Wednesday Update on My Lost Home Zee World


Angad suddenly gets angry and insults Kamya that she never worth his love. He reveals his true colours to the family that guys like him never love girls like her. He tells her bluntly that she is ugly and should have seen her face in mirror before thinking about him. He proudly say he liked Mahi at the first instance but she never even let him touch her and Kamya mistook his casual behaviour as love so he thought why not take the relationship forward so atleast due to that Mahi will come close to him. Kamya is hurt after hearing this. Shabd gets very angry and starts beating him up. Angad says that he can understand why he is angry but this was not the first time they liked the same girl. This has happened before and they always tried to woe the same girl. Shabd keeps beating him all the while. Angad runs away. Shabd goes after him. While both are fighting on a roof, Shabd beats him but Angad throws him down. Shabd gets hurt as he land on boxes and Angad smiles evilly at this. He jumps down but Shabd gets up and beats him again. Angad runs and goes to a store house but Angad bangs Shabd’s head against a wall. Shabd is semi conscious and Angad takes a chair to beat him but Mahi comes there. In nick of time, Shabd holds the chair and overthrows Angad and beat the daylights out of him. Angad becomes unconscious. Shabd says that he is ashamed that he called such a guy his friend. He trusted his sister’s life with this guy and never trusted his wife. He apologises to Mahi and says if he had realised this earlier she wouldn’t have had to suffer so much. Mahi says it didn’t matter to her because it was for her family and the important thing is he came to rescue her when she needed him the most. All the family members come there and curse Angad one by one. Soni hugs Mahi and Mahi tells her that she knew everything would turn right today and it did. Soni asks about Kamya and Mahi says she will understand. Everyone leaves from there and Kamya stands there with her back to an unconsciuos Angad and can’t deal with this betrayal.

Kamya who is shattered and looking back, how Angad was and all that. A song is played in the background – from movie Jaane Tu Ya Jane Na. She then remembers what Angad said about her face and wonders who would marry her with her mark, she cries and she then ruins her wedding place. At Durga’s residence, they are talking about how it was good Angad’s truth came out before he got married to Kamya. Durga praise Mahi that she is a very brave girl and Shabd is lucky to have her as his wife. She tells Soni to go and sleep and if she needs anything she should just call. While going up, she feels little unwell and everyone is gone. Soni keep going up, she looks back and sees Jeet is still there.

At Mahi’s residence, Mahi and Shabd are sharing a sweet scene. Mahi is trying to give him a consolation while Shabd is acting naughty with a background song played from the movie Aryan- Sajan Ghara Ana Tha. On the other hand, Soni wakes up and don’t feels good. She goes into the kitchen to boil milk. There, she switch on the gas and is about to strike a match when she faints. While Jeet is walking in the hall, he smells the gas and goes to the kitchen but the door is locked, he tries to open it but can’t then he breaks the glass and opens the door, he sees Soni and screams. He quickly switchs off the gas, and calls for everyone. Everyone comes there and he tells them to call a doctor while he takes Soni into the leaving room. The doctor comes and checks Soni, he tells them everything is okay and such happends when ones is pregnant. The doctor sees Jeet is bleeding from his hand and tells him if she should put a plaster on his hand. Durga says yes. Everyone talks that it’s good Jeet was there. They goes in and waits, Soni wakes up while Jeet is standing at the door. Everyone are happy that she is fine. Jeet is looking at her while Durga is giving her milk and food with the background song plays- Bebasi Dard Ka Alam, from movie Babul.

The next morning, Mahi prepares breakfast for Shabd. She feed him and they both are having romantic moment while a song is playing in the background. Back in the Khurana’s house, everyone is eating breakfast as well. The Bawarchi is serving Paratha and Soni doesn’t want more. He looks at Jeet and jeet points him to serve and give another Paratha to soni. The Bawarchi does so. While Jeet goes up to sit with Soni, he asks her to eat but she tells him she can’t eat anymore. He starts feeding her. All the sudden, he comes out of his imagination and Jyoti asks him what happened that she is been calling him to ask if he wants juice and he says no. Jeet just sits there and looking at Soni, which Durga notices. Jyoti still believe he is in the guest house where she was almost going to caught Parmeet and Cherry. She is cleaning the place when she comes across Cherry’s blouse. She thinks to herself that this blouse belongs to the girl who was with Parmeet, but she doesn’t know who that girl is.

