Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 8 April 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 8 April 2020

Samrat’s residence
Samrat tells urmi angrily that he just kept mum due to his baby, as if anything had happened to his son, he wouldnt have left her. urmi is shocked. Samrat tells urmi that he wouldnt bear this at all, that she does anything that might harm or cause any trouble to her would be son. And that he wont tolerate at all, if she is even a little bit careless, and should always remember that she is siring his son. He says that if anything happens to his son, then everything would be ruined, and he would destroy everything and everyone, without even sparing her.

Urmi is shocked and scared too. urmi says she had thought so as their relation was about to break off. samrat says that her talks can go to hell, as she was thinking about detroying the identity of his son, as he wont bear anything in front of his child. urmi is shocked with his stance. he asks her if she ate panjiri and milk. urmi is unable to respond, and then finally says no. he says that he wont be reminding her again and again. Seeing urmi tensed, he takes her downstairs to eat breakfast, while her hopes again get shattered.

Downstairs, at the dining table, samrat asks urmi to go and eat, if not for herself then for her son. she resignedly goes, after repeated instructions. sam,rat leaves. all behave with hostility to her at the dining table. urmi gets tensed, when shashi and kanchan dont let her do anything. diwaker too gives a cold shoulder to urmi, when she tries to assist him. urmi is sad. She finds samrat’s father wanting tea, but he doesnt let her pout it for him. Shashi tells her not to do all this, but just ensure that she shouldnt kill the heir of this family. She is stunned, but finally says that she knows all are angry with her, but asks them to understand once atleast from her point of view, as to why was she forced to think to take such a step. she says that they all knew why she left the house, what all she had to suffer, and samrat’s behaviour had broken her from inside. shashi gets frustrated while others listen intently. She says that she didnt see her future, then how could she think of bringing a child in the world. she says that the atmosphere that samrat had created in the house, she hadnt wanted her child to grow up in such an environ. shashi reprimands her that doesnt mean she take this descision. urmi tells her that as a woman, she should understand that it was tyhe hardest descision for her, as its a woman’s prefect dream to be a mother, but she believes that a child should only be brought, after ensuring a good atmosphere and a good upbringing, and nothing should happen that hampers tghe growth of the child. she begins to cry. diwaker supports urmi, saying that urmi is right, as he always fears that for his daughter too. Samrat’s father too gets up and asks urmi to come along with him and that he would tell her something. They both leave. Shashi gets irritated. Kasnchan too agrees with urmi, but shashi silences her.

Outside, in the garden, he shows urmi the plants that he has grown, after having decided what each plan needs, and that their rwsponsibility is completely on him. He then draws an analogy for her to be the same for her child, saying that she would decide how she wqants her child to growe up as, how she would want to give the environ for the child, and that one day if she decides how and what she plans for her child, then samrat is just a minor hitch in the journey of the child, and that if she so wishes, then that would happen which she wants to. He tells her that he has great hopes from her and that she would change everything according to her with time. urmi remembers samrat’s and urmi’s opinion about the child.

later, kanchan and shashi come in excitedly, and show her the poster of cute healthy baby boys, so that she can look at them and have one like them herself. kanchan asks her to put these posters in her room. urmi readily complies. Both the ladies help urmi to put up the posters. Urmi smiles gleefully.

Scene 2:
Location: In the market
While amrit is waiting, aditi finishes her shopping and then rushes hastily to him. in the meanwhile, she collides into trisha and forgets her purse on the floor. trisha picks it up, and is about to call out to her, when she finds the girl with a man. From a distance, Trisha finds amrit with aditi, caressing and cajoling her, and is shocked. They drive off togetehr, while trisha is stunned.

Scene 3:
Location: coffee shop
Trisha is waiting impatiently for amrit to come. When he comes, Amrit asks her why’s she so tensed. Trisha hands him the purse. he asks her why’s she giving it to him, as it isnt his. trisha says that its the person’s, who he was with, in the market. He remembers picking aditi. trisha says that she felt very close to him. he says that indeed that girtl is. Trisha gets angry and asks him to go and give it to that girl then. she leaves hastily. he asks her if she wont ask who was she. Trisha doesnt respond. He tells her that girl was his sister. He gleefully lies, while she turns around smilingly, and then walks upto him, and says that he never told her about this sister. He says that he would when he gets ample time with her. she asks him to make her meet his sister. He gets tenseede but then says that she has gone to her in laws’ house, in Patna. She complies. he leaves.

Scene 4:
Location: samrat’s residence
samrat comes inside his room and is frustrated looking at the posters, and ridicules them. He hollers at urmi in frustration. urmi comes rusdhing asking whats the matter. He asks why did she do this.

