Wednesday Update on Gangaa 9th January 2019

Ganga says Shanta Dadi is too clever. Sagar too had thought so. She is so bad. I thought she would help us in hiding Jalebi Prasad. Ganga cannot understand how someone can be so bad. They are readying some project. Jalebi Prasad comes there. He is all entangled in the ribbons. They both free him together. Ganga remarks that together they will have to bring out Shanta Dadi’s truth before Amma ji and Madhvi. Sagar nods. We cannot speak up though. Jalebi Prasad will be thrown out of the house then. They feel stuck.

Madhvi asks Maharaj ji to call everyone downstairs for the puja. She is going to call Amma ji when Shanta Dadi stops her. Kanta is so angry with you. She might take out her anger on the kids. She might say something wrong to them. Madhvi denies. Amma ji might be upset with me but she loves her son and grandsons a lot. She will surely come. Shanta Dadi stops her again. She will do it till her grandsons remain her grandsons. She will explode the day they become their mother’s sons. I know her very well. I don’t like speaking against my sister but this is the truth. I don’t know how you tolerate so much. Everyone should have a DIL like you. Kanta is really lucky. I would suggest you to send Niru and the kids to talk to Kanta. You should not go at all. I will also try to talk to her. She leaves. Niru asks Madhvi about Amma ji.

Prabha comes to Ginny’s house. She looks at the beautifully decorated house. Ginny wishes her Happy Diwali. She compliments Prabha. You look perfect today. She also asks Prabha if she will do the payment on time. Prabha agrees. Ginny trusts her. She asks about Yash and Ratan. Prabha says they have gone to Madhvi Didi’s house. Ginny asks her why she dint go there. They are your family. I find it weird and wrong. Ginny’s friends join them so Prabha is saved. They all compliment her jewellery. They all go for puja.

Shanta Dadi notices Amma ji sitting alone in a corner. This is the right time. She asks AMma ji if she wont come for the puja. Amma ji nods. I was going only. She gets up to go when Shanta Dadi blocks her way. You have a big heart. I wouldn’t have gone if I was in your place. The elders have to show their authority. I would say that you shouldn’t come out till Madhvi comes here and says sorry to you. is it smartness to risk everything for your love? This is the time for you to show them your value or no one will respect you. Amma ji says you are right. Now I will only go when Madhvi will come to call me. Shanta Dadi very smartly leaves the decision on her. I am a guest after all. I cannot say anything in your family matters. Amma ji thinks that her sister is right. I should wait and watch if my DIL respects me or not. No puja has happened in the house without me till date. I will see what happens today.

Ginny does aarti at her home. Prabha and all her friends light the diyas next. They all sit down to play cards later. Ginny’s friends want to put money on cards. Prabha initially disagrees but then agrees in the end. She puts Rs. 100. Ginny’s friends find it too low. It should be atleast Rs. 1000. We have a standard after all. Prabha takes it on her ego. She puts a Rs. 1000 note.

Madhvi asks Niru and the kids to go and make AMma ji agree. She always listens to you. Niru wants her to come along. She thinks of Shanta Dadi’s words. I cannot come. She might not come then. She is upset with me. Whatever happened happened between us. I don’t want my kids to miss her blessings. You all should go and make her agree. Niru leaves. Madhvi asks Sagar to go too. Sagar and Ganga go after Niru.

Niru, Sagar and Ganga request Amma ji to come. We will only start puja when you will join us. Amma ji is about to agree when her sister’s words ring in her ear. Niru tells the kids to come. Amma ji wont come with us. He leaves. Shanta Dadi enters just then. She sends the kids outside. I will talk to Kanta. Sagar and Ganga reluctantly leave. Outside, Ganga understands that Shanta Didi is behind it. She only filled AMma ji’s ears against Bahu ji.

Amma ji feels bad that her DIL is so arrogant. She dint come to request me. Shanta Dadi acts all innocent. I am an outsider. It will be wrong if I say anything in your family matter. Amma ji feels hurt. Shanta Dadi smiles seeing her condition.

