Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 13 May 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 13 May 2020

Tauji says that she is merely fulfilling her duty now. He says that she told him clearly that she was leaving him, but just stayed back out of pity, after his accident. Samrat is shocked to hear this

Samrat’s residence
urmi overhears Amrit, talking rudely to an employee of the company, over the phone, when he

tries to find faults with the way amrit is handling business by ditching old associations and

finding new buisness partners. Urmi says that he doesnt have the authority to fire someone.

urmi asks him not to forget that the business is samrat’s and he is a mere replacement for

sometime and asks him to retain the business as samrat left to him. Amrit agrees silently.

urmi leaves. Mukti comes down cleaning samrat’s room and finds the bag that shashi had hidden

under samrat’s pillow. He takes it from mukti assuring that he would give it to urmi. mukti

leaves. amrit thinks that this bag would help him to eliminate urmi out of his way.

Samrat remembers tauji’s advise, and is tensed. He smiles to himself, thinking that its

ridiculous that urmi was leaving samrat. He still doesnt let go of his ego, that she is lucky

to have a husband like him. He takes a selfie, and just then mndira walks in. samrat asks her

to get the mirror. she asks why does he need it. he asks her to do what she is told. she

complies. He takes a good look at himself, after asking her to leave. She is till the door,

when she teases him about looking okay. he ogles at his won reflection, and just as he is

about to get stylish, he gets a sprain on the neck and stops it right there. He thinks that

urmi is a fool to even think about leaving a good looking, handsome and dashing husband like

him. he disregards tauji’s advise. mandira overhears this and is shocked as to who is samrat

talking to, and thinks that he has gone mad.

Urmi comes in the room, and he eyes her constantly. she asks if he wants anything. ifrst he

refuses but then wants water just to get to talk to him. She complies, and then he asks her to

feed it to her, as its paining in his hand. she is surprised but complies, without showing a

hint of emotion in her demeanour. he tries to initiate a conversation asking about the

weather, but she talks the bare minimum thats required, in a yes or now. she finishes with the

chores. Samrat starts getting upset. She leaves. He wonders whats happened to her anbd wonders

if tauji is actually right.

Computer classes
anu is surprised when she finds the prospective suitor walking in, thinking that he is after

her yet again, even after she repeatedly refused him. she confronts him to teach him a lesson,

insulting him so that he leaves her alone. The manager comes in and asks whats the matter, as

this person is the special faculty member of this institute and apologising to him, he takes

him inside. she is shocked and embarassed, as the other students eye her accusingly.

Baba’s place
Shashi is taken to a baba by amrit. the baba speaks just waht amrit paid her to, and says that

urmi is after this, and that she is ill fate to samrat’s life. Shashi falls prey to their

trap, and continues to vent her frustration for urmi. she asks for a solution. baba says that

there’s only one solution, and she would have to tell it, and asks what does she want. Shashi

says that she wants urmi to take the bed too. the baba says that it would happen. He gives

some greyish ash like powder and asks her to feed it to urmi and then what she wants would

happen. amrit thinks that he would kill two birds with one stone, with her as a medium. shashi

is super happy.

annu’s residence
Saroj and granny try to make gaurav take asha to the party. He says that he wont be able to

handle it alonbe. asha continues to display her nonsense yet again, which now amuses them,

thinking that she maybe dumb but has a kind and big heart, comparing her to rashmi who is the

complete reverse. saroj asks him to agree to take her. gaurav smiles and agrees finally. asha

is over excited.

Samrat’s residence
samrat tries to find new ways to get urmi near him. he says that he isnt feeling well. urmi

says that he would be fine when he takes the juice and meds, giving them to him. he says that

he is getting bored, and feeling likle depression sitting here alone. She says that she would

send tauji to talk to him. he asks why cant she stay, as she is his wife and its her duty. She

resignedly says that she has to make food for him, hence she cant stay. He intentionally drops

the water on himself, and she instantly rushes to his side to take care of him, while he is

happy to have fulfilled his motive. she takes off his shirt and wipes his chest dry. But she

just stoically complies with her duty without being affected by the physical intimacy that his

bare chested being brings to her. he is highly disturbed to observe this.

As urmi attends to samrat’s care, he asks her if she loves him or doesnt love him anymore. She

ignores the question and begins to leave, when he takes her by the hand and jerks her closer

to him, asking her to tell him if she loves him or not. urmi faces him sternly and almost

angrily, surprised at his behaviour. She tensedly says that she doesnt. He loosens his grip on

her, shocked at her answer. she gets up and adjusting him leaves. he is shocked.

