Wednesday Update Mehek 28th August 2019


Wednesday Update Mehek 28th August 2019

Mahek says you haave kidnapped. Will you keep me detained here forever? I am someone’s wife. He says you are my wife. You don’t remember anything. She says you can’t keep me detained. He says I will unless you recall everything. Your clothes are here as well. She says please don’t

do this. He says everything will be fine when you remember. When you recall everything we can adopt neev. He needs good parents.
Mandhar comes home. Julie tells him that Mahek’s family too Neev. They said they will call police if you hit him again. Mandhar says neev is the key to bring him back. The more he cries your mahek will cry to come back here. She will come back for neev only.

Shaurya gives Mahek tea. He says after you left I started cooking as well. This tea is the way you like it. she shoves the cup. He says you burned your hand. He goes to bring first aid. Mahek picks his phone. he says there is no network here. You remember when we got stuck here last time? You tried calling and there was no network. Mahek says how do I tell you. I beg you for my son please let me go. I am not Mahek. He says change you will feel better. She says okay. He says let me show you your room. Shaurya sets her room while Mahek is outside. She tries to go out.

Neev is crying and sobbing. He has asthma attack. He says where is my mom? Kanta says don’t cry your dad can’t hit you anymore. Jeevan calls police but they say that its family matter. Mandhar comes in. Neev is scared. Kaanta says don’t worry. Mandahr says you want to change your parents now? Jeeva says don’t touch him. He shoves everyone. He says don’t mess with me. He throttles Kanta and picks neev. Neev says I dont’ wanna go. Kanta says go save neev.

Shaurya comes out to check Mahek she hits him with a dustbin. Shaurya’s head bleeds, Mahek runs downstairs. Shaurya says Mahek stop. Mahek is going downstairs/ She holds her head and says shaurya. She says what did I do. Shaurya is fainted. Mahek comes up and says please open your eyes sir. I am sorry. What did I do. She spills water on his face. His head is bleeding. Mahek takes him to room. She lays him on bed and cleans his wound.
Mahek dresses Shaurya’s wound. He says if I knew my blood would melt you I would have done it way before. she looks for material to dress his wound.
The song hamarri adhuri kahani plays in background. Shaurya holds her hand.
Mahek says I didn’t want to do this. I am sorry.

Mandhar takes Neev home. He is crying. Mandhar says if he goes out I will hit him too bad. Julie says he won’t go please don’t hit him. Mandhar goes somewhere.
Mahak makes shaurya tea. He says what happened Mahek. She says close your eyes and rest. He says what if you go? She says I wont. He holds her hand and says why didn’t you run when you could? Mahek sees his blood in her hairline.

Archie says to Mandhr there is a plan but you have to do something. He says I can do anything. Archie pours wine. He says you have to do one thing that will make things go in your way. There is no way of going out. He says i don’t give up.

Mahek wakes up next morning. Shaurya is asleep.
Mandhar comes home. He says when will ma come? Mandhar

says come let me take you to mom. Julie says where are you going? He says I am going to bring his mom back.
Mahek sees her photo with Shayra and her head hurts. Neev says I won’t go with ma.
Mandhar puts oil on neev. He says I will burn him to bring Mahek back. Neev says papa please dn’t kill me. Julie says leave him please don’t do this. He locks julie and takes Neev with him.

Jeevan and everyone see Mandhar on TV. Karuna and Dolly see it too. Mandhar is going to burn Mahek.
Mahek faints. Shaurya sees her. He says what happened are you okay? She says I am suffocating. Shaurya takes her to hospital.
Police comes. Mandhar says if someone comes near I will burn myself and him. No one come near me or you will get burned too. Police ask him to stop. He says bring my wife back that Shaurya kidnapped. You police can’t do anything. We were doing wedding and Shaurya took my wife. Police says we will investigate but leave the child. Kaaruna says leave the child. He says what should Id o. Media is reporting against Shaurya. People are protesting. Police everywhere looks for Shaurya.

Kanta says let me go we can save the child we know them. Police lets them go. Mandhar says Shaurya relatives came. They will say he didn’t do anything. Mandhar says if Mahek doesn’t come in fifteen minutes we will kill ourselves.
He says only ten minutes are left. Shauray is taking Mahek to hospital. He goes to hospital.
When he comes back to car Mahek isn’t there.

Mandhr says we will burn in a few minutes. Neev is crying. Shaurya looks for Mahek. He gets the video on his phone.
Mandhar says your time is over. We will burn our selves. Mahek comes and says Neev. She hugs Neev. Mahek says neev no one will har you. She throws the fire away. Shaurya comes there.
Mandhar says this is Sharya. Shaurya throttles Mandhar. Karuna says leave him please. Shaurya says you used neev for your drama. Mahek says enough.

Mahek slaps Shaurya and says because of your madness I would have lost my son. You almost killed me in that one hour. She ran from the car. Shaurya says you pretended? Shaurya says I had nothing to do with all this. Mahek says if anything happens to my son I will kill you. My name is Vandana and stay away from me.
Police arrests Shaurya. Mahek says I hate you and don’t ever come back to my life. Police arrests and takes Shaurya. Mahek hugs Neev.

Archie and Karuna are in jail. Archie gives Karuna water. Karuna says he doesn’t think that she is someone’s wife. Shaurya says I did this crime alone and my family was not involved. Let them go. Inspector says you have to stay here tonight. Can only bail you tomorrow.

Doctor checks neev. Mahek hugs him. She says Neev maa is here for you. Neev opens eyes. He says ma where were you? I was so scared. Mahek hugs him. Mandhar goes somewhere. Julie says where are you going now? You are worse than an animal. Who does this to their kids. Mandhar shoves her. He says you dont’ care about me? I did this so I could bring her back. We have to keep her in our hands. So I will go to jail you will too. Neev will go to orphanage and dad will die.

Mandhar says now you care for him? Why you sent Shaurya photoo? mahek says don’t be mad at me after what you did with your son. How could you do this to your son. Julie says if you care for Neev why you went with him? Where were you all night? You spent a night with him. Be gratefful that we even let you in. Mahek says my husband should have protected me. Julie says you only came back after mandhar did all this. We are going back and if you don’t wanna come you can stay here. Neev hugs Mahek.

Shaurya recalls what Mahek said. Archie comes there. She says i am here with you always. Shayrya says leave me alone for now.
Julie says pack up. We are going from here. She asks Mahek to tell her decision by morning.

Kanta comes to meet Shaurya. She says I borught you halwa. We can’t give up. Mahek is going tomorrow. Do something. We have to stop her. Archie says she is not Mahek. She is vandana.

Shaurya says Archie is right. She isn’t Mahek. Kanta says how can you give up? Archie says why are you forcing him to fight for a woman who isn’t Mahek just because you think she is Mahek. Kanta says you stay quite. SHe says to Shaurya once she goes from here she will believe forever she isn’t mahek. We will lose her. Shaurya sits down in distress. Archie says only come back here when you don’t wanna prove that girl Mahek. Archie says in heart Shaurya will be mine forever.


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