Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv August 22

Wednesday Update on Iron Lady Zee World Tv

August 22 Episode

Sumer accepts Munna’s condition. The duo gets ready for the fight. When Indira learns about it, she tries to convince Munna to refuse the challenge. Indira fears that Sumer may hit Munna hard. Munna, however, pays no heed to Indira as she does not earn any more. During the fight, Sumer hits Munna. Sumer wins the challenge and therefore tells Munna to go out and purchase some almonds and a carton of milk for him. Later a person arrives with some luggage at Sharma Niwas. On enquiring, the family learns that the person had come to drop Piramal’s baggage. While going upstairs to Piramal’s room, one of the bags accidentally opens. The family gets shocked when they see a huge bundle of cash in the bag. Munna is left confused how a school teacher can manage to have so much money as well as an expensive wrist watch. He doubts Piramal’s identity and decides to investigate about it. When Sumer leaves Sharma Niwas for some work, Munna follows him in order to learn about his true identity. Sumer, however, tricks Munna. Inspector Sumer had found a business card of a photo studio from Munna’s wallet. Sumer visits the studio and questions the owner about Munna. When the owner refuses to identify Munna, Sumer asks him to give all the negatives of the photographs, which he had developed on May 2, the day when Rishi was kidnapped. After receiving the negatives, Sumer believes that it would now be easy for him to trace the kidnapper. Sumer returns home and informs Indira that he has found some evidence regarding Rishi’s case.

Sumer returns home and informs Indira that he has found some evidence in Rishi’s case. He asks Indira to follow him to his room so that they can develop the photos. Kutumb gets happy when she sees Indira and Sumer together and wishes that Indira marries Sumer. After Sumer develops the photos, he gets shocked on seeing Rishi in the picture. The photograph shows Rishi being forced to sit inside a car. Indira too gets shocked when she sees the photograph. Meanwhile, Sunaina experiences labor pains and cries for help. Indira and Sumer hear Sunaina’s cry and rush to help her. When Indira sees Sunaina’s condition, she believes that it would be too late, if they admit her to the hospital. Indira and Sumer help Sunaina to deliver the child. Indira gets happy when Sunaina gives birth to a baby girl. While removing a towel from Munna’s cupboard, Sumer sees a shirt similar to the one worn by the person in the photograph forcing Rishi to sit inside the car. Sumer doubts Munna and informs Indira about it. When the family returns home, they are surprised to see a baby in Sumer’s arms. Munna mockingly states that the baby must be Sumer and Indira’s child. The family gets happy when they learn that Sunaina has given birth to a baby girl. Sumer decides to arrest Munna. He, therefore, calls up a constable and asks him to get an arrest warrant against Munna. Indira overhears the conversation and snatches the cell phone from Sumer’s hand and stops him. She requests Sumer not to take an action against Munna as she wants her family to enjoy the happy moments with the new born baby. Sumer accepts Indira’s request but states that he would, however, arrest Munna on the following day. He asserts that he would beat Munna and compel him to reveal about Rishi’s whereabouts.