Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 4 March 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 4 March 2020

Urmi gets up on the terrace with anu, and goes onto meet samrat, shyly and nervously. Smart is oblivious of her presence. He turns around to find her standing. He compliments her on her dancing skills. urmi asks if he liked it. he asks how could he not. urmi asks what did he want to talk about.

samrat says that he didnt want, but he would have to. While urmi is happily dreaming, samrat brings up the topic of trisha, saying that whats he did wasnt good, and she didnt like it. urmi gets tensed, and tries to make up for her, saying that she wasnt well, or she wouldnt have done that. samrat says that trisha doesnt like him, and she shouldnt hide it. Urmi is tensed, and says that they are just both different people, with different opinions. samrat says that he never bears the wrong. He reminds how he had made his own mother apologise to them. urmi says that they all rever him for that, but trisha’s case was something different. Samrat says that he doesnt let anyone particularly anyone, to play with his respect, not even trisha. He says that he didnt create a scene, just to keep their respect, otherwise this was something he wouldnt ever have tolerated. urmi says that he’s thinking wrong, as she didnt do it intentionally. smart says that he doesnt care for that, but the fact is that she did, and thats beyond his toleration. urmi is highly tensed. she apologises. Samrat says what good would that do. urmi says that she would just get trisha over here to apologise. samrat says that he doesnt need that. samrat says that he just wants one thing. urmi asks what. samrat says that he doesnt want trisha to be at the marriage. urmi asks what does he mean. samrat says that one who isnt happy with this marriage, wont be a part of that ceremony.

Function venue
urmi is shocked at samrat’s demand, when he asks urmi to tell trisha to leave. urmi tries to clarify, but samrat says that trisha herself told him to leave and call off the wedding with urmi, and she can go ask her if she wants to. Samrat tells urmi that she’s going to be his wife, and therefore his respect is hers, and his disrespect also is hers. He says that if she cares for him even a little bit, then he shouldnt find trisha at the wedding. urmi is highly tensed and shocked.

urmi’s residence
The mehendi ceremony is going on with festivities and much banter and merriment, while urmi is tensed thinking about samrat’s demand, and trisha’s behaviour with him. Rashmi startles her by asking the mehendi wali to put samrat’s name in hiding so that he isnt able to identify it easily. Buaji begins to tease urmi about samrat’s name. All are discussing the sarees to be given to samrat’s lady relatives. saroj asks trisha to get the mehendi done too. Rashmi taunts her to ask trisha if she evn wants to put mehendi, or would throw a tantrum at that. Saroj lightens the mood, saying that she would do this for her sister. rashmi again points out her moody nature last night. granny asks her to let go of the past, while trisha is tensed. rashmi says that they cant ignore such a big thing. urmi is tensed too. rashmi asks what happened that trisha did this, as she doesnt look sick at all. Triahs is upset. She tells rashmi that she isnt feeling unwell. her motjer asks her to be silent. rashmi taunts her more at that. She asks triahs why did she insult samrat intentionally then, and what wrong thing did he do then. Triahs says that she didnt like it. Rashmi says that she should have said no then, taunting her all the while. the entire family gets tensed. rashmi says that no one tied her to go. garnny asks rashmi to let go. rashmi imposes on them how much she had to make an effort to compose shashi ji, for urmi and their sake. granny agrees but still asks her to forget as its in vain to talk about it now. But rashmi doesnt stop at taunting hints, while praising samrat and his family, who didnt do anything in retaliation. trisha’s mother apologises for trisha’s sake. But trisha is in a rage, that they shouldnt forgive her, rather they should crucify her for such a huge mistake. She leaves, while all are tensed. rashmi goes onto say that this attitude would definitely cause something hugely wrong. trisha’s mother goes after her.