Madhvi is shocked to know that Amma ji refused to come out. Niru cannot understand why his mother is so angry. The kids are all sad. I wont let them get sad on this auspicious day because of Amma ji’s anger. He asks pundit ji to start the puja. Ganga feels bad. How will we do puja without Amma ji? Sagar remarks that this has never happened before. Madhvi feels bad. She hates me so much that she wont come in the puja to bless her kids? Shanta Dadi says Niru is right. We should do the puja. What if Kanta isn’t here? Shanta is here. I will sit in the puja. I am the elder of the house after all. She asks Sagar and everyone to come. Ganga thinks that AMma ji’s sister is doing everything wrong. Niru, Madhvi and Maharaj ji sit down for the puja along with Shanta Dadi. Niru asks the kids to sit too. they comply but feel bad. Shanta Dadi asks Sagar if he does not want to do puja. Sagar is about to retort when Ganga reminds him of their helplessness. I too am angry but we cannot say anything or Shanta Dadi will tell everyone about Jalebi Prasad. If I dint have to worry about him then I would have never listened to Shanta Dadi. Sagar thinks of the tensions in the house that have surfaced in the house because of Shanta Dadi. Ganga vows not to leave Shanta Dadi the day she gets a chance.

Pundit ji asks Niru to call Amma ji. It is good if the elders of the house do a few rituals of the puja. Niru tells him to let Shanta Massi do it. She acts all modest and politely denies. Niru tells Madhvi that even he is feeling bad. Amma ji is not sitting with us in the puja on such a big occasion. She should think of this. she is the elder of the house. We had gone to make her agree. He asks pundit ji to let Shanta Massi do it. Shanta Dadi does the rituals. Pundit ji asks her to do aarti too as she is the elder of the house. Ganga knows Shanta Dadi is happy to create fights between everyone. Everything is happening as per her wish only!

pandit asking Shanta to do aarti being elder of the home. Shanta gets glad and says like you say. Niranjan and Madhvi are sad as Amma ji did not come. Ganga says I can’t see this and goes. Amma ji hears the pandit singing aarti. Shanta does the aarti. Prabha wins in the card game and ladies compliment her. Prabha thinks to return money to Ram ji. She asks them to distribute cards again. She gives Rs 5000. She shows her cards, A A 5. She wins again and is happy. The ladies are amazed seeing her winning again and again.

Ganga asks Amma ji to come, everyone is upset and missing her. Amma ji says I won’t come. Ganga says your Jiji is doing your work, is this good thing. Amma ji asks what do you mean. Ganga recalls Shanta’s words. Amma ji asks her to say. Ganga says this is your house, Babu is your son, Madhvi is your bahu, you have two grandsons, Madhvi is sad, you have to bless them, come for Sagar’s sake.

Ginni asks Prabha not to bet more and be contend with what she won. Prabha says no, I want to play. Ginni wins the game. Prabha gets shocked. Ginni says we will wrap up now. Prabha says no, I will play more. She loses again. Ginni says you lost everything. Prabha says no, one more round. Ginni asks what will she bet now, she can’t take loan, so stop. Prabha says I can’t lose. Pandit asks them to take blessings. Madhvi asks Niranjan to ask Amma ji again. Shanta says how many times will you ask bahu. Niranjan says Shanta is right, I don’t think Amma ji will come, Shanta is also elder, we will take her blessings first then go to Amma ji. Sagar wonders where did Ganga go. Ganga brings Amma ji there, Amma ji gets shocked seeing Shanta blessing Madhvi and Niranjan. She gets sad that they did not wait for her. Niranjan asks Sagar to greet Shanta and take blessings. Sagar takes her blessings. Amma ji sits and is sad. Shanta smiles seeing her. Ganga asks what happened Amma ji. Amma ji leaves from there. The pandit says this laxmi pujan got completed. Shanta asks Sagar to burn crackers. She asks Niranjan to give food to pandit. Amma ji cries in her room. Ganga goes there and sees her crying. She says you felt bad that Shanta took your place. Amma ji asks Ganga to go and shuts the door. Ganga feels sad.

Prabha says she has her gold earrings and she will bet it. She loses again and bets her necklace. Ginni worries seeing Prabha’s stupidity. Prabha loses necklace, bangles and all her jewelry. Ginni shows her cards and wins again. Ginni says its good that Prabha lost everything to me, game over, Prabha take everything back.

