Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 3 June 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 3 June 2020

Samrat looks through the newspapers for any news regarding the accident.

Gaurav calls Samrat and tells him that he is in trouble now as the victim has dies and Gaurav is the only eye witness.

Shashi tells Samrat that Gaurav will now take revenge.

Samrat’s residence
Samrat is frustrated as it is, while shashi starts ranting that he would definitely got to jail, for murder. he asks her to shut up for God’s sake. hearing their screams, aditi and kanchan rush in asking whats the matter. samrat is tensed, while shashi breaks into tears.

On the road
Shaurya asks urmi where are they going. she says that they shall go wherever the lord takes them, as he must have some plan for them all. He asks if the lord wont trouble them now. she assures him that god would definitely send them on the right path, and send someone to help them. He asks how would they identify who has been sent to help them.

Meanwhile, an elderly couple is driving on the road, where the lady is bickering at his forgetfulness, and he gets tensed. they continuously argue. the man tries to get emotional and romantic with hr. In this, he doesnt see urmi walking ahead and in a mad dash to save her, he himself collides the car in a tree. Urmi is shocked, and rushes to check if they are okay. Once confirmed that he is okay, the elderly lady starts ranting yet again that he would kill her if need be. they both come out. urmi apologises to them and asks if they are okay, referring to the lady as Aunty Ji, and she immediately takes offense at this. She blames her for the accident, overlooking her husband’s fault. urmi asks whats their fault.

The lady is shocked to see the car in such a damaged condition. the lady asks urmi to pay for the cost involved. She is shocked beyond belief. Urmi says that she doesnt have this kind of money and asks to be let gone. But sushma is adamant saying that she wont let her leave, unless she pays for the damage caused. urmi tries to say that she isnt at fault, but the lady overpowers her and reprimands her to pay or else she would think otherwise. Shaurya comes in asking the lady not to bother urmi, as she didnt do anything wrong, and that her husband doesnt know how to drive the car properly. sushma is shocked at the child’s talks, and then more shocked, when urmi shuts him saying that this isnt the way to talk to elders, and asks him to stay quiet.

Shaurya apologises and shuts up. Sushma asks urmi not to waste anymore time. urmi apologises if she feels she is wrong, but they dont have any money to give to her. Sushma asks her to call her home and then get someone here with the money. She says that she doesnt have any home. Sushma refuses to believe her. Her husband tries to convince her that urmi may be telling the truth. Sushma finally says that if urmi cant pay, she would have to come along with her. urmi shockingly asks her where, and she says that urmi should do just as she is told to. urmi is baffled and shocked, while sushma eyes her tensedly.

Annu’s and samrat’s residence
Asha starts ranting, while the doctor checks asha and mentions a long list of tests to be done. Saroj asks the cost involved. the doctor gives a rough fiure of about 5000 rupees. All are tensed. the doctor says that its just to remove the risk involved. Granny starts lamenting about gaurav’s lost job due to which this is an added burden. saroj shuts her while gaurav assures that they would get the tests done. the doctor takes leave. Gaurav gets samrat’s call and is amused, as he excuses himself from his family.

Samrat very politely asks him why he cancelld the phone, as he wanted to talk to him. gaurav amusingly says that he was just checking the horoscope, and forgotten about his call. gaurav says that Samrat too has forgotten that he had a hit and run case. Samrat anxiously asks what happened next. Gruav says that road accidents and tragedies always end up in a furore, which culminates into finding the culprit. samrat agrees to meet him, at the New market Coffee Shop. Gaurav is amused. Then samrat starts wondering that gaurav might try to trap him, and makes his mind that he wont go there. He calls up gaurav to invite him home instaed. Gaurav is amused and happily accepts.

When gaurav comes, he tries to make everyone feel embarassed as they all start giving him extra attention trying to impress him into not wanting to tell the truth about samrat. gaurav says that they couldnt respect what they had when they had it. He tries to make indirect bars at samrat and everyone else. he tells her to instead ask Mukti to get a nice cup of tea, after disgracing shashi of making horrible cofee and having gotten out of kitchen practice after urmi’s duly done wifely duties.

Shashi tries to impress gaurav while samrat sits impatiently. Gaurav eyes samrat angrily. samrat starts getting impatient, as gaurav doesnt leave any chance to put shashi down, while she makes a desperate attempt to get gaurav to save samrat. Finally unable to take it any longer, samrat asks him to get down to brass tacks, and asks why he wanted to meet him. gaurav too gets serious, and says that the police is investigating too much about the accident. all get tensed hearing this, as gaurav says that the police knows that he knows whose car caused the accident. Samrat asks what he did then. gaurav shocks them saying that he told what car it was and who was driving. But then relieves him saying tht he didnt give the car number. rudra thanks gaurav for this gesture.

gaurav amusingly tells samrat that the way the police is barging on him, its going to be hard for him to keep his mouth shut for long. gaurav says that everything comes with a price, and a heavy one if he wants to pay it for a human life. Samrat asks how much money does he need. All are tensed. Gaurav says that the money he can spend on the lawyer, fighting the case for years, but he needs something else. samrat stoically asks what he wants. gaurav gets up and presents an envelope to her. he takes a paper out, and as he goes through it, he shockingly eyes gaurav, who stands steely eyeing him.

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