Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 15 April 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 15 April 2020

Finally, amidst much difficulty she is able to get out of the pothole. She starst shouting for trisha, and trisha finally hears her screams, getting out of conscious. Trisha’s screams draw urmi’s attention to her, and she starts scrambling through boxes, and finally is able to get her out of the box, by lifitng the lid, where trisha almost falls unconsciously into her arms. trisha manages to get out of the dizzy state, while she says that she has come for her, and assures trisha that she is absolutely fine. trisha hugs her and they both cry, distraught.

Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 14 April 2020

Trisha’s hostel
The guard is tensed as a car stops and amrit and samrat get out of the car. It is revealed that they have bribed the guard and gotten him to scare trisha like that. The guard tells that she left somewhere tonight. Amrit asks what does he mean. the guard says that she left off somewhere. They both wish that she goes somewhere, out of the city. Amrit gets drugs out of his pocket, and asks him to keep it in trisha’s room. He is shocked but is then silenced by money. He agrees to do what they say. samrat says that he should finish the work tonight only. the guard complies.

later, when trisha returns, she finds everyone gathered up, and the police and people frantically trying to search out. The police warden along the bribed guard reprimand her for her hallucinations with her drug addiction. trisha is shocked. she tries to vehemently deny, while she is accused of partying in the night and then hallucinating in the morning, and getting everyone in tension. she is shown the drug packet that was revealed from her room. she is astounded as to how it could have happened. the guard begins to reprimand her too, for her callous behaviour. trisha tries to make them belive but as all evidence goes against her, she is cornered by the officials. trisha is distarught as she is insulted in front of everyone. the warden tells her that owing to her behaviour, her admission is cancelled, and that she isnt a part of this Academy and this hotel anymore. trisha is distraught, and asks them to believe her, as her efforts would be in ruin. the official says that had they gone to the police, she would have landed in jail. the warden too says that to protect the respect of this academy, they didnt reprot her to the police. she gives trisha one day’s notice to leave the academy and vacate the room. trisha is distraught.

Scene 4:
Location: Samrat’s residence
Samrat tells someone on the phone, that he doesntg want to file a police complaint but wants to search himself first. shashi starts reprimanding urmi for such careless behaviour, and how she had warned urmi nopt to go outside. kanchan says that there must have been something big, or else she would never have done something like this. while all are tensed, and samrat is desperately trying her cell phone, kanchan lest out a scream, as she finds urmi, on the main door, in a dishellevelled state, with mud and dust all over her, and her feet groggily dragging across the floor, and she almost falling in and out of consciousness. While all are shocked and tensed, samrat is in a rage at her callous behaviour. urmi composes herself somehow, as they all confront her. Aditi goes to ask concernedly. But samrat stops her and asks in a rage where had she gone. She is dizzily watching them. shashi begins to reprimand her too, without seeing that urmi is feeling dizzy and sick. urmi is unable to compose herself. Finally, she lets out a scream, clutching her stomach, shocking them all, while falling onm the ground. samrat is distraught and shocked, more at the child’s concern rather than urmi. allbegin to attend to her.

Samrat’s residence
After three and a half years, kanchan marvels as urmi prepares a wonderful cake. urmi asks if people would like it. kanchan says that its the best ever. urmi says that its her son’s birthday cake. aditi too joins in the banter. Shashi comes in saying that the whole preps are waiting around thie cake only. kanchan’s idiotic sense irritates her all the more. urmi is sad when shashi doesnt praise her cake, and instead reminds her of the work thats pending, and tauji who’s specially coming and samrat has thrown a party too for her. she taunts urmi saying that what samrat does is right to her. they are all tensed. shashi begins to reprimand urmi severely branding her to be very lazy. urmi begins to go, but shahsi asks her not to go alone and take shaurya too.

 She asks her where’s shaurya. he is shown to be playing av fatal prank on Mukti, the servant, who gets seriously hurt. urmi begins to reprimand him severely, as he is very brash, but shashi comes into intervene. urmi says that if he continues to be like this, then hw ould have to be sent to boarding, shcoking shashi. Shaurya defiantly says that he was right, and that mukti is just the servant. shashi too begins to reprimand the servant. urmi is apalled to find shashi talking like that to shaurya. she instigates shaurya against her own mother. samrat comes in saying that she cant scold shaurya, for a person’s who’s already a lowlife. shaurya goes rushing to him. Samrat taunts her too in front of shaurya. Shashi and samrat together begin to insult her. urmi leaves for the temple. Samrat asks about Tauji’s preparations to come home being finalised or not. shashi eagerly says that its all done.

shashi instructs all the servants about whats to be and not to be done, as tauji is very particular about mannerisms. Samrat too joins in saying that everyone would walk stealthy feet. Shashi is giving lots of instructions. A girl is shown to impersonating shashi, as sh renders instructions. Its kanchan’s daughtet, mandira. Shashi is super tensed and throws instructions at everyone. aditi and others are overjoyed, that now shashi would have to cower down too. they have a hearty banter at that.

Location: In the temple
urmi prays to the lord, saying that she always been on the right path, then why is she suffering more with each passing day. She says that everyone says and she too believes it, that the right wins in the end, but when would her time change. she then stops her sob story, and goes onto ask the lord, to be a part of her happpiness today, and give her husband and her son some intelligence.

Meanwhile, the much talked about tauji makes his entrance, like a typical Nri, cursing the condition of India. He takes off his shoes, and goes inside. Urmi passes by him. in the meantime, a child beggar takes his shoes and is about to run away, when urmi calls to give him prashad and in that bid, he accidentally slips the shoe in the mud. when tauji comes down looking for it, he finds the child, with the shoes lying next to him, at a distance. He asks the child how did his shoes reach there. The child points to urmi saying that she did this, to search for hers hoes. Tauji casts an angry glance at urmi, as she gets into her car.

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