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Wedding Planners January Teasers 2022

K.T. finds the truth about Preeti’s illness and loses his cool. Read Wedding Planners January 2022 Teasers.

Starlife Wedding Planners January 2022 Teasers

Saturday 1 January 2022

Episode 149

Preeti and K.T. get high and enjoy their alone time after tasting imported chocolates. Later, K.T. slaps Neel for committing a blunder.

Episode 150

Preeti behaves indifferently with K.T. after he confronts her. While Neel asks Priyanka to win the family’s love, K.T. learns a shocking truth about Preeti.

Sunday 2 January 2022

Episode 151

K.T. asks Preeti about her disappearance after he visits Kusum’s house. Later, K.T. and Preeti lose the wedding contract.

Episode 152

The family learns about K.T. and Preeti’s divorce and try to convince her not to part ways. Later, K.T. attempts to stop Preeti from leaving.

Monday 3 January 2022

Episode 153

While K.T. waits for Preeti, the latter faces a perilous situation. Elsewhere, Neel holds Priyanka responsible for the tensions in the family.

Episode 154

While K.T. realises his love for Preeti, she plans to leave the city forever. In order to stop her, he executes a quirky plan to confess his love.

Tuesday 4 January 2022

Episode 155

Preeti is overwhelmed by K.T.’s confession of his love for her. Later, K.T. surprises his father, leaving him teary-eyed.

Episode 156

Kusum bids goodbye to the Tibrewals and meets Priyanka before leaving. At night, Preeti and K.T. set hilarious rules for the bedroom.

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Episode 157

K.T. doubts the intentions of the mysterious woman who takes back the baby from him. Later, Preeti is bewildered when she calls K.T.

Episode 158

Preeti is stunned as the doctor reveals a shocking truth about her health. While K.T yearns for a family, Preeti aides an injured Foorti.

Thursday 6 January 2022

Episode 159

Unaware of the reality, Foorti misunderstands Preeti. While K.T. brings some good news, Preeti attempts to hide the truth about her illness.

Episode 160

Preeti is elated when Foorti decides to help her out. Later, K.T. plans a surprise for Preeti and makes a heartwarming speech.

Friday 7 January 2022

Episode 161

Preeti tells Kushala that she is pregnant, leaving K.T. stunned. Later, when he confronts her, Preeti tries to explain to him about her stand.

Episode 162

Foorti makes a firm decision while Priyanka berates Neel for his outrageous act. Later, Foorti gets rattled when Preeti falls unconscious.

Saturday 8 January 2022

Episode 163

After K.T. lodges police compliant against Foorti, he sets out in search of her. Later, he gets a shock on learning that Preeti has chosen Foorti for surrogacy.

Episode 164

Preeti talks to K.T. about Foorti’s past and convinces him for her to be the surrogate mother. Later, while K.T. visits Foorti, Preeti starts her cancer treatment.

Sunday 9 January 2022

Episode 165

When confronted, Preeti does not tell K.T. about her illness. Later, while Foorti’s surrogacy process begins, Neel and Priyanka’s rift widens.

Episode 166

Preeti receives some delightful news. While Kushala decides to join Preeti and K.T. on their London trip, Foorti’s outrageous act leaves everyone baffled.

Monday 10 January 2022

Episode 167

K.T. tries to stop Foorti from revealing the truth about surrogacy to the family. While Preeti faces some shocking accusations, Kushala does the unimaginable.

Episode 168

K.T. understands Preeti’s plan of canceling their London trip. While Foorti decides to play a prank, K.T. and Preeti receive her shocking letter.

Tuesday 11 January 2022

Episode 169

While K.T and Preeti are excited about the sonography, the latter faces an unexpected dilemma. Later, K.T and Foorti grow restless as they wait for Preeti.

Episode 170

While K.T proceeds with the sonography, Preeti is heartbroken upon learning about her deteriorating condition. Later, Foorti vents out her fury on Preeti.

Wednesday 12 January 2022

Episode 171

Preeti and K.T. try to stop Kushala after she decides to throw Foorti out of the house. Meanwhile, the family gets baffled after Preeti meets with an accident.

Episode 172

Juhi is disheartened to see Preeti’s condition. Meanwhile, a suspicious Priyanka puts Foorti in a tough spot with her questions.

