Upcoming 6 New Zee World Series 2017 – 2018


Upcoming 6 New Zee World Series 2017 – 2018

Upcoming 6 New Zee World Series 2017 – 2018

Zee Tv 6 telenovelas to telecast on Zee world channel in 6 month. 

Here’s a close-up preview of the new shows to look out for:

Premiere date: Monday, 30 October 2017 at 19h00


Aanya is a daring, young girl, born with silver spoon in her mouth. She believes in the power of money and uses it to her advantage but fate has something else in store for her when she comes face-to-face with a new world in a village.

Aanya’s new rural life introduces Raghu into her life. Raghu is a villager and sparks fly between them… and not the good kind. The village witnesses a funny and eventful war between these two as the idealism and behaviour of modern-city society clashes with traditions and values.

Premiere date: Thursday, 7 December 2017 at 19h00


The story of two daughters and how their lives are changed when they get married. The series explores the changing dynamics of their relationship with each other and their in-laws – who think they’re too close – and the impact of marriage on them both.

Premiere date: Thursday, 7 December 2017 at 20h00


Sona is a modern young woman with a successful career. She makes the decision to jump from “working woman” to “homemaker” and faces a number of hurdles along the way.

As she carries out her household duties, giving shape to her dreams of making a perfect home, chaos is not far behind. Her dream is to create a home with dignity and warmth. Modern Homemaker highlights the pivotal role women play in leading their households.

Premiere date: Wednesday, 20 December 2017 at 22h00


The story of Krishi, who rises from modest beginnings to a successful career.

Krishi dreams of becoming a block development officer but her financial status makes it difficult for her to afford a decent education.

Her father and family have made sacrifices to make sure she receives the education necessary to achieve her goal and she goes beyond all expectations to follow her dreams.

Premieres in February 2018


The show centers around Aarushi, who intends to marry her sweetheart Vihaan, a man raised by not one, but seven very strong and independent mothers.

Aarushi’s journey begins with her trying to deftly manage the expectations of her seven mothers-in-law to be, who only have Vihaan’s best interests at heart of course.

Not only must she meet their expectations but she must start a loving relationship with each of them to ensure all seven provide the consent needed to marry the man of her dreams.

Premieres in March 2018


Begusarai is the land of Phulan Thakur and his family. Beguserai is set in the district of Bihar, India where power, wealth and respect are earned through bloodshed and gunfights.

As the leader of the family, Phulan is responsible for picking the heir to his throne, but this is not a simple task as the family is fragmented.

With troubled times approaching, Phulan aims to unite the family to ensure peace prevails amongst the family and across the land.

And then Bhindya arrives – a beautiful and renowned dancer who has evil intentions towards the Thakur family. She aims to manipulate her way into the trust of the family where she can cause them to fragment further.

Her goal is to take over the reins of the family and become the newest ruler of Beguserai herself.

Premieres in April 2018

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In modern day India, a new form of dowry is taking shape, where prospective grooms are opting for a working woman as a wife. Why? Because a working daughter-in-law means financial security for the in-laws as opposed to an expense on the family wealth.

Meet Payal, a bright, successful engineer with a heart of gold who is the joy of her family. She is to be married off to a rich, greedy and selfish family who are seeking a Bride with Benefits. The story deals with Payal’s highs and lows, trials, tribulations and journey.