Samrat’s residence
Urmi defiantly tells him that the pics were posed so that she could be influenced by these beautiful babies, as instructed by kanchan and shashi and have one like them. Samrat says that she doesnt need pics of english babies, to produce one like them. He starts reprimanding urmi if she even knows the father of these babies. Shashi comes in and samrat begins to reprimand her too along with urmi. He says that he isnt dead yet and that his son would be like him. urmi is tensed. Shashi readily complies, while urmi is surprised. Shashi offers to get the pics removed.

Later, Kanchan offers her pregnenct advice, while sitting in urmi’s room. samrat comes back, while kanchan expresses surprise at having come so early. The servant, mukti comes in with a package. He asks kanchan to keep her and the baby away as he doesnt want his son to be like them. Urmi asks him not to talk like that. but he says that his son must be like him, smart, intelligent and handsome, and not like her. kanchan is surprised that he got his own photos. Samrat shows urmi his pci, saying that she should always see him, and she is romantically inclined at his passion. He tells the servant to put the pics. kanchan finds that all the pics are samrat’s. Urmi is tensed too. samrat asks urmi to stay happy as the doctor has told him so.

kanchan explains her that if the child isnt like samrat in any sense, then there would a huge problem. Urmi and kanchan come down. kanchan tells about samrat’s room. When samrat comes down, shashi appreciates his step. urmi is given porridge and juice as given in the diet chart, and she is least interested to eat it. as everyone begins to eat, she has a vomitting sehnsation, and rushes to the bathroom, scaring everyone. samrat gets frustrated as shashi asks him to continue his breakfast, as he seems to have lost his appetite. He xpresses his disgust at it, while shashi again says that they have no option. He asks that urmi should have some control, or shouldnt come at the breakfast table atleast. Diwaker says that she is going to give birth to his child only. He says that he doesnt have to bear all this, like diwaker. Samrat tells them that he doesnt want to see her face, when she is going through this phase, and asks them to send her breakfast to the room for her from tomorrow onwards. he doesnt have his breakfast and leaves. All are tensed.

Scene 2:
Location: Jogging ground
Makhan and rashmi are jogging around, when she tired and goes to sit for a while. She says that she cant do it anymore, as she is very tired. As she drinks water, he eyes her lustily and gets an idea. He begins to click a photo, but she asks him not to. He begins to praise her for her beauty, and after showing her the pics, he starts showing her the dreams of making it big in the glamour world, saying that she just needs some grooming, and that if she comes to mumbai, she would definitely become an actress. Seeing her getting influenced, he expresses how she is a waste of talent, by working at home. Rashmi also starts cribbing, and then when the phone comes from her family, and she talks in disgust, he eyes her lustily.

Scene 3:
Location: Annu’s residence
As gaurav asks about makhan’s marriage, he denies to be interested in it. gaurav tries to tell that in life, a partner is always needed. makhan tries to boast about his casanova lifestyle in Mumbai. He tries to convince Gaurav about his happy go lucky life. gaurav says that life is incomplete without marriage, which being a pious institution, is a responsibility too, that needs to be rendered happily. He gives his own example that rashmi’s birthday is tomorrow, and that he doesnt have any money left to gift her something nice. makahn tells him to get money as a loan on him, and then but whatever she wants. gaurav tells him about a jewellery that she has been eyeing recently. when he denies taking his money, an evil idea crops in Makhan’s mind.

Scene 4:
Location: In the temple
Amrit calls up trisha to the temple, and she asks why has he called her here. he says that what he is about to say, can best be said here only. She asks whats it. He says that he wants to give her something, with the lords as the witness. Trisha is surprised.

Scene 5:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat’s parents come from outside, and urmi asks where had they gone. His father tells her that they had gone to the local politician’s Urmi asks why should they give vote to him only. Samrat’s father says that they give it to him only always and he is an experienced politician. urmi says that this isnt reason enough to give a vote to them. All are tensed at her stance. urmi says that she would give a vote only after they find out who’s doing the best for the women. she goes onto tell about the landline helpline numbers that would help her to vote intelligently. Shashi says that she doesnt have time for such discussion forums. urmi says that they would have to as if they have the will, then they shall definitely find time for this. All are impressed with her sense of intelligence and agree with her.

In the Temple
Trisha is surprised with Amrit’s gesture, and wants to have the darshan first, before she finds out what he has to give her. while she prays, amrit eyes her lustily. As she has her eyes closed and turns around, she finds him right behind her, with a fist, that opens to reveal a mangalsutra, planted firmly on her hands. She is tensed and stunned, confused what to say, while he eyes her determinedly, talking about how deep is his love for her, even though he knows that she isnt ready for marriage, but this just works as a reminder of his love for her.

samrat’s and aditi’s residence
Shashi is shocked to know from aditi, that she lost her mangalsutra. She asks aditi not to tell it to amrit and get to finding it, explaining its importance to her. aditi complies while sheashi is tensed.

later, in the night, urmi is restless in her sleep and finally wakes up.

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