Wednesday Update on Iron Lady 19th December 2018

Hospital and Sharma Niwas
Zara ‘s Sonography is done and surprisingly the test is positive, they can actually see the embryo, doctor says the embryo is healthy and strong, Rk is boggled as to how Zara could be pregnant. Meher in a nurse Avatar is shown with a disconnected pc cable Smiling. Another doctor next to Zara’s ward section asks the nurse why is the system not working (so Meher exchanged the pc connections of two different systems) Zara smirks and says do you see Rishi our baby is l healthy and strong. Now you know who is lying and who is saying the truth, she smirks as RK is still worried.

Indira and Indu are at the lounge. Indira confidently says that it will be negative. She tells her that Chiku is in her womb. She tells her to speak to him. Indu does so and she tells Chiku to come fast in the world and the two, Chiku and Indu will rule chandni chok. She tells Chiku that she and mama loves him. Indira is happy. Suddenly RK comes and pulls Indu away from Indira, Indira is shocked by Rk ‘s behavior and ask why he did do that. Rk says because you are Zara Malik Khan, both Indira and Indu are shocked and she pointing at Zara is my shrimatiji Indira Rishi Kumar. Indira is shocked hearing this and ask him about what he told her bfore going to the hospital, she wants to know how is it possible that she is also pregnant. Zara scolds Indira for trying to steal RK and her family away from her, thus trying to deny Chiku of a home, Indira asks her to shut up.

Zara says they should send her to the asylum. Rk holds Indira and tells her to never show her face in this house ever again, he drags her out, no one in her family could identify her (very sad) moreover RK can’t identify her. Well Indira tries to reason with him but he push her out and close the door. Indira makes a vow that she will prove to everyone she is Indira Sharma, Hitler of CC, she wipes her tears off. Rk comes out, he shows her a mangalsutra and with force he place it on Indira ‘s forehead, Indira is feeling pain :'( Zara comes out and sees this, she smiles. Rk using the mangalsutra manages to cut Indira ‘s skin, leaving her forehead bleeding. Rk tells her by that mark he will be able to identify her as Zara. Indira is hurt. Zara comes and tells RK to let it be and he tells him to come inside.

Rk and Zara enters sn leaving Indira behind hurt and sad. The two that is ZaShi reach the living room and Zara starts to flirt with RK (different from Indira, right?) Rk and the rest of the sharmas are shocked with this behavior, Indu goes and separate them and ask them to hug in private.

Kutumb says that they should have taken Zara to the police station and everyone joins in. Meher supports them and talks ill of Zara and this makes Zara furious and she shouts and asks her to stop. Everyone are shocked, Zara realizes this and as fast as a hare she says now its all over. Rk says yes, he tells them about the cut on Zara ‘s (Indira) Munna goes inside and comes back beating a drum and announces his 3rd marriage reception party. He says that his Chote will cater for the expenses, Rk is still serious. Zara pulls him and tells him to please organize the party. Everyone are dancing, Zara is forcing herself on RK making him uncomfortable. They break loose. Rk leaves, Zara is about to leave but Indu calls her “mommy ” and she tells her not to worry cos Zara is gone forever. Indu is suspicious and wants to go out but she is stopped by Zara asking her where she is going, she cites an excuse for preparing for the party. Indira who is out is hurt by the turn out of e events she swears she will get her identity back.


Indira who is sited on a bicycle ric. Indu comes and calls her Indira Rishi Kumar. Indira furiously tells her she is Zara Malik khan and not Indira, she continues Indira is in the house. Indu calls Indira “mommy ” Indira is happy and pulls Indu and asks her to repeat what she said. She does and this makes indira extremely happy. They have a good mother-daughter time. Indu sweetly cleans Indira ‘s wound and (Pyari maa plays in the BG) flashbacks of how Indu used to take care of her when she had an amnesia. Indu tells her choti hitler recognized badi hitler twice, she says they will out smart Zara. Indira hugs Indu and tells her she is happy that she recognized her but RK couldn’t, flashback of how RK dragged her outside SN and wounded her using the mangalsutra. Episode ends with the duo hugging.