Wednesday 27th Update on This is Fate Zee World

Shrishti is not able to sleep and is constantly thinking about how Sameer risked his life for her, they would have almost escaped if not for her stupidity and he even fought the goons and did all of this for her just like Karan jumped into the fire for Preeta, she feels strange and has some unthinkable feeling I her heart She is constantly thinking about Sameer and is just waiting for the morning to meet Sameer.
Preeta comes and asks Shristri as to what she is thinking and asks that why cannot girls decide their own fate and why do boys have all the fun, Preeta says that they can and there is also a film on it, to which they decide to go and make a plan that they will take the Luthra’s with them.
Rakhi asks why her mother came out of the room to which she says that Preeta has not come

and when they are talking Preeta suddenly comes and says that she got late because she was not able to find the auto but now she is here and they will start the exercise, Rakhi comes and admires that even her mother now loves Preeta to which she says that there is still one person to be convinced and then Rakhi Sister comes in and she taunts her.
Preeta says that she will bring hot water bottle but Rakhi says that she will do all the work.

Preeta comes and stumps into Karan who is going for his practice, they both apologize and Preeta tells him that she hid one off his balls in the Vase because she was afraid of it but now it is okay, just then Rishab walks in and says that he is happy that both of them are calm and talking just like normal friends. They both walk when Karan turns back and is seeing Preeta and is about to stumble when Rishab catches him and asks as to what the matter is but Karan ignores it and starts to walk towards the door, Rishab feels that there is something new in his behavior.
Karina is standing when Sherlin walks in and greets her, Karina immediately asks her where the necklace is which she bought for her and her daughter. Sherlin gets confused to which Karina says that she specially made two of those necklace because she wanted to show her friends that she loves her daughter and Sherlin the same way but Sherlin says that she cannot find the Necklace to which Karina gets angry and says that she cannot accept such reckless behavior
Preeta gets a call from Prithvi who says that he got a call from her mother who wants that he should take Preeta for some shopping but Preeta says that she cannot go as she has to work and Karan’s Dadi is not feeling well, Prithvi says that she must take some time out as he is also working but still will go to the police station for Shrishti’s case, Preeta also agrees after hearing this and then goes towards Dadi room.
She enters the room and Dadi is sitting on the bed and says that she is feeling a lot of pain in her left leg, Preeta takes a look at it and sees a swelling to which she says that they will go to the hospital but Dadi does not agree and says that she will only let her operate but Preeta convinces her.
Prithvi is sitting in his car and is trying to call Sherlin but he does not pick up the phone, he gets angry and says that she does not answer the phone when it is urgent. He sees Preeta coming with Rakhi and Didi and is amazed to see them and pretends to be a good person and agrees to take them to the hospital, did asks Rakhi to stay back as they do not need her.

Preeta and Daidi sit in the car, Preeta sits in the back to which Prithvi looks at her amazed, Preeta says that she only sat in the back because Dadi needs her more, Prithvi also agrees and they take off.