Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 17 June 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 17 June 2020

Samrat’s residence
Samrat is attending on the phone, when shashi comes and informs him that shaurya finally went asleep. Shashi hesitatingly asks samrat to call up urmi, or send shaurya and then get him back again, when he is okay. he is furious and tells her that due to being lazy, she is requesting this. He tells that the next time, someone mentions this to him, he would have that person thrown out of the house. samrat vents out his frustration at shashi, when urmi comes in rushing through the doors, asking how is shaurya. Samrat is shocked and wonders how he got the news, and looks accusingly at shashi, who is shocked herself. urmi climbs up the stairs, and asks about shaurya from samrat and shashi.

He asks her to get out, saying that she wont be allowed to enter here. Samrat throws urmi out of his room and then his house, while she continues to beg to him, to make her see her sick son once, as he needs her direly right now. But samrat doesnt listen to anything, saying that she isnt at all allowed to step inside his house, let alone his room. All are tensed and rish down with him.

samrat says that she is dead for his son and that now neither would she let him see his face, nor would shaurya even see him, he would ensure. He asks her to keep her ego to herself, and be there only. urmi is apalled and distraught. samrat tells urmi that the doors to this house would open only when she agrees to be captive here, or else the doors would always be closed for her. she is stunned. Rudra, kanchan and aditi are apalled. Samrat shuts the door on her face.

Samrat’s residence
Urmi continues beating the doors, asking to be let in and see shaurya just once, as he needs her right now. Inside, rudra and kanchan ask samrat to open the door, but he doesnt relent, saying that he wont resent. urmi collapses on the floor, crying, distraught and apalled. People gather around lamenting at what plight and torture urmi is going through, due to her husband and her family’s cruelty. urmi quietly steps out and leaves.

Scene 2:
Location: Annu’s residence
Saroj tells everyone about the gifts that they got for diwali, and devi asks where is the gift for samrat’s family. saroj vents out her anger as to how they can still think of maintaining relations after what they did with urmi, and how samrat snatched the child from her. devi tries to point that all that samrat is doing is to get urmi back, and atleast he is trying his level best to salvage the raltion.

Devi and granny again start siding with samrat, refusing to see what wrong he does. But gaurav tells devi that they did urmi very wrong, and that urmi wont be alone in this diwali, and shall be with them in her own house. Devi doesnt allow this. Gaurav asks him to stop, as he has said and done enough. He says that this house is his too, and that he would definitely call urmi here. Annu tells gaurav that they can try anything, but urmi wont come here now. Granny asks them to shut up, and not interfere. anu says that she is right, as the treatment that urmi was meted with, she shall never ever come back to this house. all are tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Sushma’s residence
Sushma and her husband are excited to spend diwali, after so many years, with urmi. He is concerned for urmi. Sushma asks him not to think of urmi, as she has gone to meet her sick son, and today she would return back with her son, who would have understood the importance of urmi, by staying away from him for even a couple of days. Just then, a distraught urmi come in, teary eyed, stanbding in a daze. Her husband asks urmi to come and sit down. She walks in a daze with sushma and sits down. Sushma asks what happened. on much insistence, from both of them, urmi tells them what happened.

They are shocked. urmi points out how callous samrat is, as he didnt even think that his own son needs his mother in his sickness. sushma is apalled, and asks how can samrat be so merciless. urmi says that this is whats boggling her, as he doesnt care for shaurya, and nor does he love him, and that shaurya needs her right now, butr he didnt even let her cast a glance at him. she tells them what samrat did and said. sushma and her husband are furious too, wondering how dare samrat do this, and that something needs to be done now. She asks urmi to get up and come along. urmi asks where. she just takes her along.

Samrat’s office
Samrat finds devi sitting in his cabin, and gets irritable and frustrated. he starts insulting devi, while Devi tries to salvage their relation. Devi says that he came to give diwali wishes. samrat continues to taunt and rebuke him, while devi tries to tell him what he came here for. samrat asks how would he feel, if his wife ran away, and her father came here to wish him. Samrat tells them that better gifts are gifted by him to the peon, and instead he should have atleast got his own daughter, so that samrat could have given him a wonderful return gift too. devi tries to express his helplessness, at getting urmi, while samrat taunts him, that maybe he too needs an expensive return gift, thats why he came here for with meagre gifts.

Devi says that he is having a misunderstanding. samrat says that he never has been, nor is, and never will be wrong. samrat tells him that his day would be ruined today, as he saw his face. Devi gets up apologising that he took his time. Samrat asks devi to take the gifts and give them to the peon, as he is better than the dustbin atleast. Mortified and embarassed, devi picks up the gifts and walks out in shame, overhearing samrat telling his assistant on the intercom, that next time onwards, he shouldnt allow every other person inside his cabin.

Scene 5:
Location: Police station
The police dont listen to urmi and sushma’s plight, while they ask him to intervene and do something about urmi’s plight. the inspector says that he is with the father only, and that marital differences are common and not a crime, and that the police cant help them at all. susham asks them to take some action. The police tells them that they should solve this internally, without seeking police’s help, as they can do nothing. he starts taunting urmi at her condition. He says that even if he does something, tomorrow she would patch up with her husband, that then the police shall be sidelined. Urmi asks if he thinks its a joke, and asks him to understand the severity of the situation. the inspector tells her that the police works on facts and not emotions. urmi is apalled. sushma asks him to guide them atleast as to what to do. He tells them that they should go to the lawyer, while they are shocked and tensed.

Scene 6:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Shaurya doesnt listen and starts throwing tantrums, when shashi tries to feed him meds. Mandira comes and hopes that shashi leaves shaurya soon. she finally manages to feed shaurya meds, scaring him in Samrat’s name. Mandira comes in asking shashi to feed him something, and not just meds, as it would give him energy, and scares her too for Samrat’s name. She immediately leaves to get him soup. mandira comes and finds shaurya tensed and sad, and asks if he is missing urmi. shaurya complies.

He is excited when he gets to know that urmi had come here, from mandira. He is about to get down to meet her, when mandira says that urmi isnt here. Shaurya knows from mandira, that urmi had come, and what treatment samrat gave to her, and that he didnt even allow her to meet him once. Shaurya is shocked and distraught, and unable to believe this. He says that he wants to go to urmi. mandira says that if he wants to go, then she shall take him there. He gets excited. Mandira and shaurya make up a plan, that tomorrow hiding from everyone they shall go to meet urmi for diwali, and are very excited about its execution.

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