Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 11 March 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 11 March 2020

Samrat’s and Urmi’s residence
Trisha’s parents leave in a rage at samrat’s comments. ishaan reprimands samrat saying that he shouldnt have done this, while he says that it was very satisfactory. as urmi and anu come down, they are tensed to find them gone. they ask what happened.

Tuesday Update on Lies of the heart 10 March 2020

ishaan says that they have gone. Urmi is still tensed and asks how this happened. samrat says that they found the truth bitter and left in a haste. Samrat leaves, while urmi is still tensed as to why they went without eating. shashi ignores the topic saying that she doesnt know. Ishaan offers to take anu to her home, as she should go by now. shashi and ishaan somehow make anu believe that they left for their train’s sake. But anu is still tensed. ishaan takes anu to leave her to her home.

In urmi’s place, Devishankar is tensed that they are leaving in such a bad mood, after having come from samrat’s place. Trisha’s parents do not reveal what happened with them at samrat’s place. But nirmala says that its just a difference of opinions, that first happened with trisha and now them. Saroj is concerned for urmi, but nirmala says that urmi is very happy there. On much coaxing, trisha’s father finally tells about trisha’s insults, and that they wont ever step inside that house. Granny asks him not to talk like this, but he is adamant. He asks devishanker not to bother about this. Just then, the phone rings and anu is asked to go inside and attend. Its urmi’s call. Urmi calls anu to ask what happened, with trisha’s parents and why did they leave so hastily, without talking properly. Anu says that she doesnt know in detail, but knows this much that they were pretty upset with samrat and were saying that samrat insulted them terribly. Anu tells urmi that trisha’s father even said that he would never set foot in urmi’s house ever again. urmi is shocked and distraught to hear this. She cancels the phone.

Urmi goes to shashi, who’s working in ther room and asks if she can ask her something, about what samrat said to them. Shashi says that samrat didnt say anything. urmi says that he insulted them badfly and they are very upset and that anu told her. shashi tries to clear up the ignorance saying that she didnt know, as she was in the kitchen preparing for snacks. Urmi is still very upset. shashi says that sheb would talk to samrat anout this, and would instruct him to tread carefully next time. urmi says thatv she still cant understand what happened with samrat. Shashi says that she should hesrelf talk to samrat and then tell him that he did wrong, and she would also scold him later. urmi is tensed, while shashi tries to gauge her mood.

In urmi’s place, all are tensed about their in laws’s particularly samrat’s changing moods and notions. rashmi tries to defend saying that they dont know and anu also doesnt as she was with urmi. Granny says that trisha’s parents are very tolerant and not behave like this. rashmi says that they can be at fault too. Granny is convinced despite saroj saying otherwise about nirmala. devishanker asks them to be silent and not bother. rashmi goes onto talk to samrat’s family, but is stopped saying thats not necessary. They say that next time, urmi calls, they would take it with her.

In samrat’s place too, all are discussing how wrong samrat was, while as usual shashi says that samrat was right in doing it to trisha’s parents, as trisha behaved badly with samrat too. Shashi is reprimanded by her husband saying that due to her tolerance only, samrat has become this. ishaan says that he cant believe he is friends with a person like him. shashi asks him not to talk like this. meanwhile, the doorbell rings and they know that samrat is back home. Shashi goes onto attend to him. samrat comes and asks for tea from shashi. He finds all of them gathered together, and samrat continues talking in his usual sarcastic style. samrat leaves. His relatives are family are hurt by samrat’s sentiments, while his father gets emotional at his behaviour. Ishaan is tensed to see this.

In the kitchen, shashi finds that urmi is making tea for shashi, when shashi says that she would take tea for him and talk to him for urmi’s sake too. urmi complies. She takes water upto samrat and then hesitatingly brings up the topic, saying that he shouldnt have done this. shashi goes onto instigate samrat that urmi has been driving her crazy asking for what happened with her relatives, when he was to be blamed. samrat gets fired up at this.

Samrat’s, Trisha’s and Urmi’s Residence
Samrat gets fired up when shashi briongs up the topic of urmi, but she says that she is just saying thast for his info but he shouldnt say anything to urmi, as she would feel bad. but sasmrat is unconsolable. Shashi asks him not to take things fgurther, and he cant dare her to say things like this to his mother. but shashi again asks him not to overreact. he says that urmi would have to behave like a bahu, or else she doesnt need to be here, and should behave if ifv she to stay here. shashi calms him down and says that she would send tea for him.