Ratan meets Madhvi. Madhvi says she did not like as Prabha did not come. Ratan says leave it, she was fighting with me. Niranjan says even here its same. Ratan asks what happened. Madhvi says nothing, come. Prabha scolds Ginni and asks why do you do favors on me, you got everything better than me, you have attitude, I hate you, you always insult me and show you are best, so you want to do favor by returning this to me, I won’t let you succeed, we will play till I make you lose and win my everything. Ginni cries and says you hate me, I could not think in dream, fine if you think so, I will give you last chance to win everything back, lets play, tell me what you have to bet. The ladies look on. Prabha smiles and removes her mangalsutra. Ginni gets shocked. She asks will you bet by keeping mangalsutra, it means you are ready to put your husband on stake. Prabha says I want to see your face when you lose, my husband, I will do anything, distribute cards.

Sagar and Yash burn crackers. Yash asks about Ganga. Sagar goes to call her. Yash says foolish, I will see who stops me from burning crackers now. Ginni says fine, if you don’t have problem to put husband on stake. Prabha says this game will be just between me and Ginni. Ginni puts all cash and jewelry. Prabha throws her mangalsutra. Ginni wins again. Prabha gets shocked.
Ginni says Prabha you lost your husband to me, maybe this should happen with people who hate friends. She shows mangalsutra and says your husband is mine from today. The ladies smile. Prabha turns her face away and cries.

Sagar asks Ganga where did she go, why are you crying. She says Amma ji is crying. He says what, I will go to her. She stops him and says Amma ji does not want to talk to anyone. He says I will convince her. He thinks where did Dadi go. Shanta eats sweets and stops seeing Kanta. Amma ji says you look really happy, when you should be sad seeing my insult. Shanta says I m not happy. Amma ji asks what do you want, you are playing a game with me. Shanta says what are you saying Kanta, how can you say this. Amma ji says you made me against Madhvi, then stopped me in puja and sat in puja.

Shanta acts. Amma ji says you want to become mum and Dadi for my family, you said you are happy in your house, why do you want to snatch my home peace. Shanta asks are you blaming me. Amma ji says I m saying what I have seen and heard, else I would have not believed, this can’t be lie. Ganga and Sagar come there. Shanta says I know Ganga told you all this. Amma ji says no, I have seen and heard, its good Ganga opened my blindfold, else I would have not know you want to take my place. Shanta asks do you trust Ganga more than your elder sister, Ganga is blaming me to hide her mistake. Amma ji asks what mistake Ganga did. Shanta asks Amma ji to come.

Amma ji says what new game will you show. Ganga asks Sagar to stop Shanta. Shanta looks for the puppy Jalebi Prasad. Sagar asks Shanta why is she lying to Dadi. Shanta says they have hidden a puppy in cupboard, I told them I will tell Kanta, so they made us fight. Amma ji goes. Shanta says I m not your enemy. She scolds Ganga and Sagar and says I won’t bear this and find puppy. Ganga asks Sagar where did he hide puppy. Sagar says I felt you have hidden. Ganga says I did not come here, He asks where did puppy go then. Amma ji says I can’t believe my own sister can lie to such extent, dog Jalebi Prasad….. she hears puppy’s voice and looks around. She gets shocked seeing puppy in her room

Amma ji getting shocked seeing the puppy in her room. She calls out Niru and Maharaj ji. She shows Maharaj ji the puppy and asks him to take it out. She apologizes to Lord idol. She calls out everyone and asks what is happening, see this. They all get shocked seeing puppy. Niru comes and asks what happened. Amma ji asks him to see. Ganga and Sagar come and get tensed. Shanta says see Kanta, now do you trust me, this girl has hidden this puppy. I was not lying. Madhvi asks how did this come. Niru asks who got this. Amma ji says sorry Jiji, I did not believe you, tell me who else knew this.

Niru says I did not know anything. Madhvi says if I knew, I would have kept puppy out. Amma ji recalls Mehru telling about puppy. Amma ji says Mehru told me, what did you did this house. Amma ji asks Maharaji to take puppy out. Ganga says no and takes the puppy. She says she won’t let anything happen to Jalebi Prasad. Shanta asks Amma ji to see who is right and who is wrong. She smiles. Amma ji scolds Ganga for bringing this puppy and making abshagun at home. I told you no animal will come inside, how did Ganga bring. Sagar says no Dadi, I permitted Ganga to bring puppy home.

