Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World August 1

Wednesday Update on The Promise Zee World

August 1 Episode

Pia tells Jigyasa and Karuna that she is worried about the wedding. Jai tells Rano that he will teach Pia a lesson. Pia dresses up as a bride. She goes to see if Jai is ready. Rano hires a man to stand in place of Jai. Rao also buys the man hired by Pia to keep an eye on Bani. Jai goes to meet Bani. Pia gets angry on Rano for spying on her. Rano tells her that she has been defeated. Pia cries that she will never get Jai. Nachiket, Anu and everyone come to the party. Rano taunts Pia as she leaves with her bag.

Jai walks in with Bani and Deb. Everyone is happy. Jai takes Pia aside and asks her to marry him. He announces to everyone at the party that they are marrying. Jai tells them that he had gone to meet Bani but there he came to know that Bani is marrying Deb. He also tells them that Pia had the kids. Jai tells the family that he has given Bani only pain and he deserves this. Pia thanks Rano and tells her that she has won. Rano asks Deb why he wants to destroy the family. He tells her that he just wants to teach Walia a lesson.

Jigyasa tells Pia to announce that she will get married to Jai on the next day. She invites Deb and Bani to come to her marriage but Deb tells her that he and Bani are getting married the next day too. Pia dances and enjoys the party. Jai asks where his kids are. The children come to the party. Pia wonders where Deb and Bani will go for honeymoon. Deb mentions the incident of Turkey. Rano wonders about the mystery. Bani gets ready for the wedding.