Upcoming Zee World Series for 2019 Complete List


Upcoming Zee World Series for 2019 Complete List

It’s happening!!! Get ready for some power and action-packed drama series coming your way this 2019 from Zee World Africa channel on Dstv 167 and Gotv 25.
Zee Entertainment network came to Africa with Zee World, the continent’s first Indian content channel that was entirely dubbed over in English, opening up the market to the near 600 million English speaking Africans on the continent. One interesting thing Zee Entertainment has done is let the audience here determine the kind of content they acquire for the continent and after much deliberation, a new schedule of great shows have been agreed on for 2019. We got an early sneak peek and here they are :

Zee World Series for 2019

  1. “There Was Once A King” To face the loss of their fortune, the son of the prestigious Ameerko family marries the daughter of a wealthy lender, which causes a scandal between the family and servants, changing the traditional social roles.Upcoming 2019 zee world seriesYour favorite television actor “Sartaj Gill “(Priyom Thakur) who was featured in Begusarai is once again going to be seen in this series.Watch this space for the premiering date?
  2. Zee World will soon present its next primetime soap opera called (Kaala Teeka). It is the story of two young girls whose lives are entwined by an act of superstition. The show captures the journey of a girl child Kaali who is treated as a human ( supernatural protector) for another child called Gauri and is expected to shadow her everywhere for the well-being of the latter. This regressive, superstitious belief of using one child’s presence merely to ward off evil influences from another poses several obstacles in the former’s path of growth and overall development. The show captures a worst form of superstitions – personification! It showcases Kaali’s journey of hope as she overcomes these challenges and enables Gauri to find her true self. She also reaches out to her own aspirations and ambitions in life and becomes an inspiration to others.coming shows for 2019 zee world series

    The series features veteran actress Mita Vasisht who will play the role of the matriarch and be responsible for all the troubles in the lives of the lead protagonists – Gauri and Kaali.

    This series says a big no to bigotry and urges people to broaden their horizons and ignore outdated superstitious beliefs. Through Kaali and Gauri’s journey, the show aims to create awareness about certain age-old, redundant practices and superstitious beliefs that are unfortunately still prevalent in India. The story captures Kaali’s journey of hope as she fights for her place under the sun and reaches out to her own dreams and aspirations, rather than being relegated to leading the life of a human in a form of a supernatural protector.

    Watch this space for the premiering date?

  3. Zindagi Ki Mehek

    “This is a story of Mehek Sharma who is a talented cook who decides to pursue her passion by entering a cooking competition. However, her life takes a turn after she meets Shaurya, an arrogant judge of the competition.2019 zee world shows and moviesThe story of the show is set in Delhi and depicts the journey of a homemaker Mehek and her passion for cooking. Mehek meets top chef Shaurya and while their cooking styles clash, they fall in love. Soon Mehek meets Saurabh and starts working with him. Saurabh soon falls in love with Mehek which creates further misunderstanding.Shaurya Khanna is a rich and wealthy restaurant owner in Delhi while Mehek Sharma is a low confidence middle class girl. Cooking is her hobby and passion which she has inherited from her deceased mother. Mehek and Shaurya meet at a cooking competition that Shaurya is judging. Through her cooking, Mehek attains attention and importance that greatly pleases her would to-be husband Ajay and his materialistic family. Meanwhile, Shaurya insults her throughout the shooting of the show leading to a point where Mehek is publicly humiliated and slaps Shaurya. Shaurya realises his mistake and apologises to her which she finally accepts.Mehek agrees to marry Saurabh. Mehek’s cousin Nehal has a secret affair with Ajay. Ajay rejects Nehal and threatens her forcing her to attempt suicide but she is saved by Shaurya. Shaurya tricks Ajay into revealing the affair himself thus leading to the wedding being called off. Shaurya and Mehek develop feelings for each other. Shaurya’s mother Karuna fixes their marriage but Shaurya must prove himself to Mehek’s family which he does. On their wedding day, Mehek is shocked to discover Shaurya has gone abroad to promote his new restaurant and has taken her recipes and his parents with him. It is revealed that Shaurya was planning his revenge on Mehek all this while.Mehek decides to live in the Khanna household to make Shaurya realise his love for her. Shaurya helps Mehek’s best friend Sonal elope with Mehek’s brother Mohit. Mohit’s father suffers a heart attack and the Sharmas blame Shaurya. In a fit of rage, Mehek’s father vandalises Shaurya’s restaurant and in retaliation Shaurya gets their shops bulldozed. This leads Mehek to finally give up and leave Shaurya. Mehek’s ex-fiance Ajay and Sonal’s ex-fiance Rohit abduct Mehek and try to rape her. Shaurya saves her in the nick of time but Mehek suffers serious injuries. Her family blames Shaurya and take Mehek away. Finally, the Sharmas accept Shaurya.

    Before their wedding day, Shaurya organises security for Mehek but the chief officer has a connection to a dark secret from Shaurya’s past. Just before their wedding, he reveals to Shaurya that 12 years ago, as a child, Shaurya caused a car accident and the couple killed were Mehek’s parents. A shocked Shaurya tries to come clean to Mehek but the ceremony continues and they are married. Unfortunately, Mehek finds out the truth and believes Shaurya deceived her. She is enraged but pretends to be happily married for the sake of her family. When the Sharmas finally find out, they decide to reopen the case and Karuna is arrested. Finally all misunderstandings between the families were cleared up.

    Stay tuned for the premiere date!

  4. Beauty and the Beast Zee World

     The series follows the story of a courageous young girl named Devi who is married into a rival family by force without her consent. Devi lost her parents at a young age, and was raised by her uncle and aunt. She has been raised in the city far away from her family due to a threat in her village. When she comes back to her village to surprise her family, she is seen by Adhiraj Rajawat, a rich and arrogant boy from her rival family. She slaps him, and he then becomes obsessed with her. He forcefully marries Devi and reveals he did it for revenge. Her new husband resents her but she resolves to win him over and bring out his hidden kindhearted nature. She eventually succeeds, but some problems arise in their marital life. Devi’s mother-in-law, Heera (Maasa), does not like Devi at all and Adhiraj’s widowed sister-in-law is also in love with him and always tries to win his affection.Beauty and the beast Zee World

    The story is really an interesting one as we all get to witness a brave young girl Devi, who is married off to an abusive husband, Adhiraj and when his abuse becomes too much she decides that she will no longer accept the tradition of marital rape, and takes an oath to protect herself.

    Watch this space for the premiere date!

We will keep this page updated as soon as new series and premiere date are announced in the new year 2019.

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