Thursday 13 January 2022

Episode 173

K.T. and Preeti have an emotional moment. While Preeti tries to resolve things between Priyanka and Neel, the family celebrates Holi in high spirits.

Episode 174

Preeti and K.T. make an elaborate plan to reunite Priyanka and Neel. Later, Preeti’s lies are brought to light in front of the entire family.

Friday 14 January 2022

Episode 175

K.T. justifies his and Preeti’s decision of opting for surrogacy. On the other hand, Preeti begs forgiveness from an infuriated Kushala.

Episode 176

Kushala’s constant dejection leaves K.T. heartbroken. While Kushala cares for Foorti’s unborn child, Preeti’s health deteriorates.

Saturday 15 January 2022

Episode 177

Preeti loses consciousness before the baby shower ceremony commences. Later, the family celebrates the function on a grand note.

Episode 178

K.T. suspects Preeti of hiding the truth from him while Kushala supports her. Later, K.T. and Preeti spend some alone time as they dance together.

Sunday 16 January 2022

Episode 179

K.T. recalls his fond moments spent with Preeti before she departs for Delhi. Later, K.T. is taken aback to spot Preeti on T.V.

Episode 180

K.T. finds the truth about Preeti’s illness and loses his cool. Later, he goes to the hospital to meet Preeti and both get emotional.

Monday 17 January 2022

Episode 181

Preeti tries to comfort a dejected K.T. While they get emotional, Kushala makes a heartfelt promise to K.T.

Episode 182

K.T. is elated when he learns that he has been blessed with a baby girl. He makes a video call to Preeti after Kushala lies to him about her health.

Tuesday 18 January 2022

Episode 183

An emotional K.T. pours his heart out to his baby. Later, a fire breaks out in the hospital and he tries to rescue Preeti from the disaster.

Episode 184

K.T. gets emotional when the police declare that Preeti is dead. Elsewhere, Preeti finds herself a new home and a loving family.

Wednesday 19 January 2022

Episode 185

Bounded by circumstances, K.T single-handedly takes care of his baby. Elsewhere, Shikha and Vishal decide to take up Preeti’s responsibility.

Episode 186

K.T. makes an objection when Kushala decides to conduct Preeti’s funeral. Elsewhere, Vishal and Preeti are baffled after Shikha meets with a grave accident.

Thursday 20 January 2022

Episode 187

Time passes by. K.T., who has become a radio jockey, still believes that Preeti is alive. At home, he makes a heartfelt promise to Kirti, his daughter.

Episode 188

Preeti comforts Vishal’s daughter, Preeti, after she witnesses an unpleasant sight in the school. Elsewhere, K.T. fulfils Kirti’s demands, annoying Kushala.

Friday 21 January 2022

Episode 189

After Kirti spills about the incident, K.T. asks the principal to take stern action against Preeti. Elsewhere, Vishal desperately searches for a job.

Episode 190

The family celebrates Holi in high spirits while K.T. gets the shock of his life after he encounters Preeti. Later, Preeti gives him a stern warning.

Saturday 22 January 2022

Episode 191

Preeti apologises to K.T. about her behaviour. On seeing her with Vishal’s family, K.T. has a grave misunderstanding.

Episode 192

K.T. decides to help Preeti after he overhears her conversation with Vishal’s daughter. Later, Vishal confronts Preeti.

Sunday 23 January 2022

Episode 193

Vishal evicts Preeti out as he notices her holding the Dhol. Later, Preeti comforts K.T. by trying to heal his wound.

Episode 194

Preeti takes a sigh of relief after K.T. rescues Vishal’s daughter from grave danger. Will the kid defend Preeti in front of the police?
Monday 24 January 2022

Episode 195

K.T. recalls fond memories from the past with Preeti and longs to reveal the truth to her. Elsewhere, Preeti receives a new job offer at the school.

Episode 196

K.T. decides to win Preeti back again by involving her in his Shaadi Mubarak Company. Later, Kirti bribes her classmates to let her play princess.

Tuesday 25 January 2022

Episode 197

After getting the job, an excited Preeti hugs K.T. However, she loses her cool on learning the truth.

Episode 198

Kirti troubles Vishal’s daughter while K.T. executes his plan to convince Preeti to join Shaadi Mubarak. Later, K.T. lands into trouble when Preeti arrives at his office.

