Wednesday Update on Fire and Ice Zee World Update


June 13 Episode

5Years later in show
Guests are coming in Sarna house, there is some function. Usha calls girl Suman and asks her to come fast, i am waiting for you, she ends call. She is busy in preparations. Babee calls her name, she smiles at Usha, Babee says you didnt apply mehndi? we have less time for Karvachauth, ladies have come too, Usha says yes i am seeing preparations, Babee says i will handle everything, where is Twinkle? Usha asys Yuvi has taken her to parlour, he was saying that my Twinkle should apply best mehndi, Babee says then they will go to Leela’s house too as their favorite daughter is there, they cant live without her, usha says they both become child with her too, they smile.
Yuvi is driving bike, Twinkle is sitting behind him, she asks him to drive slower, he says you could have come by walking, my bike is helicopter, Twinkle says drive slow else i will jump off bike, Yuvi drives more faster, Twinkle says i will apply mehndi on your face, Yuvi says you are trying to warn me? people will see flying sikhni now, get ready to fly. He drives faster. They come home, Twinkle says cant you drive slower? what if anything had happen to Prisha’s things? Yuvi says nothing will happen to my Prisha’s things, you take care of my mehndi, i will take care of Prisha, she is my darling princess, Twinkle asks him to give her Prisha’s things, Yuvi says go inside and work, tomorrow is Prisha’s birthday, you havent done anything except for buying pink dress for her, i have to work in this house otherwise no work is done in this house, Twinkle smiles at him.
Yuvi and Twinkle comes to Leela’s house, Twinkle daughter Prisha hugs them, Yuvi shows her gifts, she says its for me? he says yes its for our cute little princess, Prisha kisses Yuvi on cheeks, Yuvi is flattered and says to Twinkle that see Prisha loves me more, Twinkle says are you done with your showing off? Yuvi takes selfie with Prisha, Prisha leaves, Leela says she didnt finish her fruits. Twinkle says i can take my selfie alone, she starts taking selfie, Yuvi goes to her and stands behind her showing toy in picture, Twinkle says what are you doing? Yuvi says Leela Maa you must have not seen Ex- Miss Amritsar with duck toy, you are like duck twinkle, Twinkle says you are like monkye, how dare you call me duck? she runs behind him to beat him, he runs away from her, Twinkle slips and lands in Yuvi’s arms, they share eyelock, Kaise mujhe tum mil gaye song plays, Leela smiles seeing them close, Yuvi says this is perfect selfie moment, Yuvi holds Twinkle in arms and takes selfie with her, she poses with him and says i am looking pretty, Yuvi says you are duck, Twinkle teases him, Leela says you both are like kids too, she laughs and leaves, Twinkle looks at Yuvi, he goes from there. Prisha comes to Twinkle and says my ball is stuck, bring it down for me. Twinkle sees her stuck in basket net, she stands on ladder to bring it down., Yuvi comes there with Leela, Yuvi says she started doing stunts again, he asks Twinkle to come down, this ladder cant bear your weight, Twinkle says you are calling me fat? you monkey? Yuvi says be careful, give me hand, Yuvi says why dont you listen to me ever? Twinkle says when you say something sensible only then i will listen to you, Twinkle slips from ladder and falls in Yuvi’s arms. One servant clicks their photo in that pose. Yuvi smiles at Twinkle, she looks at him confused, they share eyelock, music plays, Yuvi says you would have fallen if i was not there, Twinkle says Yuvi my savior, my hero as if you were not present then i would have become injured, Yuvi says like seriously? she says seriously. One woman comes there, Prisha runs and hugs her calling her mother, mother thanks Leela, Prisha is her daughter, Leela says i have opened this day care to help working women like you, Prisha is special, she is part of family now, i have one complaint, she doesnt eat fruits, mother says i will leave now, she leaves with Prisha. Twinkle is sad, Leela and Yuvi notices it.
Usha looks at Kunj’s picture in her room and starts crying, Bebee comes there , Usha tries to look fine, Babee sits beside her and says why you keep looking at your wounds? after so many years, Twinkle have forgotten Kunj and have started to live again, if you try to become weak then think what will happen to Twinkle? Usha says what can i do? in these five years, i have shown strength but i cant forget my son, i keep remembering him and i cant stop my tears coming down, so much changed in these years, i lost my son, Twinkle lost her husband then she lost her baby too, we had hopes to live life with Kunj’s baby but God didnt want that too, Babee says we all wanted to welcome Twinkle’s baby but you know after Kunj was gone, Twinkle was in trauma, she was in stress and because of that we couldnt save baby, even after that Twinkle showed strength, if you become weak then Twinkle will break down too so you have to control yourself, you know Leela have opened day care, Twinkle gets happy there, she gets happy seeing kids of other people, Usha says if Kunj was here today then everything would have been fine, Babee says i wish Kunj was here.

In street fight ground, Rocky Singh comes in ring, all chant for him.
Twinkle comes down in function of Karvachauth. Babee says moon is going to come out soon, Yuvi is there too, same servant is spying on Twinkle. One lady says moon will come out late today, Yuvi says to himself that innocent Twinkle didnt eat or drink anything in whole day, dont know how much she would have to wait.
in boxing ring, all are chanting for Rocky, Rocky remembers Twinkle and Yuvi’s marriage, he takes off hoodie, its Kunj. Kunj starts fight but gets beaten by other fighter, he angrily looks at fighter and recalls Twinkle and Yuvi’s marriage again, he starts beating fighter but gets beaten again, he lies on floor, recalls their marriage again, he gets up and beats fighter, he wins the fight, all chant for Rocky/Kunj.
Yuvi says to himself that i have to do something otherwise Twinkle will get ill without eating anything, should i bring fake moon? no thats bad idea, i should say that moon has come in Dehli. Usha comes to him and says i knew you would do something like this, you care for Twinkle alot but this fast is done by wives for their husbands, if she breaks her fast before moon then it can be bad omen, i have lost my son earlier too and i dont want to loose my son again, Yuvi says your son will always be with you Maa, he caresses her face, usha smiles.
Kunj says in boxing ring that i had to win because i am not loser.