Upcoming List of Zee World Series for 2022


Upcoming List of Zee World Series for 2022

Be updated on all the upcoming shows that will be aired on Zee world by 2022, those that will make a comeback and those that will be ending.

Zee World List Of Series for 2022

  1. Beauty and the beast Zee World      Date: Yet to AnnounceBeauty and the beast Zee WorldThe series follows the story of Devi Chauhan, who is married into a rival family by force. Devi lost her parents at a young age, and was raised by her uncle, Bharat Chauhan, and her aunt, Rekha Chauhan. She has been raised in the city away from her family due to a threat in her village. When she comes back to her village to surprise her family, she is seen by Adhiraj Rajawat, a rich boy from her rival family. She slaps him, and he then becomes obsessed with her. He forcefully marries Devi and reveals he did it for revenge.Her new husband resents her but she resolves to win him over and bring out his otherwise hidden kindhearted nature. She eventually succeeds, but some problems arise in their marital life. Devi’s mother-in-law (i.e. Adhiraj’s mother), Heera Rajawat “Maasa” (Roopa Diavitia), does not like Devi at all and Kesari Rajawat, Adhiraj’s widowed sister-in-law (i.e. Adhiraj’s late brother Mukund’s wife), is always trying to win Adhiraj’s affections.

Adhiraj gives Devi a divorce after a big misunderstanding, and Maasa promises Kesari to marry her to Adhiraj. At the wedding, Adhiraj marries Devi instead of Kesari, and Kesari vows to get revenge. Eventually, Devi gets pregnant but Maasa kills Adhiraj. It is revealed that Maasa is Adhiraj’s stepmother and only wants his money. Devi gives birth to a baby girl and Maasa also attempts to kill her and her child by throwing the baby off a cliff.

2. Twist Of Fate Continuation      Date: 9th of January, 2022


Twist Of Fate resumes from where it stopped. Torn apart by betrayals and misunderstandings, star-crossed lovers Pragya and Abhi find their circumstances reversed. Abhi becomes poor while Pragya turns rich. Rhea returns to wreak havoc in the lives of a happily married Ranbeer and Prachi.

3. The Psychopath Zee World        Date: Yet to Announce



Niyati, a nurse, feels inexplicably drawn towards a mentally ill patient named Aditya and decides to nurse him back to health. She soon learns that there is more to Aditya’s life than meets the eye.

4. I Do Zee World Series     Ongoing…..I-Do-Full-Story-ZeeWorld,-Plot-Summary,-Cast-and-Teasers

I Do is the romantic tale of Zoya, a modern woman from America, and Asad, a wealthy businessman with traditional values, fall in love. Their romance spans many generations through their children and their reincarnations.

Zoya Farooqui, a fun-loving girl brought up in the USA, travels to Bhopal in search of her biological father and stays with her foster sister’s aunt Dilshad. The son of the latter, Asad Ahmed Khan, is silent, traditional, orthodox and ill-tempered. They gradually fall in love, but Asad’s childhood friend Tanveer Baig creates obstacles for them.

Dilshad’s husband Rashid abandoned her with their two children to marry a much wealthy Shireen and has three children, including her son Ayaan Ahmed Khan, who has a loving relationship with Asad. Shireen’s brother Gafoor Siddiqui is, in fact, Zoya’s biological father, who presumed her dead after his second wife, Razia, kills her mother in a fire, but Zoya escapes.

Humaira, Gafoor’s younger daughter, is saddened when Ayaan leaves with his mother and sisters after Rashid unites with Dilshad. Haider enters the lives of Siddiqui’s to take revenge for his parent’s death. Amidst this revenge, he falls in love with Humaira, and he also learns about being Zoya’s lost cousin brother, and Haider and Humaira later marry. Zoya and Humaira soon learn that they share a father, and Zoya marries Asad. They give birth to twin daughters Sanam and Seher. Haider and Humaira move into Dubai, and it’s revealed that Humaira is pregnant. Read More Here I Do Zeeworld Full Story 

5. My Heart Knows Zee World Series   Ongoing………My-Heart-Knows-Full-story-Zee-world,-Casts,-Plot-Summary,-teasers

A dramatic tale of a girl who gets a stepmother after her mother’s death. However she refuses to accept her despite the latter doing everything to win over her love. My Heart Knows is a bittersweet relationship between stepmother and daughter. Zeeworld is getting entertaining and interesting concepts. The girl loses her mother at a young age. She disapproves her stepmother. She doesn’t want anyone to take her mother’s place. The girl’s hatred gets evident, while the stepmother bears it all for the sake of winning her love. Their connection, though weak, will get realized by them with time. The stepmother holds the hope and fulfills all her duties. Read More Here My Heart Knows Zeeworld Full Story

6. Can you see me Zee World

Bhutu/Pihu waking up to an empty house. Throughout the day she keeps trying to talk with her friends but fails. She waits for her mother Anandita’s return but becomes horrified when she hears some neighbors talking about a ghost residing in her house. When neighbors try to purify the house by performing Havan, she faints and Bal Gopal (Lord Krishna) appears.

Gopal reveals to Bhutu that she had died in a fire accident six months ago and now she has become a soul. He assures her that she will have one friend, who will be able to listen to her. With passing time, if she and her new friend come closer, eventually her friend will be able to touch her and see her. This new friend will lead her to her mother.

Suchi is introduced as Bhutu’s new friend. She is friendly, responsible but hates kids. A few days before her wedding, when they have to vacate their house suddenly, Suchi comes across Bhutu’s house and rents it.