Wednesday 26 January 2022

Episode 199

Preeti witnesses the minacious fire explosion in the school lab and saves Kirti. Later, K.T. informs Kirti about her relation with Preeti.

Episode 200

K.T. has a shocking outburst after Kirti complains to him about Preeti. While he pours his heart out to Kushala, Preeti takes an altruistic decision.

Thursday 27 January 2022

Episode 201

Preeti defends an elderly couple when their children oppose their love marriage. Later, K.T. shakes a leg with Kirti to cheer her up.

Episode 202

Preeti unexpectedly arrives at the Tibrewal mansion and feels overwhelmed. Elsewhere, K.T. wants Vishal’s daughter to play the role of the princess.

Friday 28 January 2022

Episode 203

Vishal poisons his daughter’s mind against Preeti. While Priyanka meets him with an ulterior motive, Preeti learns a shocking truth.

Episode 204

Vishal tries to sneak away with Preeti and the insurance money. While Muhi threatens Vishal, Kirti and Preeti get kidnapped after school.

Saturday 29 January 2022

Episode 205

A dejected Preeti yearns for Vishal’s daughter. When she sets out to rescue the kidnapped girls, the abductor does the unthinkable.

Season Finale!

Preeti faces a helpless situation when the kidnapper traps the girls. However, she manages to set herself free and saves their life from danger.

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Wedding Planners Last Episode

The Episode starts with Preeti scolding the teacher for removing the girl’s name. Teacher says we got your request, see this application. She shows the application. Preeti says I didn’t do this, its not my handwriting. Priyanka looks on. Preeti thinks of Vishal. Vishal says Preeti is busy with KT, there is much difference between mumma 1 and mumma 2, don’t get habitual of outsiders. Preeti asks peon who gave you this application. Peon says a tall man had come, he didn’t say his name. Preeti shows Vishal’s pic and asks was it him. He says yes. She says it means Vishal did this. She gets angry. The girl asks is mumma 2 cheating on me, did she become bad, will she become a bad mom. Vishal says don’t worry, your dad is always with you, have food.

Its morning, Preeti scolds Vishal. He says don’t make me lose my cool. She says I told you to not hurt Preeti, what kind of dad are you, will you fall so low, you thought I will not know the truth, you gave the application in the school by my name, I m shocked, you have snatched her dream and happiness just to defeat me. He says I didn’t do anything, don’t blame me. They argue. She asks him to accept his mistake, promise that he won’t come between and the girl, Shikha would be so hurt, tell me, you accept the truth. He says yes, you forced me to do this, you are the reason for this, I had pity and gave you shelter here, you snatched my wife and now my daughter, I can’t lose her, I will make her away from you and make her hate you. Nani looks on.

Preeti says if you love her, then give her happiness and win her heart, you are snatching her from me, Shikha made me related to her, I m not snatching her, I have promised Shikha and will always keep it, don’t try to come between us. He asks what will you do, will you tell her what I did. The girl comes and gets upset. Preeti says I will not make her hate you, I won’t make her away, it will hurt her if her dad falls in her eyes, I love her, don’t worry, I won’t tell her anything, try to win her heart, don’t fill bitterness in her heart for others. She goes. Priyanka asks Neil to get ready, she got a good idea to get Preeti back, Vishal doesn’t like her at all. He asks how do you know, don’t make any plans. She says you should trust me, Vishal hates Mohi, its justified, no one will want his daughter to be close to an outsider, we should use Vishal in our plan.

Kushala comes and asks where is KT. Neil says he didn’t come back from the radio station, is everything fine. Kushala says my brother got a heart attack, I can’t go there, I have to inform him, book his London tickets and visa. Priyanka says Lord also knows that I m thinking this for everyone’s good, KT is going away so that he doesn’t stop me, I can do anything for my plan, until he comes back, I can plan a surprise for KT, his wife Preeti. She smiles. The girl stays away from Preeti. She asks Vishal to drop her to school. He says I will drop you every day. The girl goes. Preeti asks Nani to give tiffin and water bottle to the girl. She gets sad.

