Wednesday Update on Kindred hearts 7th August


Wednesday Update on Kindred hearts 7th August

Nisha brings matchbox and gives to Jhanvi. Jhanvi thinks only this is the way to prove my character right now. Jhanvi is about to tie rakhi to Adi but her hand gets burned by diya, aarti plate falls from her hands, Adi rushes and brings water, he takes jhanvi with her, Kaka and Nisha looks on that Jhanvi didnt tie rakhi to Adi.

Adi brings Jhanvi to room and says you are doing all this for a woman like that? you are protecting her and she is playing all these tricks, Jhanvi says dont tell her truth right now, she is just insecure, no woman can share her husband with anyone, Adi says then why you are going through this pain? I cant keep juggling and I know that Nisha, I keep getting scared that she might hurt you or family, Jhanvi says I have taken responsibility, dont tell her now, we didnt tie rakhi, Adi says but your hand got burned, I feel so much pain when she hurts, Jhanvi says I cant let anything happen to her, she is in this condition because of me, everything will be fine, Adi says yes, everything will be fine and we will start making it fine from now, he holds Jhanvi’s hand and drags her with him.

Adi comes to Nisha’s room, Nisha has her head down. Adi says that I will tell you truth today. Jhanvi says please no Adi! Adi says dont stop me today. Adi says to Nisha that truth is you are so cheap Nisha, you know what you did? he recalls her words that she hates his family and wants to throw them out, how she blackmailed Adi to become CEO. Adi says you left Baba near garbage can, you tortured him, hurt him, you did so much, you got Jhanvi kidnapped and almost raped, you pulled gun on Jhanvi, she tried to take it from you but bullet fired and it hit you sending you in coma, and lost your memory of some years. Adi says there is one more truth, Jhanvi and I got married, she is my wife and you are just a fake liar woman. He sees Nisha not moving and says wont you say anything? Jhanvi puts hand on Nisha’s shoulder, Nisha falls down as she is unconscious, Jhanvi gets worried and asks Adi to do something, take her to hospital.

Nisha is brought to hospital, she is unconscious. Doctor checks her and says to Jhanvi that I told you she is in critical condition and cant bear stress, now she is under trauma, you have to keep her relaxed and calm, a little shock can even take her life, Adi looks on. Doctor asks all of them to leave, Nisha needs rest. Jhanvi leaves. All family members go out too.
Jhanvi comes to mandir in hospital and says God please make Nisha fine. Kaka comes there and says pure prayers always get fulfilled, you are praying for her but Adi shouts on her and gets irritated with her, I know what Nisha did was wrong but she is Chinni and Binni’s mother, its about her life, Adi should talk to her softly, what if anything happens to her?
wont you feel guilt? Kaka says to Jhanvi that you can deny it but you are responsible for Nisha’s condition, Jhanvi gets tensed.

Kaka says to Jhanvi that Nisha’s condition is your fault too, Jhanvi cries, Kaki comes there and Jhanvi leaves. Kaki says what did you say that made Jhanvi cry? Kaka says stop doubting me, she blames herself for Nisha’s condition and I was just being nice to her. Kaki thinks if Nisha fainted by hearing Adi’s truth?

Nisha wakes up, all family members come there. Nisha says to Jhanvi that you disappointed me today, I wanted to make you part of the family but you destroyed with accident, there is no time to do that pooja, Kaki says good time for that has passed, Nisha sees Jhanvi’s burnt hand and asks if she is fine? Jhanvi says I am fine, how are you? Nisha says I am fine till my Adi is with me, Adi come here, Adi comes to her, she holds his hand and says
till my Adi is with me, nothing will happen to me, she kisses his hand, Jhanvi looks on.

