganpati to give her the strength to beat these guys.

Everyone praying to the Ganpati idol.. Everyone takes it in turns, Pronita says she will not let Prityush and his family get away with anything she asks for help from the Idol. some people arrive and the Mitals try and get away to one side, Prityush walks to one side and then so does Meera. The father tells Meera that they cant stand straight, Prityush tells Meera that their creditors have arrived and their lie will be open if they are not taken care of, Meera tells them to leave and tells them to take Ganga with themselves. Prityush then takes Ganga but Pronita stops them and says you have to hand out the Holy Food for the guests Mrs mital then does the honours and Pronita watches her carefully.. she goes to give the prasaad to a few people and then they says you are the ones to take our money from us! Aditya tells the person to speak with respect, they then say that the mitals are frauds, they have no money they have run away from America to hide from debts.. The creditor tells Jai the amounts they all want.. Pronita urges Prityush to tell the truth that this marriage seems like a cheque for him.. Jai says all the things they have done for them, he breaks the marriage!

The creditor then Pronita told them to say all this but she never mentioned the wedding.. he says he cnt take the blame of an innocent persons marriage braking on his head.. he says that he was happy to help as he has a rivalry with Mital group/company.. They leave and Mr Mital says what a way to welcome the family and says YOU Jai suspected me? whats the point of a relationship with no trust and tells Prityush to leave with hm Jai asks why Pronita did this? Then Ganga screeeeches she blames Pronita for everytning and Jai agrees and tells her to apologise to the mitals Pronita says she will never do that.. and Jai says how can you not? Ganga says if they go.. i will go too! Either you stop them.. or Pronita leaves.. Jai tells her to stop the Mitals otherwise Pronita willnot live in this house..

Pronita says to herself that she cant let meera win or she cant leave the house as she has to win in the game.. she has to stop the mitals (Why have the mitals cme from top floor and the walias are on the bottom ) Pronita apologises and says i am a nobody dnt blame the family members. Mr Mital says we forgive you, but dnt do this in the future… (that was fast!) Everyone leaves and Pronita is left with her mouth wide open..

Meera coems infront of her and says how can you win? Meera tells Pronita how she twisted the situation, she took the creditors to one side and persuaded them with money… she asks how she liked the step she played? She says once Ganga is out the house she can then start on Pronita-get-kicked-out-plan..