Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv November 14th

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

November 14th

Kabir goes to Indira and asks her if she is ok. Indira says that she just wants to ready. while Kabir takes Indira to room, Rishi snatches the paper and leaves. Kabir goes with Indira and selling her leaves to meet Rishi. Rishi asks him what he wants, he says Husna. Rishi says that she is his wife. Kabir says that since it has been 8 years , she is no more his wife. Rishi says that they will tell Indira the truth and let her choose for herself. Kabir says that Rishi is nothing t to her and that is why she has no memories of him. Rishi says that he will tell Indira the truth anyways. He goes to the room where Indira is standing by the window, her back facing Rishi. Rishi blurts everything only to find that she was fast asleep. Rishi Carries her to bed. Kabir says that he shouldn’t be doing it as Indira is Kabir’s responsibility and he will leave with her the next day. Rishi says that he won’t let that happen. Indira wakes up and asks them about their presence there. Kabir cooks up some reason and tells Rishi to leave.

Kabir tells Indira that they have to leave as soon as possible.

Radhe, vanraj and Munna get things as per their plan.

Kabir is sneaking out of SN with Indira and Babli while everyone is asleep. Indira gets a flashback of past (8 saal pehle ka) where Ishaan is asking her not to leave . Indira says it seems something is stopping her from leaving this place. Inder comes there and says that she must be leaving because he is staying at SN and so he will leave but She should stay back. Indira, then gets a flashback of Inder leaving SN for Jhumpa and Indira telling Kutumb to ask Inder not to come back to SN and then crossing her hand across the chest in trademark Hitler style.Everyone at SN comes to the patio and ask Inder what happened, he says that Indira called him by his name rather than uncle ji that she recently had been using. Everyone is shocked . Rishi is happy that she is recollecting her past now. They all Babli where are the Chowdhary’s off to. Kabir stats taking Husna and Babli , Rishi asks him again about where are they going. Kabir pisces towards the door with his family . Indira looks back . Rishi says it’s time for their plan and gets the pamphlets which say Kabir is wanted.

Kabir goes with Babli to fetch a taxi. Rishi on his bike goes to Indira and repeats their old dialogue of if he should drop her somewhere. Indira looks on. Rishi asks if she can remember something. She says no. Rishi repeats his dialogue. Indira tells him not to follow her , she gets a flashback. Rishi leaves. Indira looks on.

Rishi, Munna and Vanraj stick that pamphlet all around. Kabir comes w with an auto. Munna throws a pamphlet in the auto. India sees it and tells Kabir that they shouldn’t go. Kabir insists but Indira refuses to go. Munna comes there and says that they must go home because it’s not safe outside. They spot cops and go back home. Rishi is arm wrestling with Indu. Indu wins. Kabir tells Munna that he knows that it was him all along who threw the pamphlet in the auto. Kabir then challenges Rishi for arm wrestling. Kabir keeps looking at Indira, Rishi wins and says that he will win back his shrimatiji Within 24 hours. Kabir says that he will be with Husna in Lahore in 24 hours. Indira spots Sajni leaving with someone on a bike. Indira is reminded of Mandira doing the same and she shouts Mandira. Indur tells everyone that she remembers Mandira but wonders where she is. Rishi runs to Indira and asks her why she shouted out the name mandira. She asks him who Mandira is. Kabir shouts and tells him not to pester Indira. Rishi keeps telling her to think about how she knows Mandira’s name. Kabir stops him and stats taking Indira along but Rishi holds hand. Everyone holds Kabir and Babli , not allowing them to interrupt. Indira slaps Rishi. He thinks of the kidnap sequence and he tapes her lips and takes her forcefully.

Vanraj locks them in a room and starts dancing. Kutumb tries to get them out and Kabir tries to bribe him. Indu steps in and tells them off. Kutumb secretly tries to do it again but Sunaina stops her by creating (() fire through magic.

Rishi ties her hands with rope and says its the same mandap where they got married. She remembers something. Indu calls Rishi to enquire If everything is ok. Kabir overhears it. Rishi forcefully starts taking pheras. he asks if she can remember something. He adds that she will certainly get her memory back. Vanraj flirts with Munna. Sunaina hits him. Kabir comes and throws money at them. Rishi keeps adding her if she can recollect anything but she faintly does. Kutumb decides to help kabir. Munna and Vanraj try to stop them. Rishi starts off for the final one but Kabir comes and hits him. He hits him back. Indira pleads Rishi to spare Kabir. He does. Kabir walls away with Indira and Babli