He asks her to scold him. Amma ji says you are saying as if you did great work, this puppy was in temple, don’t know where he did potty. Niru asks Sagar why did he do this. Madhvi asks Sagar to say. Shanta says no use to ask you, Kanta’s temple got impure now. She adds more fuel. Amma ji scolds Ganga. Niru asks Amma ji to forgive them, they are kids. Amma ji says they ruined my Dharm. Niru asks how can puppy ruin Dharm. Amma ji says puppy made my temple impure, take him out. Ganga says leave us, puppy will be hurt. Sagar promises Dadi puppy won’t come in her room, but don’t kick him out. Ganga says he is ill, he will catch cold, what if other dogs beat him. Amma ji asks her to give puppy. Sagar asks Dadi not to do this. Niru stops Amma ji.

He says its sin to risk anyone’s life, I will drop puppy to safe place, let it be here here tonight. Madhvi asks Amma ji to listen. Amma ji says fine, do as you want, but kick me out of this house first. Ganga says don’t punish puppy, slap us as much as you want. Sagar says its big house, puppy will stay anywhere. He begs to Amma ji. Niru asks Amma ji to agree, its small puppy, he will die on road.

Amma ji asks Niru to give good and bad deeds lecture to anyone else. You got this widow girl from road, I did not say anything, now this puppy from road, give my room to this puppy, make me leave this home. Ganga asks Maharaj not to take puppy. Amma ji goes to her room. Sagar cries and asks Niru to say something to Dadi. Ganga cries seeing the small puppy alone on the road. She recalls getting the puppy and naming him Jalebi Prasad. Maharaj ji asks Ganga to have food. She says she is not hungry. He looks at the puppy. She asks him to open door, how will puppy stay alone. He says no, I understand your and puppy’s pain, but I can’t open door without Amma ji’s permission, go and sleep.

Niru tells Sagar that he can’t help him, you and Ganga cheated Amma ji, you did wrong, I did not like this, I always supported you, I annoyed Amma ji as you both were right, this time you are wrong, I will drop puppy to dog centre in morning. Sagar says get him inside for one night. Madhvi says enough Sagar, we had to hear a lot from Amma ji, go and sleep. Sagar leaves. Niru says Amma ji is good at heart. Madhvi says Amma ji dislikes me so she got angry on that puppy. She cries.

Ratan comes home and tells Prabha that she should have come to Madhvi’s house. He gives her sweets. Yash says he burnt many crackers, I forgot to say about puppy, Dadi scolded Sagar and Ganga. Prabha is silent and is worried. Shanta fills Amma ji’s ears and says there is no value for you, you are bending to your son and bahu in this age, its better to die than living such life, if my son and bahu did this, I would have kicked them out, why should I bear this, I m Suhagan, my husband is there to support you, you are a widow Kanta, I think your life will pass on as their slave, I have pity on you. Ratan asks Prabha what happened, and sees her extremely lost. He holds her hand and asks what is she hiding, she is not fighting today. She asks will he always be hers. He asks what is she asking, he is hers. She asks him to promise, he will never leave her whatever happens. He hugs her and says promise, I will not leave you. You say this often that you will leave me, I love you.

Ganga sees puppy shivering in cold and wishes she could cover him up. Sagar says we will go as we always used to go. He brings shawl for Ganga and forgets to wear sweater. He says if anyone catches me if I go to room, leave it, we will go and cover up puppy. They tie cloth to balcony and get down. Sagar feels cold and coughs. He says I m strong, come we will find puppy. They look for him everywhere.Madhvi says she is feeling weak and will have medicines. Niru asks her to wear shawl, its very cold. She says yes, I will see children. Sagar catches cold soon. Niru smiles and says see Sagar, you don’t get peace without seeing him. Madhvi goes to Sagar’s room and does not find him. She wakes up Pulkit and asks about Sagar. Pulkit says don’t know, maybe he is in hall with Ganga. Madhvi thinks are they standing near window till now. Amma ji asks Maharaj ji to open lock. Madhvi asks about Ganga and Sagar. Maharaj ji says don’t know. Amma ji asks where did they go. Madhvi calls out Sagar and Ganga. Amma I says they may have gone to that puppy, door is locked, did they go by balcony. Maharaj ji goes out to see. Amma ji worries. Madhvi says you should have worried for Sagar, you know about Sagar’s health, you should have kept puppy here for one night, if anything happens to my Sagar, I will not forgive you.. READ THURSDAY 10TH ON GANGAA