Nirmala reprimands trisha for her strange behaviour. trisha says what about the torture she is undergoing. But her mother doesnt listen to her, and asks her to be quiet til atleast urmi’s wedding. Trisha says that she doesnt samrat at all. She says that noone asked her opinion, and samrat is liked by urmi and her family. Saroj comes in and asks her to stop being so angry at her. but Nirmala, is super angry at trisha, who’s insulting everyone in the family. saroj tells trisha that she isnt at fault, and its not known when the boy’s side feels bad. she too goes onto praise samrat, about his good behaviour when he never said anything at trisha’s behaviour. she asks her not to be tensed thinking about that episode, or rashmi’s taunts as she had heard herself. she asks her to cheer up, so that rashmi isnt able to taunt her. she asks trisha to forget everything except that urmi has to be happily married off to samrat, and there wont be any problem if she stays happy. Triahs nods in agreement. She asks trisha to get the mehendi done with urmi, as she was tensed too.

meanwhile, the gents are discussing things together. her father gets emotional thinking that on one hand, he is happy that urmi got such a nice husband and world, but is sad that she would leave tomorrow. He says that now only anushka remains, and once she is married off too, they can be relieved. trisha’s father says that girls need to be taught to be independant. urmi’s father says that most of the people are like this only, who think about a girl’s marriage right from their birth. trisha’s father says that he doesnt agree to this. gaurav also agrees to devishankar’s opinion, and recounts the huge differnces between marrying off a son and a daughter. trisha’s father expresses happiness that urmi got such a good family. they assure devishanker of the same too.

 Samrat’s residence
Family is prepping up for marriage arrangements, when ishaan comes in to lighten the mood, asking samrat to apply mehendi. Samrat says that ehw ould remain the same, as a girl’s entrance in his life wont change him. he says that he is a dictator not a servile person. His motehr too agrees with him, while all others are tensed. samrat makes fun of diwaker being one like that, and that he himself wont change at all.

Urmi’s residence
trisha is on the roof, remembering nirmala’s and samrat’s words, and is tensed. urmi comes there, tensed herself and finds trisha lost in thoughts. trisha is asked by urmi if she didnt sleep. Urmi says that she wants to talk to her about something. she asks if trisha doesnt like samrat at all. trisha is hesitant to answer and asks her to go and sleep. urmi asks her not to ignore her and answer. trisha again maintains her stance as she feels that samrat isnt the right person for her. urmi asks trisha is she told samrat that she doesnt want that samrat and urmi get married. While trisha is shocked at that and eyes her tensedly, remembering her confrontation with samrat, she says that this discussion is useless. But urmi asks her to give a yes or no. Trisha goes onto say that yes she had indeed said that. urmi is shocked.

Urmi asks Trisha if it was true that Trisha didnt want the marriage to happen. Trisha tries to tell her Samrat’s true nature but Urmi doesnt listen to her and asks her if she was already not for her and Samrat’s marriage,then why was she against it !

Meanwhile,in Samrat’s place, Samrat gets some flight tickets to go with urmi,after their marriage but he puts his foot down and says that he would not go.

Back in Urmi’s place,her mother,cries that her daughter’s bidaai is the next day and they reminisce the memories they had with Urmi and Urmi’s father consoles her that at least her daughter,after marriage would be in the same city and can call her as and when required. But she worries that Samrat’s mother should behave properly with Urmi but Urmi’s father pacifies her that Samrat is a very supportive husband and he would support Urmi always..

Next day,all the Rasams are done.Samrat bathes in rose milk. His family fawns over him.. His mami applies haldi over him,much to his dislike

Urmi’s place

Urmi’s sister worries over what to wear,her mausi agrees to help. Just then a gift comes for Urmi from Samrat ! All get excited ! It is a framed photo of Samrat and Urmi.. They all exclaim over how lucky Urmi is ! Urmi comes to know that Trisha has left for some practical exams and she gets upset. Later,Urmi asks Trisha’s mother if Trisha is angry with her and the cause of which she left and her mausi pacifies her saying that Trisha only cares for her and they hug..

Samrat’s place

Ishaan is arranging for the framed photo of Samrat and Urmi to be put and Samrat comes and stops him and gets angry and says that the room need not be changed in any way just because he is getting married.. Ishaan tells him that he sent the photo frame to Urmi also! Samrat tells him not to do any more of these favours because he doesnt want Urmi to get high hopes from him..

Urmi worries over Trisha not like Samrat.. She then remembers how he has always stood by her. She messages him saying that from tomorrow,her life will be changed completely and she will begin a new life with him ,with trust,love and happiness. Samrat sees this and tells himself that her life and destiny both will change because he is writing it.

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