Wednesday Update on Deception 27 May 2020


Wednesday Update on Deception 27 May 2020

Angraj asks Pooja to change her clothes and come with him. Pooja says 1 min. Angraj looks at her and thinks of his plan. Rahul tells Surbhi and Neelima that Angraj haven’t told him anything before getting Danish killed. Neelima says he wanted to kill all family members by sending them to London. Rahul blames Naren and tells that he will go to Delhi and get the mould. He says then they all will go to USA. They smile. Angraj thinks Pooja gave info to Danish about the truck. Supriya tells Harish that she is worried about Naren’s reaction. Naren comes and applies his saliva under his eyes and pretend to cry. Harish and Supriya try to pacify him. Naren thinks to know from Mama ji what did Danish tell him.

Harish telling that he will call Police. Angraj stops him saying Danish’s life will be in danger then. He asks Satish what Danish said. Satish says Danish was telling one thing. Just then Pooja comes and stops him. She asks him to tie black thread on her head and says someone black eye is on me. Angraj thinks Satish and Pooja are together. Supriya asks Pooja to come when she wants. Satish tells Pooja that there is something for sure and she is fighting alone. He offers his support. Pooja thanks him and asks what Danish said. Satish says he said Qabila. Angraj hears him and thinks she will go there and he will catch her red handed. He asks Pooja to come to hospital, but she tells that she has important work in her constituency. Angraj follows Pooja in his car and calls the tribal head.

He talks about the attack in the Qabila and asks if he understood. He thinks he is behind her. Pooja sees many men lying on the road and ask her to do justice with them. Pooja asks them to tell everything.
The tribal head comes and tells Pooja that injustice has happened with his daughter and asks her to get justice for her. Pooja says I will help you. Tribal head asks her to come to his tent and says you are like my daughter. He signs Angraj. Angraj thinks what you will do. Pooja thinks how to search Naren? Tribal head wife tells Pooja that she is her daughter Kiran and tells that her son in law beats her etc. Kusum asks Satish where is Rachel? Satish says I have dropped her to her mayka. Kusum says she is carrying our Anuj’s baby and says she will call her Papa. She tells that her parents might get her married or abort the baby. Pooja assures justice for Kiran’s husband. Tribal head asks her to punish his daughter’s husband and bring Naren there. Mora Piya plays….

They bring Naren there while his face and body covered. Pooja asks Kiran if he is your husband. Kiran nods her head. Naren stands silently. Pooja sees black thread in his foot and thinks if he is her Naren. Pooja asks if he is Kiran’s husband and asks why did he hide his face. Tribal head gets tensed. His men push Naren down. Pooja feels his touch when his hand touches her feet. She moves back. They show her video in which she told about the punishment for a torturing husband. Angraj thinks if Pooja refuses to beat him with hunter then he will expose her. Naren looks at Pooja.

Tribal head shows Kiran’s injury. Pooja covers her with blanket. Tribal head wife asks her to punish the guilty. Angraj thinks how Pooja will be saved now.

Pooja asking did you beat Kiran and misbehave with her. Tribal head asks Naren to confess to have beaten her. Naren says yes and says I have done this and asks her not to let him go, and calls her Neta ji. Pooja looks on. Angraj thinks Pooja will be exposed. Tribal head says it seems you will not fulfill your promise. Pooja says she will fulfill her promise. She understands that she is Naren and thinks sorry Naren, I have to beat you to fool Angraj. She recalls seeing Angraj following her. She says you will be punished with my hand and hits Naren with hunter, and throws it. Tribal head says just one hit. Pooja says this is just a trailer, I will take him to police station so that he will be jailed.

Angraj comes and says 1 min Pooja. Naren sees his lookalike and is shocked.