Jhanvi and Adi comes home. Jhanvi says I told you to not tell her truth, see what her condition is even before hearing truth, Adi says your hand is burnt, Jhanvi says I am not in critical condition like her, what if anything happens to her? people will blame me for destroying her marriage and taking away her kids. Adi says you dont have to think about what people think, you are my soulmate, we know foundation of our marriage is pure, you are my wife, dont ever question it, he hugs her, Jhanvi calms down. Kaki comes there and police has come and asking for Jhanvi.
Inspector comes to Adi’s house, he says to Jhanvi that there is bad news for you, your husband Avi’s died in suicide attempt, we found a note with his body. All are stunned to hear about death of fake husband. Adi says there must be somemisunderstanding, Nisha says atleast listen to them. Jhanvi says this cant happen, Jhanvi says it cant happen. Inspector it was your husband’s body, we found photos from his wallet, he shows them photos. Kaka says these photos can be clicked by anyone, we need solid proof. Inspector says he wrote suicide letter for Jhanvi before dying. Kaka reads letter, it says “Jhanvi, I couldnt give you anything or couldnt give good life to Chinni and Binni, thats why I am killing myself, just forget about me and continue your life” Inspector asks Jhanvi to come with them to recognize her husband’s body. Jhanvi says I am telling you my husband is fine, Inspector says I know you are in trauma but he is dead, Jhanvi says what rubbish is this, my husband is fine, I mean he cant do suicide. Kaka says seems like someone is joking with us. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I know you are in pain but your husband wrote note and talked about kids too so he died, please accept it, Jhanvi runs away from there. Adi says to inspector that I will go and talk to her.
Adi comes to Jhanvi and says dont know who is doing all this, what is this new drama, I am sure this is Nisha’s deed, Jhanvi says but she just came from hospital, Adi says I know Nisha, she can do anything, she must have cooked up this story, just relax, I am your husband and Avi is nothing but fake name. Jhanvi says how can he Avi is not in world anymore? Avi is important to me, Avi is our joined name, this is not just a name but identity of our relation, how is this happening? Adi says nobody can tarnish our relation, dont worry, I will go to police and investigate, I will even go to hospital, you cant lose hope, we will solve this, dont worry and get ready, he smiles and leaves. Jhanvi looks on.

Adi says to family that me and Jhanvi are going to police station, Nisha says I want to go with Jhanvi, Jhanvi has done so much favor on me, Jhanvi you have taken care of me, this is difficult time for you and I want to be with you, Adi says I am going with her, Nisha says I am a woman and I know her pain, kids need comfort and love, they dont get along with me so you should be with them and I will go with Jhanvi. Kaka says Nisha is right, inspector is waiting for them, Adi you stay with kids and they will handle things there, Nisha says I will take care of Jhanvi, Jhanvi says Nisha is right, you stay with kids.

Nisha and Jhanvi comes to hospital to recognize Avi’s body. Adi messages Jhanvi that dont worry, we both know Avi is not a real peson, there is just Adi for you. Nisha asks Jhanvi if she can go alone in morgue or if she should come with her? Jhanvi says its okay, I will go. Jhanvi goes in morgue with inspector, inspector brings her to a deadbody.. face is not shown.
Jhanvi comes out of morgue, inspector says Jhanvi is in shock. We found her and Avi’s marriage photo with Avi. He shows photo, its Jhanvi’s photo with some guy and they are dressed as groom and birde. Jhanvi is shocked.

Adi sees Jhanvi and some guy’s picture as married couple. Adi says this is morphod photo, it was my and Jhanvi’s wedding photo, someone changed my face to some guy’s face. Baba says who would do it? Adi says Nisha can do it, Adi says to family that someone is trying to trap us, we all know Avi is not a real person, it was just a name we made up as Jhanvi’s husband, someone knows this truth and is using it to trap us, Raj says but only family members knows about this truth. Adi says there is someone very close to us, who knows our secrets, he is doing it. Kaka says what are you trying to say? that someone from us is trying to hurt you? that someone from family is playing games? wants to bring problems in your life? why you keep blaming family? Adi says I am just sharing my worry, I didnt take anyone’s name. Kaka says I dont know what is happening in this house, first Nisha then Jhanvi and now this Avi, stop involving in all this mess of yours, he leaves. Adi says to Kaki that I was not doubting anyone, I am just worried who is trying to trap me. Kaki says dont feel bad about your Kaka’s words, he is worried, just be there for Jhanvi. Jhanvi calls Adi, Adi asks if she is fine? Jhanvi says I am fine, Nisha is in parking lot, she is pressurizing me to sleep with her, she wants to be there for me so we wont be able to talk tonight, be with kids tonight, Adi says I am sorry all this is happening with us, we will solve it together. Jhanvi says if something happens to you Adi then I will die. Adi says dont say like this, comeback home fast, I am waiting for you. He ends call, both are in tears.

Survi is budgeting for house expenses. Door bell rings, she opens it to find Nisha there. Maa says why you have come here again? Nisha says there is one bad news, Jhanvi’s husband Avi died. Survi says what? Nisha says we got this news, there is always good news behind bad news, now Jhanvi wont have to live alone, she wont have to live with false hope that Avi will comeback to her and accept her, Jhanvi and her daughters have broken down, I think you should handle them before they completely breakdown, you should give support to Jhanvi, she needs her family’s support, only family can heal her wounds, she needs someone to show her support so I think you should give her place in this house, Nisha thinks that now I will see how Jhanvi can stay in my house, she will have to leave now.

