Wednesday Update on Begusarai Zee World August 15

Wednesday Update on Begusarai Zee World

August 15 Episode

Lakhan puts jar of chilli powder in milk glass, Poonam is stunned, Lakhan says the time i have eaten spice, my chest is aching, you should feel it too, husband and wife share happiness and sadness together, he offers her milk and ask her to drink it and prove that you also.. you know i dont like to repeat, drink it in one go, Poonam takes glass with shivering hands and drinks it, her mouth burns, Lakhan says i like it, now you will remember me whole night like i do, in this pain there is some happiness and dont drink water, Poonam nods, Lakhan says dont kill this essence by drinking water, i didnt drink water too, you know when my relation was broken with you by Phulan, i was burning like this only, i wanted to make you realize it so that our love becomes same, he ask her to close eyes and sleep, Poonam’s mouth is burning, she lies down, Lakhan lies beside her and sleeps.
Priyom is lying on his bed sadly, Guddi, Piddi and kids come there and sees him like that, Guddi tells some idea to Piddi, Piddi goes near Priyom and steals his wallet but Priyom doesnt react, Guddi and kids shout that Piddi is thief, Guddi says to Priyom that he was running with wallet, punish him, Priyom looks at them, gets up and starts leaving from there, Guddi says he is stealing your thing and you are not saying anything, Priyom says my possession is already snatched, he starts to leave, Guddi ask where are you going, Priyom looks at her, Guddi says dont go to Poonam, what if Lakhan sees you, Priyom says i am not afraid of dying, Guddi says Poonam is of someone else now, Priyom says my heart doesnt accept that she is of someone else, forgetting her is not in my hands, he leaves.

Lakhan is sleeping, Poonam cant sleep and crave for water, she recalls how Lakhan asked her to not drink water, she thinks if i dont drink water then i will die, she gets up from bed and sneak out from room, she comes in kitchen and looks at water, she thinks if Lakhan gets know that i drank water then he will punish me more. Lakhan wakes up and doesnt find Poonam on bed, he comes in kitchen to find Poonam putting water in glass, she is about to drink it but stops, she thinks i am dying already so better to die without water, she puts glass back without drinking it, Lakhan smiles, he comes in, Poonam is dying, Lakhan says my heart got happiness, she is stunned to see him, Lakhan says i am flattered by your loyalty, you are dying because of burning still you thought about your promise and my love, i feel like giving you name, you can drink water, and come to sleep after drinking it, he leaves, Poonam drinks water and have sigh of relief.
Poonam is going back to room, she looks outside window to find Priyom there, he looks at her, she is shocked, she comes to window, both share eyelock, Priyom ask how are you? your eyes are telling everything, Poonam ask why did you come? Priyom says i cant sleep without sleeping, why you are awake? you cant sleep like me, Poonam says you are not ashamed, Priyom says you know i am shameless and its you, Poonam says i am married, forget me, Priyom says i am trying but i cant forget you, Poonam says things are changed, i am of someone else now, Priyom says i got my answer, we both know you went to Lakhan to stop his madness, you dont love him, love happens in two situations only either make someone yours or become his, i am already yours, Poonam says dont make my life more hell, its not good to meet me like this, go from here, if anyone sees you, not for you but leave for me, Priyom looks at her sad eyes, Poonam tries to close window but Priyom stops her, Poonam says please, she closes window and Priyom allows her this time, Poonam turns to find Rekha there, she gets tensed.

Poonam turns after closing, she gets tensed seeing Rekha there, Rekha ask what are you doing here? didnt you like our house that you are looking outside window? Poonam says no winds were blowing, window was making so i closed it, Rekha says if you keep awake at night and keep sleeping at daytime then who will do work of house, go and sleep, Poonam have sigh of relief that she didnt listen anything, she leaves, Rekha says what she was doing at window at wee hours, i should see, Priyom is standing outside, Rekha opens window, looks here and there and doesnt find anyone, she leaves.
Poonam comes back in room, Lakhan is sleeping, Poonam closes door, looks at Lakhan and recalls how Priyom said that Poonam went to Lakhan just to stop him and doesnt love him.
Its morning, Poonam comes out after taking bath, she moves her wet hairs and water falls on Lakhan’s face who is sleeping, Lakhan is getting disturbed in sleep with water droplets, Poonam gets tensed, Lakhan doesnt wake up, Poonam breathes with peace, she looks at date and thinks its sunday, we used to have fun in haveli at sunday, everything is finished and i am reason for it, i promise one day same happiness will come back, same enjoyment will happen in haveli.

