Wednesday Update on Begusarai August 29

Lakhan brings Poonam on terrace, he takes her foot and puts in his lap, Poonam says what are you doing, he touches her feet, she says dont, he says i am checking if any rat had bite you, she is surprised, he ask did he bite? she nods no, Lakhan says where rat bite, it cant be seen easily so i should check clearly, Yeh Moh Moh ke dhaage plays as Poonam looks at him lovingly, Lakhan says it has not bite on feet, he comes closer and looks around her neck, he touches her neck, Poonam feels shy and closes her eyes, Lakhan looks at her, both share eyelock, Yeh moh moh ke dhaage continues. Lakhan says you girls are weird, you get afraid by seeing small rats, there were many rats around you but you didnt see them, Poonam smiles at him, he ask what are you looking at? she says nothing, he ask why you are smiling, she says just like that, Lakhan says i got worried because of your screams else i am not afraid of rats, Poonam smiles, Lakhan thinks that i feel like someone has caught, did Poonam saw me being afraid of rats, even if she has caught me, i dont care, he ask why you are smiling now? she says just like that, Lakhan says till morning, all rats will go away but we have to spend night at terrace only, i will bring Pillows, he brings pillows and sheets, Poonam is about to get down from bed, Lakhan holds her and moves her away, he set sheet on bed, Poonam lies on bed, he gives her Pillow and is about to leave, Poonam ask where will you sleep? there are rats inside, Lakhan doesnt answer her, she comes to otherside of single bed and lies beside Poonam, she looks at him and moves away little, he looks at her then looks away, both keep glancing at each other, Poonam smiles, she feels cold, Lakhan covers her with sheet, both look at sky, Poonam sleeps, Lakhan turns towards and keep looking at her, Bindya and Rekha looks at them from far, Bindya says did you see result of your plan, Rekha says i accept my mistake, Bindya ask her to not worry, go and sleep, i will think what to do next, Rekha leaves, Bindya says let Poonam live her life in her husband’s arms, let her enjoy this night, this was your night but tomorrow’s morning is mine.

Rekha says to herself that how this happened, i had filled my son with fire, i made him volcano then how he is so calm, did Poonam do black magic on him? she will call babaji to do Lakhan’s treatments, Rats come in her room, she jumps on couch and tries to shoo them away with broom, she ask Bhushan to wake up, he is fast asleep, she says one side is son who changed his colors and otherside is husband is just sleeping without listening me.
Its morning, Poonam wakes up and finds herself close to Lakhan, he is asleep, she smiles at him, Tum ho pas mere plays, she gets up and glances at him, sun irritates Lakhan in sleep, Poonam senses this and covers Lakhan’s face with her saree pallu, Lakhan wakes up and holds her hands, he ask what were you doing? she looks at her burnt hands, Lakhan leaves hand and helps her to get up so it doesnt hurt her, she says i will go to make tea, she starts leaving, she turns and looks at Lakhan who is looking otherside, she starts leaving, he says listen, she turns and ask what? he says nothing, she smiles and leaves, Lakhan smiles a little.
Priyom is sleeping on couch while Bindya on bed, Poonam and Maya sees this as door is open, Maya ask why they are sleeping alone? Poonam says maybe they fought so sleeping separately, Priyom wakes up and sees them there, he comes out and closes door, he says to Maya that Bindya was tired last night so i thought to give her space to sleep easily thats why i slept on chair, Maya says i didnt ask anything, Priyom says but you had questions on your face so i told you, he leaves from there, Maya says to Poonam that i am not satisfied with Priyom’s answer, i feel they are hiding something, Poonam says maybe but as much as i know then Priyom will not agree to Bindya’s mistakes, Phulan has made him king after much thinking, Maya says if this was case then why dont Priyom stop Bindya from doing ill things, she is doing what she wants from the time she has come, Poonam says i was thinking same, there is some secret between them thats why Priyom is silent and Bindya is openly doing things, Maya says if this is case then we have to reach depth of this matter, Poonam agrees.

Bindya wakes up and shouts that someone give me tea, she says i am so tired because of yesterday, she ask if someone is there, give me tea, she finds Choti Amma ask servants to clean house. Bindya says what drama has started again, i should check on Rekha.
Rekha is sleeping on table with broom, Badi Amma comes to her and says wake up, Rekha gets afraid thas rats might have come, Badi Amma says Ganesh ji entering house, there will be Pooja today, Rekha says i will come, Badi Amma leaves, Choti amma makes Rekha afraid of rats and laughs, she leaves, REkha says i wont leave them, i will complain to Bindya about it.
Bindya comes in lounge and sees decorations, she says whose marriage is going to happen, Rekha comes and says Ganesh Chaturi will happen in Haveli, Badi Amma has called neighbours too, Bindya ask why this all of sudden? Choti Amma says Badi Amma took oath that if Bhushan and Phulan’s family becomes one so she will do Gasnesh Chaturi, servants says to Badi amma that they have caught all rats, Badi Amma says to Bindya that now you handle budget and all so give them money for their work too, give them 500rs, Bindya says 500 for rats? they have not dug gold from ground, i will not give any penny, Badi Amma says if you dont give them money then they will leave rats here and if any rat goes to your room then you know.. Rekha ask Bindya to give money to them, Bindya gives them, Badi Amma smirks, Choti Amma says to Badi Amma that we should start working for pooja, Badi Amma says to Bindya that if begusarai’s queen sit in pooja without taking baht then what will people say? go and get the bath, Bindya thinks that her tongue has started again, Choti Amma ask Badi Amma who will do pooja? Badi Amma says the one who has united two families, Maya says Poonam, she is newly married and its her first pooja, Badi Amma ask Poonam to go and get ready, Bindya says i am newly married too, Choti Amma says but Poonam is elder to you in relation, Bindya says so what, this house has rule that designation is more important than relation and my designation is highest than all here, Badi Amma says you are elder to us in designation for house but people from outside will come too, they can feel insulted too, Bindya ask why? Badi Amma says they can feel insulted by seeing you, Bindya angrily looks at her, Badi Amma says Priyom is our son so we forgot about your past and accepted you but for neighbours you were, are and will remain dancer, we can give you keys of this house but not aarti plate as people’s loyalty, respect everything is related to it so Poonam will do aarti, she ask Poonam to go and get ready, Poonam leaves, Bindya fumes in anger, Badi Amma ask Choti Amma to give new saree to Poonam, she stares Bindya and leaves, Bindya is hurt, she has tears in her eyes.



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