Priyanka stops the car. She stops Vishal. She asks where does Vishal Agarwal stay. He says that’s me, I have seen you at KT’s house. She says I m his sister-in-law, I think you should know where Mohi works, I m her boss. He says she works in KT’s company, come to the point straight. She gets a letter and says we check an employee’s background well, Mohi isn’t your wife, actually I got to know that she had booked two tickets for herself and her daughter. Preeti recalls the girl and cries. She hears KT’s radio show. He asks the women to cry and

Preeti coming to the temple. She cries and prays for the girls’ safety. Kirti asks the kidnapper to call her dad and ask for money. The man says I don’t want money, I got hurt when I was framed for fake kidnapping case, my children got upset with me, I decided to punish the police, I will do real crime, I got punished before. He laughs. Neil asks police to find out Kirti. Preeti comes home. She cries and recalls Shikha’s words. Abhi mujh mein ….plays…. She calls Vishal. He doesn’t answer. He is drinking at some club. Neil says they are little kids, find them out. Kushala talks to Preeti. Preeti says we shall find them, don’t worry. Neil shows the kidnapper’s message live on the news channel.

Kushala asks Preeti to check tv quickly. Preeti and Nani get shocked seeing the kidnapper with the girls. The kidnapper threatens to kill both the girls. He says only then, I will settle the scores with the police. Nani worries. Preeti says cam down, nothing will happen, have water. She sees Preeti on the screen. She clicks the pic and cries. She says that place is a peanut candy factory, where is it, she is kept there. She tracks the factory and temple area. She leaves. Nani calls Vishal. He answers. Nani cries and says come home fast, someone kidnapped Preeti, Mohi had gone to a factory. He gets shocked. He leaves. Nani prays for the girl. Vishal calls Preeti. She tells everything. He doesn’t hear anything.

Kushala cries seeing the kidnapper threatening. Neil says I will inform the police. Preeti is on the way. The girls try to fight the kidnapper. He stops them. He says I don’t like kids opposing elders.

forget the sorrow, get over the problems. He encourages her. Preeti hugs herself imagining her daughter.

He burns a firetorch and goes towards them. Preeti comes in between and stops him. She fights the man. She scolds him for becoming the same person as the one who snatched his happiness. She says you should have proved your innocence than hurting innocent kids, this is your big mistake, your fight is with a mother now, you will lose, you can’t prove anything. He says I will prove it now, you can’t do anything, I will snatch everything from you. She says don’t come ahead. She hits on his head. She finds the door jammed. The girls hug her. The man says you all have to die. Preeti hides from him. She pacifies the girls and hugs them.

Preeti encouraging the kids to not get scared. She thinks to send Kirti for her plan. She tells her plan to the kids. The kids make the goon fall down. Preeti and kids smile. Another goon comes and hits on Preeti’s head. Preeti gets tied up. The kids call her for help. Kushala says a mum can reach anywhere to save her kids. The goon passes the message to the police. Preeti gets conscious. The kids shout for help. The kidnapper scares them.

He asks Preeti to save the girls now. Vishal comes to Kushala. He also sees the kidnapper troubling Preeti and kids on the screen. Kushala says tv got off, how shall we know what’s happening. Preeti tries and gets a cutter. She cuts the rope and sets herself free. The kidnapper asks where are you running, wait. Preeti frees the kids. Kushala and everyone watch this on tv. Kidnapper falls down and gets angry on Preeti. Preeti asks the girls to open the lock fast. She tries to run. She takes the girls with her. Kidnapper gets up. Preeti gets a phone. She calls police. Kidnapper gets a sword and says I will show you the real game now. He tries to stab the sacks. They hide behind the sacks.

Preeti takes a stick and beats the kidnapper. She asks the girls to run out. The kidnapper says I won’t leave you, you have less time now. Police tries to find out. Vishal leaves. Inspector says we are not able to trace location. Priyanka says someone had sent me location, Mohi would have sent it. Inspector says send me the number. Kidnapper says I will kill your daughters and you, I will not leave you. He hits her. He gets stabbed by his own sword. Preeti gets shocked. She falls aside and gets hurt. She faints. Kushala and everyone come there. They see Preeti lying unconscious. Kushala asks her to open her eyes. The girls come to them. Kirti hugs Kushala. Vishal hugs his daughter. She asks will Preeti get fine. Kirti says Preeti has saved us. Kushala says she is such, she never cares for her life. They all cry for Preeti. Vishal gets sad. His daughter asks him to wake up Preeti, will she get fine. He says yes, she will get fine.