Wednesday Update on Lies Of The Heart 19th August 2020 Ishaan is dead


Wednesday Update on Lies Of The Heart 19th August 2020 Ishaan is dead

Ishaan is shocked at shashi’s revelation. he rushes out to be able to trak urmi’s whereabouts. ishaan drives frantically on the road, to get some news of urmi.

In their room, damini and anirudh talk about how lucky they are to have ishaan and urmi, instead of shashi, who got a vicious son like samrat. they discuss about the evning party and if anybody is left to be invited. She exclaims that she doesnt even have a dress to wear. Anirudh mocks her. the buzzer rings again, and to their surprise, sandhya walks in and asks them to close their eyes. they comply excitedly. sandhya comes and then gets a gift. they open their eyes, while sandhya shows them the dresses that ishaan has selected for them for the party in the evening. they love the dresses, while commenting as to ishaan won their hearts today, by making every moment a memorable one for them. urmi finally arrives at the isolated location and goes inside, boggled at the weird place that she got the address for. She screams for anyone, and suddenly hears the doors shut. then the flashlights are turned on, and after being blinded by them, when she is finally able to open her eyes, she sees that samrat is standing before her. she asks whats he doing here and whats all this. He says that he has trapped her finally. she tries to duck and escape, but he tugs at the rope in his hand, and urmi is trapped in a wire mesh, hanging from the ceiling. she desperately tries to tug free, having been caught unawares, while samrat smirks at her. He comments as to how she who is on top of all things at all times, is now trapped by him. He remarks as to how the tables have turned, the person who he was expecting mercy from, is at his mercy now. She asks what does he want. he says that finally, he is here to settle all scores. urmi asks if he actually thinks he shall get away with everything. samrat says that he feels so duly, and that she wont be able to change a thing. urmi says that all devils think they are undefeatable, until they are finally destroyed. Samrat ridicules her, saying that she wont bring his end. she asks him whats his reason to lock her here like this, for forgiveness, as he wont ever get that forcefully or otherwise. samrat laughs and says that he is here to give and not take anything. urmi gets scared and asks whats he doing. he says that he shall give her salvation, and begins to spill the oil around her in a circle, while she is petrified, as she keeps struggling in her trap. he says that he shall have to die, as she has made life unbearable for him. She says that he wont be able to save himself, as for his information, he should know that ishaan knows everything. this stuns samrat, while urmi says that even ifshe dies, he would expose him. samrat says that he too shall have to die then. She asks him not to even think. he says that they shall be together in death too, and asks her to die peacefully. He then lights up the matchstick, promising her ishaan’s death too, and she asks him not to go nuts. He finally drops the matchstick, and bids her a final goodbye, and drops it on the ground, which immediately flares up in flames. urmi screams out ishaan’s name, shocked and horrified. samrat guffaws loudly.

ishaan keeps asking for the address form strangers but isnt able to get through. Finally, one of them gives him the right direction, and he surges through hastily, praying fervently for urmi’s safety. finally, he arrives where urmi is trapped. ishaan finds samrat walking towards the car, and lunges at him. samrat thinks that he too came, and this is the right chance, to send him too to urmi. ishaan frnatically asks where’s urmi. samrat shows him that urmi is burning, and asks him to save her if he can. ishaan warns that he shall kill her if anything happens to her. he rushes inside. samrat thinks that he should first save her, and then think about avenging from him, as he too shall die in the fire, in his bid to sdave urmi. he banks that urmi and ishaan shall definitely be burnt alive today. ishaan rushes in. urmi keeps screaming that she shall burn, and begs for ishaan to save him, while he desperately tries to makee his way through the drastic fire, trying to avoid getting burned, to be able to reach to urmi safely, to save her. urmi is frantically shouting, terribly scared. Outside, samrat resolves that today he shall go only after having witnessed their deaths today, once and for all. inside, ishaan desperately tries to get to urmi, who’s stuck in almost a death trap.

Samrat waiting in the car for Urmi and Ishaan to die. The weather starts to change and it gets really windy. A tree falls on Samrat’s car. He is unable to open the doors and oil is leaking out from the car. Ishaan saves Urmi and they both come out safely. They see Samrat stuck in the car, and Ishaan decides to save him. Meanwhile, everyone at the party are waiting for Ishaan and Urmi. Sashi is praying for Ishaan and Urmi. Ishaan breaks the wind shield to let Samrat out but Samrat’s leg gets stuck. Ishaan gets in to help him. Samrat is able to get out with Ishaan’s help and Ishaan is about to follow when a piece of fire falls on the oil, causing the car and Ishaan to burn with it. Samrat amd Urmi stand there shocked.

They bring Ishaan home on a stretcher during the party. His parents are totally shocked and unable to digest that Ishaan is dead. Damini is in shock and keeps thinking it must be a prank. Tani asks Samrat what happened to her bhai but he is silent. Everyone hears Ishaan’s voice but it is not coming from Ishaan. It is recorded and probably a surprise Ishaan had planned for his parents.

Everyone gets happy for a moment after hearing Ishaan’s voice about making their parents anniversary memorable. Soon someone enters with flowers. Everyone gets anxious, but it’s a flower boy who puts bouquet there and leaves. The voice was coming from that bouquet. Damini asks Ishaan to get up and enough with his surprise. She asks Urmi to tell him to stop, but Urmi just stands there in sorrow and shock. Damini then tells Anirudh to tell her as she listens to him. He asks her how that happened, but she’s still quiet. Tani, Damini ask Samrat to say. He also first doesn’t say, but then says Ishaan died while saving him. Tani asks what does that mean. He says a big tree fell on his car and Ishaan came to save him. He was able to save Samrat, but he couldn’t be saved. Then when others ask Urmi, she faints and falls on Ishaan’s deadbody. Next day, all gather for Ishaan’s funeral. Anirudh calls Shaurya to give fire to Ishaan’s deadbody. All, from Urmi’s family to Ishaan’s family and Samrat as well, recall how good human being Ishaan was and how he helped and / or made everyone happy one way or another.

Later, all are back home. Urmi’s family tell Anirudh and Damini to be strong, they are elders in the house. Urmi’s mum offers them snacks. Anirudh doesn’t eat and Damini overreacts by telling her to eat and have everyone else eat that as well. Then comes Shashi with tea. Anirudh takes tea as everyone insists. Shashi gives to others. She looks at Urmi and feels bad. Samrat tries to take a cup, but Shashi ignores him and walks away. Samrat is shocked. Sandhya brings food to Urmi and asks her to eat, she hasn’t ate anything since two days. Urmi’s dadi tells her, if not for her, then at least eat for Ishaan’s last memory that’s inside her. Hearing this, Urmi eats food like never-seen-before and asks for more saying she won’t keep Ishaan hungry. Samrat and all look on.