Unspoken Bond September Teasers 2022


Unspoken Bond September Teasers 2022

Nandini is out of danger, but she can never conceive a child, Read Unspoken Bond September 2022 Teasers.

Starlife Unspoken Bond September 2022 Teasers

Thursday 1 September 2022

Episode 159

Namrata inadvertently demonstrates to Nandini that Aatish was correct about her. Furthermore Darsh forgives Nandini for giving her necklace to Charmi.

Episode 160

The Rawals censure Nandini for meddling in their family issues. Afterward, Darsh offers backing to Nandini as they break the fast together.

Friday 2  September 2022

Episode 161

While Parul gets worried about Vini, Darsh eagerly waits for Nandini in the room. Later, Charmi locks herself with Darsh.

Episode 162

Shobhit volunteers to help Charmi during a medical emergency. Later, Charmi’s declaration about Vini shocks Nandini and the entire family.

Saturday 3  September 2022

Episode 163

Aatish informs his final decision to Namrata while Nandini obtains a vital clue. Later, Charmi creates a hindrance for Darsh and Nandini as they plan a trip.

Episode 164

Darsh goes on a date with Nandini when Parul decorates a room for Vini. Later, Namrata gets anxious as a complaint gets lodged against Aatish.

Sunday 4 September 2022

Episode 165

Nandini reveals to Darsh and Rajvee that Namrata conspired against Aatish. She also presents a witness to back her claims. But, will they believe her?

Episode 166

Aatish asks Nandini to help him prove that he is innocent. Meanwhile, Charmi sets Nandini up by informing the media about Namrata.

Monday 5 September 2022

Episode 167

Aatish confesses his violations while Charmi’s plan backfires miserably. Later, the Rawals prepare to celebrate Ganesh Chaturthi at their mansion.

Episode 168

Charmi notices Nandini talking to a stranger outside the Rawal mansion. While the family celebrates Ganesh Chaturthi, Nandini is on a secret mission.

Tuesday 6 September 2022

Episode 169

Nandini reaches home when Aatish gets forced into the divorce. While Darsh unveils the truth about Namrata, how will the Rawals react to it?

Episode 170

Nandini denies adopting Vini as she gets infuriated after overhearing a conversation. Elsewhere, Namrata devises a heinous plan against her.

Wednesday 7 September 2022

Episode 171

After Nandini learns of the plan, she gets kidnapped while Darsh attempts to break the coconut. Will she reach the Rawal house to warn them before it is too late?

Episode 172

The Doctor informs Darsh that though Nandini is out of danger, she can never conceive a child. Later, the family throws Nandini a surprise birthday.

Thursday 8 September 2022

Episode 173

Charmi plots to destroy Nandini’s birthday celebration and sets the cradle on fire. Later, she discloses the truth about the medical reports to Nandini.

Episode 174

Darsh soothes Nandini as she breaks down to the news. Elsewhere, Vini overhears a plan of Charmi when Shobhit informs her about their wedding.

Friday 9  September 2022

Episode 175

The Rawals are troubled to see Toral’s photograph in the house. While Charmi plots against Nandini, Vini comes up with an idea to fail her plan.

Episode 176

Vipul and Rajvee fear the worst as Toral goes missing. Later, Charmi’s plan goes for a toss as Nandini escapes from her cunning trap.

Saturday 10  September 2022

Episode 177

While Rajvee is disturbed by the thought of Toral ruining Rawal family’s happiness, Charmi steals Nandini’s idol. Later, Darsh and Nandini share a romantic moment.

Episode 178

Darsh and Nandini come across Toral and take her home to cure her. While the Rawals are dismayed by her arrival, will Toral be able to recollect the past?

Sunday 11 September 2022

Episode 179

Frantic with worry, Rajvee and the family struggle to send Toral back to the mental institute. Trouble arises when she takes Vipul’s name.

Episode 180

After Rajvee pleads with Toral to leave them, Nandini asks the manager of the mental hospital to come home. Later, Vipul gets stunned to get a phone call from the hospital.

Monday 12 September 2022

Episode 181

As Toral can’t get hold of Nandini, she returns from the hospital. An irked Rajvee scolds Nandini for giving shelter to Toral.

Episode 182

Nandini pushes Toral to try her best to remember her child’s name. On the other hand, Charmi is unhappy as her and Shobhit’s wedding is planned.

Tuesday 13 September 2022

Episode 183

In a desperate attempt to postpone her wedding, Charmi executes her plan. While Rajvi takes steps to conceal Toral’s true identity, Nandini grows suspicious.

Episode 184

When Toral recalls her identity, Darsh feels fishy about Vipul’s actions. Elsewhere, Rajvee overhears Charmi’s evil plot.

Wednesday 14 September 2022

Episode 185

When Charmi ploys to take advantage of Toral to keep Rajvee hidden, Nandini gets a clue. Later, Parul asks Nandini to adopt Vini.

Episode 186

While Shobhit takes a decision about his wedding, Nandini desperately looks for Rajvee. Her extreme quest brings out some startling facts about Charmi.

Thursday 15 September 2022

Episode 187

A furious Vipul gives a stern warning to Nandini as she stands by Toral. While Toral tries to tell Darsh about Rajvee, Bansuri shows evidence to Nandini.

Episode 188

To get the truth out of Charmi, Nandini and Darsh secretly lay traps to catch her. Later, Nandini scares Charmi by disguising herself as a ghost.

