Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv August 22

Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World Tv

August 22 Episode

Jai and bani bedroom is decorated for the suhaag raat with flowers and candles. Unfortunately Atharva is blissfully snoring on the bed and Bani put Veer next to him.

Jai sees this and looks lovingly at Bani. Bani goes to the dressing table and begins removing her jewellery. As usual our hottie doesn’t let the chance go by and begins to help her. Both blushing and coyly smiling at each other. Raashi enters with the milk and offers to take the kids with her. But Bani says that Veer has just been through an accident and will need her and Mr Walia. Jai smiles and there’s a flashback of their wedding clips and watches Bani give Veer his milk and soothe him to sleep.

At the hospital all are standing around looking worried. The doctor comes and says that the injury is serious and that Pia might be unconscious indefinitely. Since its a head injury she might be paralysed. Rano and the gang look distressed.

Raashi brings Ranveer his tea and as usual he yells at her. She says that nobody’s at home coz all at hospital. Ranveer tells her to leave his room and his life, Raashi then shows Ranveer divorce papers that Rano left in her room. Ranveer gets wild and Raashi tells him that the divorce papers have been signed by Rano not her. Ranveer hits her. This time Raasi speaks up and says that a man resorts to physical violence only when he’s helpless and she feels sorry for his defeated condition and leaves the room.

Next day, Rano meets Bani and tells her about the severity of Pia’s condition, but Bani remembers her horrific time in jail and the Mental Asylum and Pia’s merciless torture of her and she pushes Rano away and leaves. Maasi/ Dadi witness this and Rano asks them why Bani has no sisterly feelings left, since she was not just a sister she was a mother to them. Maasi says that when a child hurts the mother it takes a mother a long time to emerge from the trauma.They have to give Bani that time. Maasi reassures Rano that all will eventually be well, but at this point she has to battle alone.

Jai is speaking on the phone asking a Mr. Mehta for some money to tide over the crisis Rano comes and tells him about Pia, she asks him for his help, for the Payment of her treatment. Jigyasa enters and asks Rano how dare she ask Jai for money since they’ve been stripped of everything by Bani. Jai tells her to butt out saying its between him and Rano but Jigyasa the motormouth is unstoppable. She tells Jai he’s too good and these greedy sisters just want his money. She says that she asked Bani to transfer everything back in Jai’s name before the wedding  but Bani has yet to do it because  she doesn’t want to lose control of the property. Just then Bani comes and hands the signed papers over to Jai, and tells him that his money is his now and that if he wants he can help Rano with his money. Jigyasa still ranting and Jai asks her now what the problem is/ She says that Bani is so smart trying to be goody goody and why hadn’t she signed before?Because she wanted the Walias to feel indebted to her. Now the two sisters should begin to beg again since they’re expert at begging. Jai looks mighty upset and keeps giving Bani apologetic looks.

Ranveer comes to Rano’s room and shows her the divorce papers and asks her what all this is?? Rano tells him that he needs to accept this reality that their relationship is over and Raashi is his wife. Ranveer says he’s not a toy to be passed back and forth between them but Rano tells him she’s not up to an argument and is really disturbed. Ranveer softens and says he wants to stand by her. Rano says that she doesn’t need anyones support and Raashi enters the room to hear this. She tells Ranveer that Adityai is calling him. Ranveer leaves and both Rano and Raasi look uncomfortable.

Aditya and Nachiket are discussing the payments crisis in Walia Industry and Aditya tells Ranveer to concentrate on business. Jai comes and tells them that Bani has returned everything and that there’s nothing to worry. Jai and bani leave for the bank. At the bank Jai tells the manager to transfer money from Durga dasgupta accounts to Jai Walia  accounts. The manager says that there’s no money left in Durga accounts.

Jai and bani are shocked, but he informs them that since Aparajit was joint holder he’s withdrawn all the funds 3 days back. Jai looks angry and Bani shocked. Bani tells him that they’ll go to the other banks but the answer is the same, all accounts cleaned out by Aparajit. They go to his house but meet the durwaan who says that 2 days back Aparajit sold all his business ventures and property and has left the country.

Bani crying at Aparajit’s gate.she tells Jai that the person she trusted has betrayed her and that she was not involved. Jai says he believes her. A call comes from Aditya saying that the workers are waiting for their money. Bani looks terribly upset and Jai says they’ll have to face the situation.

They reach the factory where Aditya is waiting. Jai and bani  reach and Jai asks his workers for more time. He tells them that at Walia industries,  his employees have always been like family and he needs their cooperation. The workers agree to stay on. Jai tells Aditya that the Walia mansion members should not get to know of this specially Jigyasa. He tells Aditya that now they’ll have to work really hard and to organize as much money as they can from the market.

He asks Adi to pay for raw materials with the available cash but Aditya says he’s given it to Rano.

At the hospital Ranveer sees a sad Rano and tries to be sympathetic but Rano shrugs him off. He gets angry and begins shouting, Maasi comes running and Ranveer hands over the money which Aditya has sent and leaves. Pia has recovered consciousness but has become totally paralysed. Rano breaks down crying remembering all their old times.

Bani takes out her mother’s jewellery saying that Jai needs her support at this time and his troubles are all because  of her. She apologizes to her father’s pic for selling her mom’s aakhri nishaani but says that material things are not as important as sanskaar. A picture of her mother standing in front of a castle falls out of the box and Bani is puzzled as she’s never seen the place before.

Raashi gets Ranveer breakfast, and he throws it away. Jigyasa lands up and he tells her that he has no intention of living with Raashi and that he wants a divorce. Jigyasa tells Raashi to stop crying and fight her own battle,because only she can help herself. JigJigyasa says that she’ll support her but will never forgive Raashi if Rano re enters Ranveer’s life.

At the jewellers Bani comes with her jewellery but the jeweller only offers her 10 lakhs. Bani wants at least 20. One of Jigyasa friends sees her and decides that this will be a good oppurtunity to teach the proud Jigyasa a lesson. She buys the jewellery for 15 lakhs. At the watch store Jai sells his watch for 5 lakhs. Bani sees this and theres a flashback when Jai asks Bani to find his watch because  many memories are attached to it. Bani pouts and tells him that the watch is more important than her. Jai smiles and tells her that she’s the most important.

Aditya is telling Jai that 5 lakhs is not enough but Jai says that they’ll have to manage. Bani comes and gives her 15 lakhs but tells Jai that its some of his money that she’d saved. Aditya leaves to make payments and Bani tells Jai to put out his hand and puts his watch into his hand. A new background song plays’ Yeh pyaar ka nagma hain’