Nisha has arranged peace prayer for Avi. Jhanvi sees his photo and asks what is all this? Nisha says this is for his soul’s peace. Kaki asks who called guests? Nisha says I did, you said that Jhanvi is a family, we should be with her and pray for her husband’s soul and for him to rest in peace. We have to do Jhanvi’s widow turning ritual. Adi says have you lost it? what are you doing Nisha? Adi asks guests to leave. Door bell rings, Raj opens door, Jhanvi’s Maa and Survi comes there. All are stunned. Nisha says when I got about Avi’s news, I thought about Jhanvi’s family, her family should be with her in this condition, I know they are both miffed at each other but the reason behind anger is gone and blood is thicker than all these problems, thanks
for coming. One guest says daughter’s mother have to do widow turning ritual, she has to remove all hint of marriage from Jhanvi, Jhanvi says nothing like that is going to happen. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I know you are in trauma but you have to accept the truth, you have to realize and let him go, Kaki says its not needed, Nisha says its needed, her husband is dead, Jhanvi says no. Nisha says you have to accept the truth, inspector came here and made you see Avi’s deadbody, your husband is dead.Jhanvi says that deadbody was not recognizable, I dont accept it, Nisha says you have to accept that he is dead. Adi asks Nisha to stop it, she doesnt want to do it so let her be. Nisha says why you are stopping it? are you her husband? no, I am a woman, we cant let Jhanvi avoid all this, it will affect her health and future. Nisha says to Jhanvi that I know you are in pain, but you have to go through this pain, you have to accept it, I am sorry, I have to do it. Nisha tries to wipe Jhanvi’s sindoor but Jhanvi says dont you dare touch it, I will forget who is standing infront of me if someone tries to touch my sindoor, I dont accept it, Nisha says you have to accept that your husband is dead, Jhanvi says no he is alive, he is here with me. Nisha says no, you have to accept that he is dead.. Nisha winces in pain and feels stressed, Kaki asks Jhanvi to leave, she leaves. Nisha thinks that Jhanvi is lucky, she has all my family members on her side, she should have left this house today but I will make her leave soon. Kaki asks guests to leave, on guest says their relations are for namesake, she didnt even do her husband’s prayer meet. Jhanvi’s Maa says we are leaving too,they leave.

Adi comes to Jhanvi, Jhanvi cries and says how is this happening? Adi says I am sorry, I created this Avi for Nisha, she is doing all this in her condition, she can hear the truth, Jhanvi says I cant do this anymore, Adi says Nisha is very clever, she is doing all this knowing no one will say anything due to her condition, Jhanvi says you are my husband, you are my Avi, we got married, she cant snatch you from me like this, who took this photo. Adi sees wedding photo of Jhanvi and some guy, Jhanvi says who is playing with us? Adi sees serial number on the back of the photo, he says there were our initials behind the photo, it means someone made the duplicate, its not the original photo, I will find out truth behind this fake photo. Jhanvi says how will we find out? Adi says we can tell police that someone is trying to trap us, I will find out who is trapping us, are you with me? Jhanvi says yes and we will find out, Adi kisses her forehead lovingly.

Adi and Jhanvi meets inspector, they tell him Nisha’s condition and how Adi is married to Jhanvi, Jhanvi says there is no Avi. Adi says we have to find out who morphed this photo. Adi shows him serial number on photo, inspector says it will take time to investigate who morphed this photo, Adi says you can call me anytime. Adi and Jhanvi leaves. They sit in car, Adi says you forgot your smile? Jhanvi smiles, Adi says dont worry, we will solve this, lets go to eat pani puri, Jhanvi says all are waiting at home. Adi says I didnt take you on date after wedding, please go, please please.. Jhanvi says okay lets go. Adi tries to start car but its not starting, its raining too. Another car is behind their car, there is man sitting inside in car. Jhanvi says I will search for cab. Jhanvi comes out of car, she goes to road and looks around for cab. There is on truck behind her.

Jhanvi doesnt see it and start walking on the street. Truck starts and approaches her. Adi is checking his car and doesnt see truck behind Jhanvi. The man (Samar, new entry) behind Adi’s car sees Jhanvi about to get hit by the truck. He runs behind her. Adi turns around and sees horrified that Jhanvi is about get hit by the truck. Samar runs towards her.


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