Meanwhile, rashmi decides to call shashi to find out what had happened. Shashi picks up the call. rashmi asks her about the morning. Shashi says that nothing happened. She says that trisha’s parents overreacetd for nothing, and rashmi gets convinced that theyr were at fault and not ssamrat’s family. shashi cancels the phone after that. she takes tea for samrat. saroj asks anu, and seh tells that she didnt see as she was with urmi in her room. She tells saroj that urmi is very happy and everything is fine. saroj is somewhat relieved. Rashmi comes in taking sides for samrat and how their family overreacted at trisha’s marriage. rashmi says that samrat and his family werent at fault. Saroj is tensed.

Later, in their room, urmi gets him tea, while he indifferently watches tea. Urmi says that her relatives went very upset, and asks what happened with him, that they got so upset. But samrat instead taunts her for unnecessary bothering. urmi says that she just wants to know what happened in the morning, and what happened that he had to insult them. He starts smiling, and says that they can insult those who have some respect, and they dont. urmi asks how is he talking. he asks what to do then, should he apologise to her. She says that they are her relatives. he says thst for her they mayeb relatives, but for him, they are just amongst the thousands of people that he met everyday. Samrat says to urmi that those people are someone, who he would nevere even think about talking, leave alone considering them as relatives. he says that he did absolutely did what was right and they got what they deserved, and that trisha is what she is because of them, a stubborn egoist girl from the same family. he says that he gave them respect by allowing them inside the house, and letting them sit with him.

She stands with her head hung low. He says that he wont allow her to question him like this. He asks how dare she thought she could ask him such things. She is devastated to hear samrat talking like that. He warns her not to repeat this again, or else he knows other ways of answering probing questiobns, urmi is shocked. He says that only he has the right to question things here and like others stay here, she too would have to stay in the same manner. All are tensed hearing shouts from their room. He tells her that she should behave in front of him from the next time onwards. samrat walks out in a fit of anger.

Downstairs, ishaan reprimands him for talking like this. samrat says that he is her husband. he asks ishaan not to start now. samrat’s father too says that this isnt right, as urmi has just come in this house. He asks if his father is advising or taunting. Shashi tries to talk, but samrat says that he isnt in the mood for lecture. ishaan vents out his frustration and says that the world wont go according to him, and if he wants that, then he too would have to adapt. samrat asks what wrong did he do, as they deserved it, and urmi too got what she deserved. all are tensed. Ishaan says that he’s very shameful. Samrat says that he doesnt regret as he hasnt made any mistake. He tells ishaan that he always advocates for everyone, as he is his friend and not theirs. ishaan says that he regrest this fact. samrat is stunned, while ishaan is furious.

Shashi comes and tries to stop them from fighting. ishaan says that he always wants people just to listen to him. Samrat says that he wont change, and that he is a true man, and wont be scared of others. he says that he didnt call her relatives, and this is his house, and its his will to behave with anyone the way he wants to. Ishaan says that now urmi too would have to bear this all her life. samrat says that he doesnt have to bother about her,n as she is his wife after all, and ishaan shouldnt interfere, and demands to know by what right is he speaking of urmi. ishaan is tensed and stunned.

Samrat’s father tries to say that he isnt doing right. but samrat shuts him up. ishaan says that he thought of him as a friend, and hence spoke, but now he doesnt think like that anymore. samrat is shocked too. urmi, in the balcony, is tensed to see them. He says that samrat was right, as urmi is his wife, and this is his house, and its his fault that he spoke in their matters, and folding his hands he apologises. ishaan says that from now on, he would always remember. ishaan says that one thing is for sure, that he isnt deservant of his friendship. All are shocked. samrat starts throwing out the things and evnts out his frustration, while ishaan moves to his room. he says that he doesnt care if he doesnt have his friend. shashi tries to control him, but samrat leaves the house in a rage, while all are tensed.

later, in the hostel, trisha is getting restless and decides to talk to urmi. Trisha calls up urmi excitedly to tease her and talk about her honeymoon preps, and whether she is all packed, while urmi tries to talk in a composed tone. Trisha is barely able to talk. Trisha gets concerned, wehn urmi doesnt talk, and is barely able to muffle her sounds. She asks urmi if everything is okay there. urmi is crying incoherently. Urmi makes up her voice, and tries to pretend everything is okay, and distracts the conversation to her only. Trisha goes onto talk about how she is searching for the job. When trisha again picks up the honeymoon talk, urmi is barely able to say no. trisha goes onto tease her about the same. she thinks that urmi has become shy, after being teased, and hence isnt saying anything. Finally urmi asks trisha to cancel the phone, and study well. Trisha asks her to take care and cancels the phone. urmi gets sad again.

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