Samrat’s residence
Shashi mixes the ash in urmi’s food, thinking about how would urmi be tortured by this and she would be satisfied. She is shocked to find urmi right behind her. she composes herself, and says that she was getting her breakfast. Urmi surprisingly asks whats the matter. Shashi says that she is so tired that she doesnt get time for herself. urmi doubts her intentions openly. Shashi says that she is being mistaken wrong all the time. urmi brings up the past of anything wrong happening when she is overly sweet. Shashi says that she didnt poison the food. Aditi asks her not to argue. urmi says that she is just doing her duty and that she doesnt need her care. shashi is tensed. aditit asks urmi to forget and have breakfast. urmi complies. shashi continues with her overdisplay of affection on urmi. Urmi is tensed. Shashi waits with bated breaths, as urmi is about to take the first bite. mandira comes and tells urmi that samrat has gone mad and is talking to herself. shashi tries to shoo her away, bnut mandira is dead serious. aditi too discards it off. Mandira leaves. shashi asks urmi to continue. She is satisfied when urmi takes the first bite. urmi senses something wrong and starts coughing. she drinks water to gulp it down. shashi smiles.

meanwhile, Samrat hollers for tauji and when he comes, samrat irritably tells him how urmi refused that she doesnt love him anymore. tauji says that he had told him so, and asks him to let be. samrat is tensed and says that it matters to him, as she is his wife, and she would have to love him. tauji says that she is fulfilling her duty, and he too doesnt love urmi, then why does he expect her to love him back. samrat says that he does love her, and has given her everything that she ever needs, and barring that one incident, he loves her. tauji tells him that what happened doesnt make urmi think that samrat loves her at all. tauji asks if he ever told urmi that he loves her. samrat says that its understood and doesnt need to be told. tauji asks samrat when was the last time he said I LOVE YOU to urmi. samrat says that he doesnt remember and that it isnt really his cup of tea and thats its impossible for him to do so. he asks why does he even need to do that. tauji instigates him to confess and pour out his feelings for her, if he wants her to reciprocate the same and get soft on him. samrat is surprised. He asks him whats to be done. tauji tells him that he would have to do so to be able to get so, and reminds about something thats to happen the next week. samrat asks tauji whats it. tauji sys that this he would have to find out himself. He asks samrat to think and then act on it, once he has found out. tauji leaves, while samrat mumbles to himself, as to whats next week. aditi and shashi find him like this and believe mandira’s accusation. she comes and asks if he is okay. samrat asks them if its his wedding anniversary. aditi is shocked that he doesnt remember his wedding. shashi says that samrat doesnt remember wrong things. They start insinuating when’s the date, and when he knows that it was in december, he starts thinking what else could it be. he shooes them away in frustration.

At the party
Asha is superexcited to be at the party with gaurav. All exchange niceties. gaurav smiles and introduces his wife, asha to everyone. they all greet her with a hello, and she is shocked. she takes it for the hindi terminology, and think that they are lamenting, and explains it all to them. gaurav is tensed. They all think that she is saying this is good jest. gaurav takes her aside saying that he would get her something to drink as she is thirsty. as all the ladies try to get her to talk, gaurav gets cautious. they all tease him to be possessive and so loving for his wife. asha asks gaurav surprisingly that its good that he started loving her, so that she can give granny a grandchild now. all are baffled. gaurav tries to make it up again for her good sense of humour. He asks them enjoy while discarding them off. He asks her to sit down quietly. she finds a couple dancing intimately, while gaurav vents out his frustration at her. she goes onto separate the couple that she just met, saying that this isnt good. gaurav is angered. All other guests are baffled. Later, they try to convince asha that its good that gaurav tried to be intimate with her, when asha tells them the incident. they tell asha that intimacy is born out of love. asha gets excited to hear this.

Annu’s and samrat’s residence
urmi tells anu on the phone that she is right. but anu is unconvinced and says that she cant bear to see urmi in such a state. anu calls up urmi to ask her to come there so that she would have a change of place and sdhall feel better. urmi says that anu very well knows the situation thats here right noiw and that she cant leave smart in his condition. Anui retaliates that she may die taking care of him, but he wont acknowledge, and asks her to start thinking about herself now. urmi says that just because he has forgotten the relationship, doesnt mean that she has to disrespect it, and assures anu that she is fine now, and has to stay here as she is direly needed. Anu says that she maynot come if she doesnt want to, today, but she would have to come the next wekk, on her birthday. urmi is tensed as she remembers it. Anu says that as it is, noonbe celebrates her bday there, hence she should come here so that they can enjoy the day with her. urmi tells that in light of recent events and life’s perspective at this stage, bday feels just like any other normal day, and gone are the days when she had the craze for this day. anu asks her not to think like that. urmi says that she doesnt have any excitement or expectations now. she cancels the call, citing the time for samrat’s meds now.

Meanwhile, samrat scrolls through the mobile, for whats the next week. As urmi comes in, he irritatingly and then composingly asks her if she knows whats next week. She replies that its nothing special. she gives him the meds while he is tensed.

later samrat is still tensed, and wonders if its urmi’s birthday the next week and is very happy that he guessed it, but isnt able to guess the correct date. He wonders how to get it right. As shaurya anmd mandira come and play, samrat gets an idea. He calls shaurya. Samrat asks shaurya if he knows about urmi’s birthday next week. shaurya gets excited and asks him when’s it. Samrat laments him that he doesnt even know it. Mandira taunts him that he doesnt even know his mother’s birthday. Samrat gets interested and asks her if she knows. mandira tells that she knows. samrat is surprised. She tells kanchan, her mother’s birthday. samrat irritably asks about urmi. She says that she knows that too. Samrat provokes her saying that this is her test, and she spills it as 30th July. He is happy to have gotten his motive. he thinks that he would have to take this chance.

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