Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World August 15

Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 15 Episode

Jigyasa, Ranveer, Karuna and Dadi go for the wedding and Jigyasa is hungry so she tells everyone that they should just eat and leave. They forgot the gift for the bride and groom so they sent Ranveer to get the gift from their house. He goes inside the house and gets the gifts, as he was about to leave, Raashi corners him and asks him to spend some time with her, and he pushes her away but she stands in his way telling him that she is his wife but he ignored her and goes to lock the door of the house, and pushed her to the chair and while she is trying to get away, he breaks everything in his way and catches her, forcefully. He tells her that he will come so close to her today that she will hate it for the rest of her life. He pushes her and lies on top of her and throws her dupatta off.

The scene fades. Aparajeet is sleeping and someone comes into his room from the window and leaves a chit of paper and runs away. Aparajeet hears that person leave and runs after the person, he escapes and then Aparajeet comes back to the room and reads the note. It says that he should keep his distance from Durga or else it won’t be good for you. He sits on the window and sees down when he saw the man down and wonders who this man is. It was Jai Walia. Bani is standing at the window and crying about being a bad mother and how she is a bad person for separating her kids from their father and thinks of all the moments that have happened before. Rano comes and consoles her and tells her that she is a good mother but Bani disagrees to that and says that what she is doing is bad. She also says that even though it is proved that Jai is a bad father, the reality is that he is a good father. Rano pacifies her. Moksh is going back home, getting drenched in the rain when he sees a man lying on the road and he rushes to him and saw that the man is bleeding profusely. three bikers came and Moksh rushes to them for help. The man on the road is on the back side of Moksh and when he turns back to point out to the bikers who the injured man is, and it turns out that the man has disappeared. and when the police van came the bikers ran away and the police tell Moksh that he is under arrested. Just then another biker comes and tells Moksh to sit on the bike and Moksh complies and the bikes zoom off. The Biker takes him to a secluded place and the bikers circle him on all four side. Moksh asks them where he is and Moksh then sees the leader is actually the injured man who is absolutely fine and the other bikers are the ones he asked for help. They ask Moksh to join their gang. They call themselves the Bikers gang and they rob people. Moksh declines. The bikers tell Moksh that if he leaves, the police will catch him since he has been seen with them. The bikers left while Moksh was standing there confused.

Nachiket tells Aditya about Jai beggin for his kids and Aditya says i hope Jai doesnt take the wrong steps. Aparajit and Durga are goin circus and Aparajit suggests they all go cinema afterwards. Aditya cums to Bani’s house and he starts sayin Jai is ill he doesnt eat drink or anything. She tells Aditya that he should have gone to the doctors not to her house but he says that she is his medicine, between Aparajit is not pleased but Aditya continues, then Aparajit butts in and asks him to come to the point.

Aditya explains how Jai can’t live without the kids, and asks for the kids for one day so Jai can have them moments for a lifetime to come.Bani looks thoughful and Aparajit says that its wrong timing as Durga bought the tickets to the cinema, the kids come and say they don’t want to go. They start saying they want to go to their father no where else, Bani is shocked. Aditya is happy. Bani looks at Aditya, Aparajit, then the kids and says to him, you can take the kids. Aparajit is shocked.

Aditya thanks Bani and takes the kids. Aparajit tells her she is not right, but Bani says only if she could break the relationship the kids and Jai share.. she says her kids are naive, they dont know what true love is so she cant wipe it. She says she has  experienced and seen what an effect Jai has on them. She says no matter what, no one can wipe away that relationship, not even their mother [referring to herself]. Jai is in flasback mode and starts to think of the kids, he hears Krishna shouting papa papa in his flasback then he hears them in ‘real’ and gets shocked and happy. It is a tearful scene, Aditya’s face was appropriate, he looks at them and smiles. Jai gets the kids and kisses them. Jai notices Aditya in the corner smiling and realises its his hand work and says thanks and hugs the kids. READ ON PAGE 2 below


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