Badi amma is sadly sitting in haveli and recalls how Phulan used to make food on sunday, Phulan come and ask what are you thinking, Badi Amma says today is sunday, 20 years back you divided property but family doesnt get divided, you started ritual of having get together on sunday, both families used to come together for lunch, Phulan says let bygones be bygones and try to handle what is left, Priyom sadly comes there, Badi Amma says to him that you were not home yesterday night, are you back to your old ways? Priyom says even i dont know my way but i dont wanna stop, i just want to keep walking, phulan says the way which doesnt have any destination, its foolishness to walk on that path, Priyom says maybe this foolishness is called love, Phulan ask where were you? Priyom says i was outside Poonam’s house, i wanted to know if she is right, Badi Amma says this is not work now, Priyom says this is mission of my life now, she is married but i wont break my friendship promise, she ask how is Poonam? Priyom says she is silent and was weeping in room and like always didnt utter a word, Phulan says will you listen to me? come with me on work, maybe you will like it, Priyom says you want to distract me from Poonam, your try will go waste, he leaves, Badi Amma thinks something.
Rekha wakes up in morning and finds Poonam burning diya in mandir, she ask what are you doing? Poonam says i used to do aarti in my house so thought to do now, Rekha says its good to sing aarti, sing in loud voice, Poonam says i made parsad too, Rekha thinks that my DIL doesnt know that Lakhan doesnt wake up till 11am and he doesnt believe in aarti bhajans, when he will see her, he will give real parsad to her, Poonam starts her aarti and sings bhajan, Bhushan comes there and stand in mandir too, Lakhan is getting disturbed in sleep, Rekha also joins aarti, Lakhan puts pillow on his ears, gets angry, Rekha is waiting for Lakhan, i am dying to see drama, Poonam is singing bhajan, Lakhan comes there and angrily looks at Poonam doing aarti, Poonam sees him staring, she gives parsad to Rekha and Bhushan, Rekha says that what i couldnt do it in 25 years you did it one day, you made Lakhan wake up early, give parsad and aarti to him too, Poonam is tensed, she goes to him, Lakhan is stretching his hands, Rekha thinks she will get slap, Lakhan stops Poonam by hand, he says i dont have faith in God and aarti bhajans, he comes closer to her, she is afraid and looks at him, he says but you sing well, Poonam looks at him in complete surprise, she then looks down, Lakhan leaves, Poonam keep looking at him, Rekha thinks that is it? my son is changing colors, i dont understand him at all, Poonam says its not good to say no to God’s parsad, Bhushan says God get miffed with humans but Lakhan is.. Rekha says why did you stop? you are saying your son devil, bhushan blesses Poonam and leaves, Poonam leaves too, Rekha thinks my mood gone off in morning only, she finds Poonam going with aarti plate and says drama is not finished yet, she is going to lion herself.
Poonam comes in room with aarti plate, Lakhan looks at her, he comes to her and ask why did you bring parsad? she says for you, Lakhan says i told you i dont believe in God, you have faith in him? Poonam says yes, he ask have you ever seen him? Poonam says no but every thing is not which you have seen only, i have faith in God, Lakhan comes very close to her, stares her and says i have faith in my love, i married you in mandir for world only, i accepted you as my wife in heart way back than that, Poonam says then eat this parsad as sweets only, Lakhan angrily looks at her.