Angraj touches her and asks what are you doing here? He says this place is very dangerous and these people are dangerous too. He looks at Naren and asks her to come home. Pooja gets uncomfortable and is going with him. Naren sees her going. Angraj goes to Naren and calls him Naren Babu. He asks him to live with his face hidden and smirks. Naren is shocked. Angraj holds Pooja shoulder and takes her from there. Tribal head tells Naren, do you believe that your wife is with someone else. Naren break down and cries. Kiran gives haldi milk to Naren. Naren says I have hurt you. Kiran says I lied for Baba. A fb is shown, Kiran tells Naren that Pooja is sharing her love, and gave his face to Angraj etc. Naren slaps her. fb ends. Naren feels bad and thinks if she had told him then he would have moved from her way. Pooja feels bad, but pretends to be happy.
Naren asks Dr. Kiran to take him to truthful people like her. Angraj tells Pooja that she has proved that she forgot Naren completely and tries to touch her, but she moves back. Angraj says everything is same as we had left. He runs to room and asks her to wait. Pooja cries. He says I will welcome you like a new bride and keeps white flower pot on her way. Pooja kicks it. Angraj burns camphor on his and says all world is on one side, and my love is another side. She says I can’t believe that Angraj is on my feet. Angraj asks her to surrender herself to him and lifts her and takes her to room. She makes her sit on the bed and asks her to get ready in a bridal dress. She tries to take her phone, but Angraj takes it. Pooja thinks she doesn’t find any way to leave from here safely. She promises to Naren that she will always be belong to him else she will die.

Naren hits his head and faints. Dr. Kiran tries to stop him. Tribal head comes and asks what is this new drama. Kiran checks Naren and tells that his pulse is dropping, and they have to take him to hospital else he will die. She asks him to agree for the tribe always. Angraj s in the car and looks at the star. He says God is in the star. He says Pooja wants to take revenge from Naren in reality else she would have broken.


Angraj is in the car. Pooja is dressed as a bride and writes a letter to Harish and writes about Angraj’s conspiracy. She asks him to save Naren from the tribals and writes that if Angraj tries to touch her then she will burn herself and asks him to think her ashes as her truthfulness proofs. He hears someone opening the door. Angraj is heavily drunk and comes home. He sees Pooja in Surbhi and says today is their Milan night. Surbhi asks if he has gone mad and calls Rahul. Rahul asks him to come into his senses and says she is my wife. Angraj looks at her and says he saw Pooja in her. Rahul checks his hand and says again you took drugs. Surbhi says we will suffer because of you. Angraj asks what happens if I take drugs? Pooja comes and says she don’t want anything to happen

to him. Dada ji calls someone. Angraj is going towards him. Pooja holds Angraj’s hand and takes him to room.
Angraj says it seems you can’t wait. Dada ji asks Rahul and Surbhi to help him taking out old pics. Rahul says he has to go to tribe.

Neelima comes to Pooja and says you are really lucky, Angraj loves you a lot and sent these clothes for you. Pooja asks if she didn’t feel a bit of sympathy for her nephew, and if she didn’t feel bad for him. She says if I want then I can prove Angraj’s truth by getting DNA test done. Then you all three will be jailed with him. Neelima and Surbhi are shocked. She takes the clothes and keeps on bed. She then tells Surbhi and Neelima that she is Angraj and their team and says life shall have some masti. She winks her eye and pulls her cheeks. Neelima says welcome to Anti-Naren Party and asks her to get ready. Pooja thinks I have to keep you all in misunderstanding that I came here to Anuj’s death revenge.

Dr. Kiran takes Naren to hospital and asks Doctor to begin the treatment. Doctor asks who is she? She tells that she is his wife. Doctor begins the treatment. Angraj says he was yearning for 1 Pooja and got 3 now. He sees Pooja and falls on her. Dr. Kiran asks Nurse about Naren. Nurse says he is serious. Dr. Kiran says she won’t let anything happen to Naren. Tribals hear her.

Angraj tries to get closer to Pooja. Pooja tells him why is he eager. She tells that the flowers are beautiful and nobody gave her such flowers. Angraj smells it and faints. Pooja says this time I poured powder on the flowers, next time I will give you poison.

Kusum asks Rachel to have food. Rachel tells that Anuj wanted her to become his parents’ daughter. Satish says you are our daughter always and asks her to settle down in life. Rachel tells that she don’t want to leave them. Kusum scolds Satish for trying to separate her with Anuj’s baby. Tribals come and is taking Naren back to tribe, but Kiran stops them and says she will call Police and then her baba will not get a single penny. In the morning, Angraj wakes up on bed and sees Pooja crying. He asks evening was beautiful, why morning is dangerous. Pooja says if this is love then shame on this love.

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