Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 10 June 2020


Wednesday Update on Lies of the heart 10 June 2020

After the day, as urmi comes to her room, she finds shaurya murmuring in his sleep, and she finds that he has high fever. she gets tensed, and takes him in her lap. urmi thinks that he was psychologically tensed as to what happened today, and maybe he couldnt bear all this strain between her parents.

she thinks that he shouldnt have done this with shaurya, and that in their fight, he shouldnt have brought shaurya, as he wasnt at fault at all. she thinks that his anger and frustration are due to her, and not shaurya, as he doesnt even realise whats happening between her parents and cant bear it too. she wonders how can samrat use his son to get her back, without bothering that it would have a bad effect on their son. Urmi thinks, while tapping shaurya to sleep, that she was again proved right that it wasnt right leaving her son to him, as had she allowed that, he would have turned her son’s value from gold to sand. Samrat meanwhile thinks that if he doesnt bring urmi down to her kness, he would change his name, and that she may escape all she wants, he has his aim at her, and when the aim doesnt hit directly, he has to look sideways, and that shaurya would make him win this battle against him, and make her bow down to him. He evilly thinks that shaurya thinks that he had this ace card in shaurya all along, and now he would use it to the fullest advantage, in registering his win against her.


Sushma’s residence
While sushma’s husband tries to convince sushma to let bygones be bygones, while she is angry and adamant that she wont talk to him. urmi comes in saying that sushma is right in being angry on the son, who is the apple of her eye, and compares herself to sushma, and says that even in all this anger, sushma’s love for her son is somwhere silhouetted. sushma gets emotional but then composes herself, and leaves in a hush. urmi smiles at her husband.

Samrat’s residence
Diwaker compliments mandira on her good result. As samrat descends down, shashi asks where is he going so early. Samrat says that he is going to work. mandira tries to imitate and tease samrat, while all are amused. shashi shuts her up. mandira leaves for school with mukti. samrat eyes her going, and then gives them the best of wishes, that mandira is over smart. shashi asks him to sit and eat. Samrat refues and then gives diwaker his appointment letter, while diwaker is baffled, and asks when did he join. samrat says that he went yesterday for the meeting and hence has joined. Before diwaker can answer, samrat leaves. kanchan asks how can he be so street smart. Shashi asks her to shut up, while diwaker expresses his frustration at samrat’s mad dash. Rudra too supports him. Shashi tries to tell rudra and diwaker that samrat needs his own people, and tries to calm diwaker and get him to agree, but diwaker firmly refuses. shashi asks him to do it till he gets another job, and that its good for both the brothers. kanchan asks him not to join, while shashi asks her not to create a rift between the brothers, and then asks diwaker to think with a peaceful mind, and do till he lands another job. Diwaker stays silent, while shashi is happy.

Shaurya’s school
Samrat waits anxiously, but doesnt find shaurya coming with urmi. He starts getting impatient, as to why then didnt come. he presumes that urmi didnt send shaurya in scare, and is boastful of his effect on urmi, and that shaurya should have been sent to school, and decides to call urmi, to find her scared state. Samrat asks urmi on the phone, while shaurya is asleep, that she got so scared last night, that she didnt even send her son to school today. He starts taunting her for having retreated from the battle ground, explaining how important it is for shaurya to attend school, and she cant let her scare from her husband, come in the way for her child’s education. urmi hears tensedly. she asks him if he even realises in his ego, what his son is going through. He asks if her ego got hut her son’s health did, and that due to their tussle yesterday, shaurya got sick, and clarifies why she didnt send shaurya to school, as he is sick, and not because she got scared. She says that even though it wont be of any use, but still advises him tounderstand the psychological trauma that shaurya is going through, and asks him not to put atleast for the sake of being his father. she requests him not to drag shaurya in all this and not play with his innocence as he is too small. she cancels the call.

 In the hospital

Aditi goes for a routine checkup, and is told by the doctor that she and the baby are completely fine. she leaves the chamber. urmi too is in the same hospital with shaurya, after they saw the doctor. aditi runs into urmi, and she gets scared. she asks about aditi and her health. Aditi tries to leave from there. As urmi chats with aditi, the nurse comes and hands aditi the prescription and some meds that she had absentmindedly left the the Doctor’s chamber, saying that these pills are very important for her and her baby. urmi is surprised to hear this. Aditi is tensed that her truth came out in front of her. urmi happily asks aditi if she is pregnant. she says that urmi shouldnt tell this to samrat, and explains the reason behind it, and how she cant lose this baby. urmi supports her, saying that giving birth is entirely her right. Aditi says that noone understands her. urmi extyends her fullest support and care for her, if she ever needs anything. aditi smiles and hugs her.

Samrat’s residence
Samrat storms in angrily demanding why didnt Diwaker go to office today. Diwaker asks where is he, as he didnt join. samrat says that he gave his appointment letter, and that he should have joined, and starts recounting the loss that happened as he didnt reach the office. Diwaker says that he isnt responsible for his work, and not for his loss either. samrat says that he is, as his meeting was lined up, and he didnt reach. Kanchan tries to speak, but samrat asks her to shut up and stay out of it. samrat says thathe wont listen to anything, and says that diwaker would have to be accountable for his loss. all are shocked. shashi tries to make him understand. Samrat shuts her up. Rudra asks him not to become so arrogant. samrat says that diwaker is never wrong. diwaker says that he would join as per his wishes, but asks what would be his salary. samrat says that now he is talking, and says that he would give him 60000, 10000 more than his last job. Shashi is happy. diwaker asks him to double it up, demanding 120000 permonth, and asks him to think it over, while samrat stands speechless. Diwaker leaves. samrat starts venting out his frustration at him, in front of the entire family, saying that he doesnt deserve this at all, and that he wont ever pay diwaker this much. He walks out in anger. All are tensed.

Aditi tries to make urmi understand as to how amrit has turned over a new leaf, due to her and their baby and is willing tyo take responsibility of his family. urmi is unconvinced. urmi says that till the time, she doesnt talk to amrit, she wont be convinced and that she may not be related to samrat, but she wont let aditi take the risk before being fully sure herself of amrit’s intentions. aditi agrees to make her meet amrit soon. urmi smiles.

aditi, urmi and amrit meet in a restaurant. Adidti excuses herself to go to the washroom, leaving amrit visibly tensed to be alone with urmi. urmi asks him to talk, while he says that he is very thankful that she came here to meet him, and that its a big deal for him that she came here, despite all the crimes that he has done against her and her family. Samrat, in his car, from a distance, finds urmi and amrit talking to each other in a restaurant, and then finds amrit taking urmi’s hands and pleadingly saying something, and immediately gets concerned, as to what his two enemies are doing together and whether they are plotting against him, becoming friends. Amrit apologises to urmi profusely.samrat thinks that urmi is engaging in aduletry, with his enemy, and her sister in law’s husband.

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