Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv November 7th

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

November 7th

Noor father was holding Indira daughter and asking Kabir to come out.
Both Kabir and Rishi are helpless and Noor father keeps on threatening Kabir saying he’ll hurt Indira daughter if ever he keeps on hiding and Kabir knows well what he’s capable of…
Indu with her slingshots hits him and his caps falls down and she also threatens him. Noor father catches Indu and wants to throw her asking kabir to come out,Rishi wants to go but Kabir holds him.
Indu spits on Noor father face and he asks his men to capture both Indu and Babli.
They are dragged away by Noor father and Kabir and Rishi remain helpless.

Rishi wants to go after them but Kabir tries his level best to stop him.
Kabit tells him that he’s alone and it is difficult for him to fight noor father and his men as he’s a very powerful man of this area.
Thay keep on talking and Kabir says that he has a plan to save the girls, Rishi says how and he says that he’ll tell him everything later.
Kabir tells Rishi that noor father is his father in law and Rishi says he’ll not hurt Babli but he can hurt Indu so he’s going to save Indu.
Kabir holds him and tells him to relax as they will save the girls per their plan.

Indira is giving bath to a baby in SN who is brought by Indur.Meher says look how she’s doing it perfectly.
Munna and Kutumbh promote Zee tv new coming show India Dramebaaz. Kutumbh feels weird how is Indira giving bath to the baby so rightly that she herself has the mind of a child. Kutumbh tells Indira to give back the baby as she takes the baby Indira has flashback of Noor stopping her from taking Babli and she slaps kutumbh calling her Noor.Meher thinks who’s Noor.
Indira takes the baby and sits at the main door of SN while the baby keeps on crying. She is mumbling a lullaby and both her daughters are in the hands of Noor father suffering.
Indu threatens Noor father and tells him to untie her hand then she’ll show him that she’s little Hitler, Indira senses something she begins to look everywhere.She tells NF(Noor father) that it is not a way to behave with children.

Rishi and kabir hiding from a distance are thinking how to save the girls. Rishi says he’s going and once again Kabir holds him and tells to see that NF has his men and some trained dogs…
Kabir asks Rishi if ever he has any plan and Rishi shows him a dog which is excreting and Kabir asks what??
Rishi removes his handkerchief and passes it through the feces of the dog.
They both roll it through a wooden stick and Kabir throws it through the electric fences.NF asks his men to see why are dogs running towards the fences and to light off the electricity.They run after the dog and Kabir with Rishi driving the bike seize the opportunity to enter the spot and save the girls.
Kabir points the gun to NF and they leave the spot.
They are shown in India and they are at a road side restaurant and Kabir tells to serve water to the girls.
Rishi holds the collar of Kabir and asks him his motive of crossing the border of Pak and his mission in India.Babli tells Rishi to leave her father and tells that their intentions are good.