Soni is in her room making a sweater when Mahi and Shabd come there. Mahi is mad at her and Soni tells her that she is alright and there is nothing to worry about. Mahi is still pissed up and Shabd tells Soni that when Jeet informed them, Mahi was crying a lot and that Jeet was sounding tensed as well. Soni tells Mahi that she is fine and Mahi makes her swear on her that she will take care of herself. Soni then shows Mahi the little sweater she is making for the baby. Mahi loves the sweater and then Soni tells Mahi that she wants her kid to play with another kid. Mahi doesn’t understand what her elder sister mean. Soni asks her that when will she have a child. Mahi is blushing and Soni tells her that she wants to be a an aunt soon. Mahi is blushing and Shabd says that he is ready for it. Later in the living room, Jeet is talking on phone to his lawyers about some papers. Cherry is standing on the stairs listening to him. Jeet turns around and sees Cherry and goes away. Cherry looks tensed. In Khurana’s room, Jeet gives him the papers the lawyer gave him. He tells them to keep them safely and not let Cherry get her hands on it. Mr Khurana gives it to Durga and she tells Jeet not to worry that she will keep them safe for sure. Cherry is listening to this. Cherry then tells Parmeet that they are into something big this time. She asks Parmeet to find out what is in those papers. Parmeet goes to Durga’s room and looks in her cupboard. He comes across the file of papers that Jeet gave his mother, Durga to keep safe. He takes those papers and puts it in his coat and then Durga comes in. She sees him and he makes up the excuse that he came to see her and to ask her if she wanted to go to Gurdwara temple. She says she can’t go today but tomorrow she can. Parmeet leaves and he calls Cherry ip. He tells her that he needs to see her and show her something. In the room, Durga sees her stuff on the floor and thinks how it got there. Jeet comes there and she tells him that before Parmeet came here, the stuff was in her closet and now it’s on the floor. He tells her that she might forgot to put it back or something. She tells him maybe and he tells her that he has to go somewhere and he will be back later. He leaves and Durga is still wondering.

Cherry meets up with Parmeet at some restaurant. He shows her the papers and she goes over them. She tells Parmeet that now Jeet wants divorce from her, but Jeet doesn’t know by doing this, he will be making a big mistake. Parmeet tells her to forget all this already and not to get herself in a situation like this. He tells her that they will go to Canada and will live there happilly. Cherry tells him not to worry and that he should know that she doesn’t like to loose. Cherry holds his hands and asks him to be with her and he promise that he won’t leave her. Just then Jeet comes there too and he sees Cherry with someone. Jeet is trying to see who that person was when someone bumps into him. When Jeet looks again, Parmeet is gone. Then he goes to see Cherry and she tells him that how come he is here. He tells her that he came to get some work done and he got tired, so he thought of drinking some coffee. She tells him now he is here, he should sit with her. He then asks her who was the person with her, and she denies sitting with anyone. He tells her that he saw that person sitting here and then she says she only came to do shopping here and she was sitting alone. Just then the waiter comes with two coffee’s and Jeet confirm his doubt as he knows that someone was here. He smiles and Cherry looks embarrassed. Jeet adds that when a person like Cherry can’t even drink 1/2 cup of coffee at home, how come she ordered two coffees. Cherry doesn’t say anything as she see Parmeet, and she points him to go away. He leaves and Jeet couldnt catch him. She tells Jeet that he is very jealous today and it’s a good thing that at least he thinks about her. Then she asks Jeet if he can carry her shopping bags for her. He tells her that she doesn’t need his help as she carrying bag is not of a big task for her.