Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World

Kutumb is busy going through the bills that the creditors have handed over to her in Indira’s absence. When Inder arrives, Kutumb hands over all the bills to him and asks him to pay the money. Sunaina too comes along and asks Inder to pay for the pizza she has ordered. Inder gives them an excuse that it was evening and so he could not pay them then. He asks the creditors to leave and assures to pay the bills the following day. One of the creditors taunts Inder that Indira used to pay the bills on time and would never give any excuses. Inder is surprised when the dealer Mr. Gulati comes along with a lawyer to Sharma Niwas. Mr. Gulati informs Inder that if Kutumb signs on the property documents they can proceed with the registration. Ishaan overhears their conversation and decides to inform Indira. He calls up Indira but the phone gets disconnected. Inder overhears his conversation. Inder tells Ishaan not to worry Indira by informing her about the family matters and takes away the phone from him. Rishi suggests a house to Indira to seek shelter. He tells her that the house belonged to a friend in the US and that he had the keys of his house. The duo enters the house only to find that there was no electricity. Indira is taken aback when Rishi tells her that a candle and match box were kept on the table. On lighting the candle, Indira sees Rishi’s photo frames hanging on the wall. To distract Indira’s attention, Rishi purposely drops a flower vase. He asks her to pick up the pieces of glass. He hurriedly removes the frames. Later a person calls on the landline and asks for Vicky. Indira, who receives the call, informs the person that Vicky was not present in the house. Rishi listens to the call through the parallel line. Rishi later calls the person and asks him why he called on the landline. Rishi also asks him why he didn’t remove the photo frames. Rishi suddenly stops conversing when he notices Indira.

Rishi later calls up the person and asks him why he called on the landline. Rishi also asks him why he didn’t remove the photo frames, which were hanging on the wall. Rishi suddenly changes his tone when he notices Indira. He lies to her that he was speaking to his friend. Later Rishi receives Ishaan’s call. He asks for Indira and tells her that Inder was selling their house and that the registration was scheduled the following day. Indira is left shocked. Ishaan pleads to her to save their house. He, however, disconnects the call when Mandira arrives in his room. Indira decides to stop Inder from selling their house. Next morning, Indira goes to the registrar office and notices Munna. She calls out to him but he slips away. Munna rushes to Inder and informs him about Indira. Munna tells Inder to take Kutumb’s signature on the documents as soon as possible. Indira tries to meet Kutumb to stop her from signing on the documents but Munna does not allow her. She tries to tell her that Jhumpa and Inder were planning to takeover their house but she does not believe her. Meanwhile, Kutumb signs the documents in front of the registrar. While checking the documents the officer states that the property had already been registered and sold to some other builder. The family is left shocked. Meanwhile Indira arrives along with Rishi. Inder is further shocked on learning that Indira had made the deal with another builder as she had the Power of Attorney of the house. Rishi asks Inder the amount at which he finalized the sale of Sharma Niwas. The family is further shocked when Rishi informs them that Indira would be getting Rs 5 crore more than what Inder had finalized

Rishi informs the family that Indira had finalized the deal and would be getting Rs 5 crore more than what Inder had finalized. The family is left shocked. Inder refuses to accept the deal and asks Indira to handover the documents to him. Munna intervenes and so stops Inder from taking the documents from Indira. Indira and Rishi are left surprised with sudden change in Munna’s behavior. Kutumb panics when Inder feels dizzy. He informs Munna about it but he refuses to help Inder. When Kutumb asks Mandira to get water for Inder, she too refuses to help him. Rishi expresses concern for Inder and offers help but he refuses to accept help. In the midst, Rishi smartly steals Inder’s cell phone. Jhumpa gets happy when she receives Inder’s call. She is unaware that Rishi has called her from Inder’s cell phone. Rishi informs her that they have finalized the deal and asks her to visit Sharma Niwas in the evening. Jhumpa gets excited. Later, a man passes by Rishi and secretly informs him that he has received the documents of the house. Indira visits Chandani Chowk along with Rishi but does not enter Sharma Niwas. Ishaan requests her to come inside the house but she refuses and states that she would enter the house only after Inder leaves. Indira goes to meet Amma in the neighboring house. Amma rages at Indira for leaving the house. She also tells Indira to stay in her house and asserts that would not allow Indira to go anywhere else. Ishaan asks Rishi when Indira would return home and learns that she would return soon.