Wednesday Update on Kindred Hearts, 4th of September, 2019


Wednesday Update on Kindred Hearts, 4th of September, 2019

Nisha says such a big house? That jia gave you is scaring me a ghost. Chini says go from here. Nisha says you people have to go away from my life. You thought I would be scared. Listen don’t act smart with me. Where is she? She points gun on Kaki. She says you better not mess with me. Just came here to give warning.

Arjun caresse’s jia’a hand. He goes out to eat with bablu. He recalls when Jia said I knew your heart is of Adi. bablu says why are you not eating. Arjun says not hungry much.
Adi sings a song he used to sing for Jhanvi. He recalls their old times.
Jia wakes up. She is not feeling well. Arjun says i am coming. He goes towards house and collides with jia. He says I saved your life. say thank you. She says you put my life in danger. She says what time is it. chini kaki ma is waiting for me. She goes.

nisha says to lawyer I will take care of samar’s property. Transfer them on my name. He says Mr. samar changed his will. His whole property will go to his son Chiragh Shukla. Nisha is anrgy. She says I have to take samar’s signature on new will.

Bablu says are you after jia for money? He says money is great. Bablu says be careful. Nisha is very clever. Arjun says jia is very clever. Maybe she did everything. Nisha comes there.
Kaki ma says I was so worried. I asked you to stay away from Nisha. You are the most important to me. You both will act what I say. Chini says dadu is right. She came here and warned us. Jia says what.
Jia says we have to answer nisha. We can’t be scared of her. She thinks i am janvi’s doppelaganger. She doesn’t know I am Jhanvi’s second life. i have to bring babsa home. Nihsa won’t expect I will come back too soon. Today is the best daay to do it.

Nisha says to Arjun you have to make babasa believe that you are adhi and help me againsst that Jia. Arjun tears the cheque. Nisha says how dare you. She says do you need more money? He says I am not someone you can buy from money. For me you are like family that is why I saved you that day. Nisah says I thought you wanted money. Arjun says I didn’t know about you. Then I got to know that you take care of your family so much. You think from heart not mind. Arjun says I feel really bad. Nisha says Arjun after today we will talk about work only. Hee says you are great. Nisha says lets discuss the plan. Her phone rings. Its Chini she says can you come to meet me? Its urgent. Nisha says she is my daughter after all.
Chini says I have to be successful in our plan.

Jia puts mic in her bag and goes.
Nisha comes to Chinni and Kaki’s house. Nisha says why you called me? Chinni says you could talk to daughter, you dont come here often. Nisha says I have been here for one hour and you were busy in kitchen so tell me why you called me?
Jia comes to store room of Nisha’s house and sees Baba there, he asks who? she says seems like he doesnt remember me, she says I am Jia, come with me, Kaki and Chinni are waiting for you. Jia tries to hold him and her bracelet falls down. Baba looks at bracelet and takes it, he recalls Jhanvi giving him that and how he kept with him to calm him down. He cries seeing bracelet. Jia is pained and says come with me. She starts taking Baba from there.
Chinni asks Nisha to have coffee. Nisha says just tell me

why you called me here? Chinni says I want to buy scooter, I want you to take my guarantee in bank to get me loan, can you sign it? Nisha takes papers.
Jia brings Baba out of godown. Arjun is sitting there and says clingy you are very clever. Jia is tensed seeing him.

Nisha says to Chinni that you called me for this? I know its something different.

Arjun asks Jia where she is taking oldie? she says get away, keep your mouth shut and I will keep my mouth shut. Arjun says I am here with right, Jia says you are with a criminal. Jia says look at Baba, Nisha kidnapped him. Arjun says you tried kidnapping too and when Nisha did? so she is characterless? Jia says he is like your father, look at him. Arjun says he is not my father, Jia says I dont believe I thought you can be like Arjun. Arjun says I will tell everything to Nisha. Jia says I am doing all this to give justice to Kaki and Chinni. Jia turns to see Baba gone and says where he went? Arjun says where he went? Jia runs to find him. Arjun says I have to find oldie. Arjun calls Nisha and says that Jia was trying to take away oldie baba but he went somewhere, dont worry, I will find him, he ends call. Nisha says to Kaki that you wanted to keep me busy here so Jia can kidnap Baba? now baba is lost, I will have to file FIR now, you keep doing stupid things, she leaves. Kaki asks Chinni to bring rickshaw, we have to find Baba.

Jia is in car and searching for Baba. Arjun is also looking for him on streets. Kaki and Chinni are in auto finding him too.

Baba is walking on street alone. He is in middle of road, truck passesby him too.
Nisha is in car and calls Arjun, she asks him to search for baba too. She ends call and thinks if I lose him then it will be problem. Nisha sees baba walking on road. She stops car and runs to him. Baba hides behind car. Nisha looks around. Arjun comes there too, they start searching for Baba. Baba is hiding behind car but car drives away. Nisha is not looking towards baba. Nisha calls arjun and says Adi had factory on this road, I am going there, Baba might be there. Jia hides behind Arjun and hears him. Arjun asks Nisha to tell factory address, Nisha tells it, Arjun repeats, Jia hears address too and goes there.

Baba comes to Adi’s old factory. Its all dust and broken things. Baba looks around and coughs, he touches old things and falls down too. He finds a table and recalls how when he was child, he wanted to help workers.
Arjun comes to factory and looks around. He hears noise and goes to check. Babab is walking inside factory and making noise. HE looks at wall and says it used to have Adi’s photo, please comeback Adi. Arjun sees Baba standing under wires that have fire. Arjun gets worried and says baba stop.. he suddenly recalls blurry flashbacks of how he used to take care of babasa, his kids..

He is confused. Jia comes in factory and sees Baba near sparking wires. She says this Arjun wont do anything, I have to do something. Jia asks Baba to not go ahead, there is spark in wires. Baba says Adi please comeback. Arjun recalls how he used to love Baba, how Baba used to be his strength, he gets in tears. Arjun gets tensed for baba and says Baba.. dont go ahead, listen to Jhanvi! Jia is shocked to hear him calling baba and Jhanvi, she looks at him in shock. Arjun goes towards Baba while Jia is frozen in her place. Arjun says Babasa please step back..

Jia asks Baba stop too. Baba is about to touch sparking wires but Arjun pulls him back. Baba is shocked to see him. Arjun is emotional. Baba says Adi? you came? my son. Arjun hugs him tightly and is in tears. Jia smiles through tears. She starts coming near them. She sees a sparking wire about to fall on Arjun, she screams Adi! Arjun gets electric shock and falls down. Jia runs to him and shouts Adi! she holds him in her arms and says you are Adi only as only he can put his life in danger for baba without thinking, please wake up. Arjun tries to talk to her but faints. Jia cries and asks him to wake up.

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