Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 6 May 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 6 May 2020

Large number of flowers get delivered at samrat’s residence to which he does not pay any attention. it is when tauji ask about, samrat tells them that this must be send by one of his client wiith whom he is not interested in doing business.

Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 5 May 2020

When he ask urmi to see the card on the flowers, she told i love u urmi and all get deeply shocked at this revelation. Samrat gets hyper and everybody on tauji’s instigation ask to immediately report to the police it was just in that nick of time that tauji cleverly dials home landline number and when samrat told urmi to pick up the same, he disconnects it immediately. Urmi understood that she has to play and it is tauji.

It is then when she told samrat that manish is saying that he has no fear of police and he himself want to reveal a truth to the police. It is then when samrat loose his cool totally and blurt out the truth that how much he is a beggar and inspite of paying so much he is unable to shut his mouth. All faces are shocked and towards samrat and he understood what grave mistake he has done just now.

Urmi ask samrat how could he stoop so low ?

Samrat’s residence
all start their questioning to samrat, asking if he had any involvement in all of this. he gets frustrated, not knowing what to answer. as they bombard him with questions, he finally breaks in and says that he had an involvment, shocking them all, while satisfying urmi, tauji and rudra. urmi asks, and samrat in his fit of anger, blurts out everything, shocking the wits out of everyone. Shashi refues to believe, but samrat is furious. Rudra starts taunting samrat for having stooped so low, but he stands defiant, and says that he is wrong, but she isnt, after having joined dance classes without telling him. shashi joins him in this. He asks that there must be lots of things that urmi has hidden from them, and that she was being punished for the way she betrayed him.

Rudra says that urmi’s mistake ws punishable, but his crime is heinous. All starts lamenting at his low state. urmi confronts him saying that just to take revenge on her, he stooped so low, that he tainted his own wife. He says that she too did wrong and that this is the punishment she got. she points a finger at him, saying that she always preserved his dignity but he did the complete opposite. He asked how did she go without his permission for dance classes. She said that she took shashi’s permission. shashi is flustered. He says that if he felt so bad, he should have come to her and punished her, and she would have happily agreed. she says that he played such a dirty game, and she is disgusted with him.

she reprimands him for tainting his own wife’s respect and self dignity and questions him why he disrespected her so much. She starts clarifying how she had pleaded her innocence when manish came that day and noone believed her, and he was just a nute spectator to the drama. she asks him how could he do this. She says that this isnt what a husband does. She cites the example, that draupadi’s husbands stood helpless, as they saw her being disrespected, but she is unfortunate that her own husband, who every wife hopes to bank on, is the criminal against her own self respect and dignity. she says that this isnt his victory, as he has lost his wife, and she cant even plead to her own husband, as he is the criminal. she asks him what should she do with him, and who should she seek justice from. samrat is shocked.

Urmi tells him clearly that whatever happens, she wouldnt have respect for him, and that he maybe her husband, but not for reason. She says that their relationship is just formal, but not of love and that he is just a puppet husband for her now, and nothing else. She says that she wont rever respect him, as a wife should respect her husband. All are shocked at her rage. Samrat cant believe his ears. she leaves for her room. Rudra comes and tells samrat that urmi said something huge and that he too is ashamed that he is his father and wishes that he could falsify this. samrat is stunned into silence. aditi too says that she too did a heinous crime. shashi asks her to be in her limits, samrat being the leder brother. kanchan and diwaker too leave, saying that samrat has dropped way too low. tauji sends shashi away too. He then goes to samrat, and tells that things turned exactly reverse, and that he wanted to disrespect urmi, but he got disrespected himself, and that things turned bad. tauji leaves. shashi looks at samrat, from hiding, while he starts breaking things around.

 Annu’s residence
As granny wakes up, and saroj comes from shopping along with devi, they are all shocked as they hear the cries of a newborn. they presume that gaurav’s tv must be on. they call asha, and when they ask about it, asha says that she wants to show them something and asks them to close her eyes. Granny relents but asha insists. they all resignedly comply. Granny is super tensed at what asha is about to do. asha gets the baby, and shows them, while they are surprised. saroj asks whose. Asha says that its hers. Granny asks her to clrify and stop this nonsense. asha says that this is granny’s great grandson, and got him from the temple. They are all shocked. asha clarifies why she got the baby from the temple. granny is apalled that she stole someone’s baby, and starts reprimnading and hitting asha for being so stupid and nonsensical. asha continues with her nonsensical rant, while all lament at what they got gaurav tied to. Granny is frustrated with asha, while saroj is tensed.

 Samrat’s residence

In her room, kanchan and aditi apologise profusely to urmi for having misunderstood her. shashi passes by and overhears this. She laments that the tables turned over yet again, and wonders what to do. she comes and sends the girls away to make dinner. kanchan comments that shashi instanslt gets disturbed when they all get together. Shaurya asks kanchan to go, or else shashi would continue to rant on. they finally leave. urmi sits silently. tauji sends shaurya off, and asks urmi not to be lost, and that she got her respect back, and he is happy that the taint on her character is finally off. She says thats he is happy too. urmi says that she fought for her right, but she doesnt feel good now, that shje knows that in doing so, she made samrat lose his respect in front of the family. tauji advises her not to self victimise herself and guilt herself into doing the wrong thing by standing up for herself. He asks her not to pity herself. urmi is sad still.

At the restaurant
While samrat drinks heavily, he is super angry at the way urmi stood up for herself in front of him, and disrespected him in front of his own family. He remembers her stinging comments and is highly furious at the guts that she showed today, and how she had the courage to stand upto her own husband.
Samrat is in a rage, hell bent on teaching urmi a lesson, on what a husband actually is, and why he is like that. samrat in his fit of anger, that urmi’s hell starts right away, and that she should brace herself for suffering now.