Wednesday Update on The Promise December 5th

Bani is crying and Rano and Rashi comfort her. They tell her to come down but Bani says I cannot face everyone, Aditya tells her not to blame herself, we were all there. Bani blames herself for Pushkars death, she says I cannot face Veer and Pia and all because of me, she refuses to go and Aditya says we cannot go without you, he says will not fulfill Pushkar’s last wish, according to his will, he wished no one cried or be sad, wear white, he wanted everyone to be normal even in death he is thinking about others and wants to see us all happy. Bani says even after leaving us he wants us to be happy, Jai says you are our strength and you have to be strong.

Ganga is crying and Rishi is trying to comfort her, she knows about Pushkar and they are going back. Aditya says that we are all doing what he wanted, Jai says we are trying to suppress our pain. Veer thinks that no one will know how he died and everyone is blaming themselves but the death is also waste, but I am not defeated yet, I will destroy everything. Jigyasa comes there to offer condolences about Pushkar, Jai is angry that she came but Aditya controls him and takes him away. Jigyasa asks why everyone is not crying and sad, Veer says because I am here to take care of everyone. Bani comes down and Jigyasa is happy to see her condition, she thinks this is a good omen.

Bani gets a parcel and there is a cassette in there with Pushkar’s voice, he apologizes that he is one day late for giving them gift, he has sent them a scrapbook for them and it is for two very special people in my life, one is my godfather and other my best friend, its a small gift by with lots of emotions. Bani opens the scrapbook and it has pictures of them, Pushkar goes on to talk about their relationship, he goes on to talk about their love, the last page is empty and he tells them that when Pia comes home, we can take a family picture and put it there, he tells Bani not to be sad and tells Jai its his responsibility to make sure everyone is happy and challanges Jai to bring him a better gift than this on his anniversary.

Rano tells Bani that I know you are crying inside but Pushkar wants u to be strong and stop blaming yourself, the hospital calls and tells Bani that Pia is awake. She says I have to go to hospital alone and face the reality. Jigyasa says that I know these sisters they are very close, Rano was telling her you are not responsible but bani will tell Pia the truth and she will accept it like Mount Abu mountains their trust is very strong. Veer says that I will break this trust,Wait and see what I do…

The doctor is telling Bani about Pia but Pia is not in the room, the nurse tells her that she already left.Veer is taking her in car and Pia is worried that he told everyone that he knows the truth. Veer says I have not told anyone, Pia says me and Pushkar have made this family and I don’t want it destroyed. Veer says are you ready to see the destruction, she is scared. Ganga comes and meet Rano and Jai and she wonders what will be more difficult Bani telling truth or Pia accepting it. Veer brings Pia to the place where they are cremating Pushkar and she finally knows, she is shocked. Veer Brings Pia to Pushkar’s death bed, Pia ask whats this, Veer says you see it yourself and pia slowly gets near the deathbed and sees Pushkar there and she breaks down asking what’s all this, is this some joke, Pushkar you get up, and then she breaks her mangalsutra also and is crying.

Bani comes and says its because of her pushkar is here and bani tells Pia the whole incident of the party. At 1st pia also screams at Bani telling her were you feeling all this is a joke? See where your joke has landed Pushkar. someone has lost her husband, a father and then Rano consoles pia and tells her its not bani’s fault, we all were thinking pushkar was joking otherwise we would have done our best to save him and all the 3 sisters break down. Veer is doing the rituals of burning pushkar, takes the pot on his shoulder and takes the circle and then breaks the pot. Panditji gives him the stick with fire to burn Pushkar, but he throws the stick saying he is not my father, i know the truth, i am jai walia son and not Pushkar’s son, all are shocked. Pia comes to Veer and say is this the time to say all this, veer says yes this is the only time.

What has this family given you and all the crap is told by veer. Veer says the 2 person responsible for making his and pias life miserable are pushkar and bani and then Veer also accepts the truth that he killed Pushkar. It was his well excuted plan and no one can prove it that i killed him. He challenges everyone, then Pia gives a 1 tight slap to Veer. Veer says, I have killed Pushkar and i have only saved us from the mess but pia says this is the man who has given me happiness and had not brought his own children so that he can give all the love to you and you killed him, how dare u? Pia again slaps Veer saying you have taken it all wrong and Pia tells veer to not show his face to her and get out of here. Then jai tells everyone that he will perform Pushkar’s last rites. Jai and aditya discussing something, jai tells Aditya , even if Veer is his child, he should be punished as he has killed Pushkar and i will see to it that he is punished.

Aditya tell him it is not possible, as the best lawyers are also not willing to take this case. The scene shifts to Rishi and Ganga. Ganga is depressed and Rishi tells her to have food, as she has not eaten anything since they have come back from Goa. Ganga just snaps at Rishi saying, dont act like a husband as we both know what our relation is like. Then Ganga tells Rishi she still loves Prityush which evidently breaks Rishi’s heart and she shows him all the letters she recieved till date and how he left his family as he wants to marry her. Rishi is all shattered hearing this, and just goes from there and is walking on the roads lonely and crying also.