Phulan says to Mitlaish that this is my house and i will take decision and my decision is that Bhushan and his family will stay here in this Haveli with us, Mitliash says even if we agree to this punishment, will Lakhan agree to this? Phulan says dont worry about him, i will talk to him, Priyom leaves from there.
Poonam is sitting in room and thinks my new life has started with Lakhan, i have to live it even if its good or bad and i cant start my life on lie basis, i will tell him everything even if he gets angry, she is crying, Rekha is spying on her and says seems like Lakhan has beaten her up thats why she is crying but where is my son? Lakhan comes there with flower basket, he comes to Poonam, she wipes her tears and gets up, Lakhan says thing is that i cant change my anger so its better if you change your habit of crying, she wipes her tears, Lakhan says dont know who was on call, took Priyom’s name, i got mad, voice seemed known to me, leave it, i have brought flowers, i will set everything right, Rekha says nothing happened, infact i am in danger, Lakhan calls her, she gets tensed and comes in, Lakhan ask what happened to you? you wanted to help so help now, Rekha says i will help her, you leave, she takes flower basket from him, Lakhan looks at Poonam and leaves, Rekha gives basket to Poonam and ask why are you standing, work fast, she sits and ask Poonam to work, she thinks that my trick failed again, when will i get happiness, door bell rings, Rekha goes to see it.
she opens door, Najma comes in, she greets Rekha, Rekha ask what? Najma ask Poonam is there? Rekha says she is busy, tell me what is it? Najma says Manjeeta threw Poonam’s things so i have brought it here? Rekha starts checking Poonam’s bag and finds earrings, she likes it, Najma says first Poonam should check it, maybe she needs something, Rekha thinks maybe there is some jewelry in it, i should take it, she says to Najma that give it to me, bag falls from Najma’s hands and Poonam’s diary falls out, Rekha reads it and is stunned to read Poonam’s love confession for Priyom.

Lakhan comes in room and finds Poonam decorating it, Poonam looks at him, he says its nice, you have decorated it well, now when room si decorated? why you are standing here? go and get ready, Poonam leaves.
Rekha is reading diary, she ask Najma that why are you standing, i will give it to her, Najma leaves, Rekha looks at diary and says i got what i needed, my DIL has written with her hands that she loves Priyom, this is solid proof, nobody can deny it, it will like blasting bomb when Lakhan will read it.
Poonam is getting ready, she looks in mirror and recalls how Lakhan was close to her, how he didnt let her fall, hoe he asked her to say if she has anything in her then how he got angry listening Priyom’s name, Poonam says how to tell him.
Lakhan is also getting ready and thinks how to take 1st step.
Poonam wears jewelry and says I will tell Lakhan Thakurs truth today at any cost.
dolt shows kurtas to Lakhan, he says don’t have to say anything, eyes say everything, just don’t get angry on her, show love, I suggest that you wear blue one, Lakhan says then why did you bring yellow one? he takes blue one, Dolt smiles, Lakhan wears it.
Poonam wears bangles, she looks at sindoor and recalls how Priyom said that her name is written on his heart till last breath, she weeps, takes sindoor bottle and applies sindoor in her forehead reluctantly, she says now I am married girl, I promised to fulfill my marriage at wedding but I didn’t tell him truth so whats honesty in this relation? I have to tell him that in my past I loved Priyom.

Lakhan wears blue kurta and says I waited for this day for years but now my hands her shivering today, it never happened when I used to shoot people, after today Poonam will be mine only.
Poonam thinks after knowing truth, he will.. she recalls how Lakhan had beaten Priyom with bat and injured him badly, necklace falls from her hands.
Dolt comes to Lakhan and says you are looking very nice, your couple is very nice, Lakhan says from time you have become brother in law, you have raised your value, Dolt says Its my right, he takes perfume to apply it on Lakhan and recalls how Lakhan got angry last time saying he doestn need fake smell to please his wife.
Poonam thinks I cant live this fake relation, I will tell him truth and I have from mother that husband wife relation Is based on truth, hiding truth is same like lying, I will tell him but after listening truth, he will.. she is tensed and says he will punish me, I will bear it but I cant bear burden of lie, he is my husband and he has right to know about my past.