Friday 16  September 2022

Episode 189

Darsh carries out his plan to scare Charmi with the help of Parul and Bansuri. Elsewhere, Shobhit is in disbelief after learning the truth about Charmi from Nandini.

Season Finale 

Episode 190

Rawals find an oblivious Rajvee, Darsh figures out how to get Charmi as she attempts to get away. On learning reality, Rajvee attacks her.

New Series Alert to Love by Chance to replace Unspoken bond

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Unspoken Bond Last Episode

Darsh and Nandini following Charmy. Shobit says let me go after her, I will update you. Darsh asks where is Bansuri. Nandini says in the outhouse. She calls Bansuri home. Bansuri says Charmy went outside, it means she kept Rajvi somewhere outside. Charmy sits in the car and smiles. She says Nandini, you think you will doubt me and I won’t know, I knew it, Bansuri is with you, maybe you know everything, also about Gunjan’s death, so you all did this drama, maybe also that I love Darsh, maybe Darsh and Shobit are with you, I don’t care, Darsh is mine, he has to become of mine, this game will be fun now. She sees Shobit sitting in his car. He thinks Shobit will follow her now, thinking she will go to Rajvi. She drives to fool him.

Vipul says I can’t tell you the entire truth, I knew that Toral’s mental state isn’t fine, her treatment was going on in the health center, we took care of her, doctors said that her recovery isn’t possible, sorry to hide this, I did this for everyone’s betterment, I will answer everything, but first we have to find Rajvi, help me please, Toral is talking about some wall, she knows about Rajvi, can you please ask her.

Nandini thinks Darsh told about Toral staring at some wall, Charmy also went there, maybe Rajvi is there. Vipul asks will you help me. Nandini says I will ask her once she wakes up, I have to tell you about Charmy. Vipul asks what, Charmy is behind Gunjan’s death and Rajvi’s disappearance, she acted pregnant, why did you not inform police. Darsh says we can’t take risk, Charmy can harm mum, Shobit has gone after Charmy. Shobit comes. Nandini says I told everything to dad. Vipul says sorry, why does this happen with you. Shobit says Charmy didn’t stop anywhere, she was just driving, then came home and slept. Darsh asks how will we reach mum. Charmy says Darsh and I will unite, stop me now if you can.

Nandini brings Toral to the storeroom. Toral touches the wall. Nandini asks what happened. Toral chants. Parul asks what can be there in that room, we have to stop Charmy from going there. Charmy hears them. Chetan asks where is she. Parul says she is in the hall. She asks Charmy to just have food. Charmy recalls Rajvi and Dada ji’s talks, about the storeroom secret door. Charmy asks Parul to have food for herself. Toral hears the train sound. She shouts. Nandini thinks did Charmy do this. Parul and Darsh see the sound playing in the speaker. Darsh says Charmy would have done this, where is she. Parul says Charmy went out. Parul comes to Toral. Nandini says she is showing the mirror. Parul moves the mirror away and they see a door. Vipul and Chetan come there. Chetan asks who moved the mirror. Parul says we didn’t know about this door. Darsh looks for Charmy. He says where can Charmy go. Charmy is in his car. She faints him door. Everyone enters the room, and finds Rajvi tied up. They try to help her.

Toral sees her belongings. Charmy says Nandini can find Rajvi, but she won’t get Darsh. She takes Darsh with her. She says Darsh, I know you won’t live with me after knowing the truth, but we can die together. Toral checks her sarees and stuff. She cries. Nandini gets conscious. Parul asks Toral to come with her.

Nandini asks why did Charmy do this. Rajvi says I heard her talks, she thought I will tell everyone, so she locked me there. She says sorry Shobit, I ruined your life unknowingly, I didn’t know Charmy is such. She hugs him. She asks where is Darsh. Parul says he went after Darsh. Charmy says I tolerated irritated Shobit and acted to be pregnant to stay close to you, I killed Gunjan also, your love has made me a criminal, I have kept your mum at home, but no one knew it. Darsh says Charmy and opens eyes. She stops the car. He says you think just you can play the game, I was faking unconscious, I thought you will take me to mum, you accepted your crimes, dad messaged that he found mum, everyone is waiting for you, come. He takes her home. Nandini scolds Charmy.

Charmy says I have no regret on my deeds, I love Darsh, everything is fair in love and war. Shobit says enough, you didn’t think of me once, I hate myself to love a girl like you, you have no right to play with my emotions, you lied about pregnancy to stay here, when you weren’t pregnant. She says I was pregnant, I lost my child, I did this drama because I wanted Darsh, Nandini used to come between always. Rajvi slaps Charmy. She says you forgot the difference between love and madness, you are doing a sin, you will get punished. Charmy says it won’t be easy, you have no proof against me. Darsh plays Charmy’s confession recording.

Darsh asking Inspector to take Charmy. Charmy shouts Darsh, can’t you see my love. Nandini says you are a doctor, you should have saved lives, but you killed Gunjan. Charmy asks what’s in you that Darsh can’t be mine. Darsh says take her away. Police takes her. Darsh says you didn’t deserve this, Shobit. Shobit says I just hope all the bad things go away with Charmy. Toral comes downstairs, getting dressed up well. She says my name is Toral Rawal. Everyone gets shocked.

She asks where is my son. She says I feel I have come here after a long time, Vipul when did you get these glasses. Nandini says he isn’t your husband, he is Rajvi’s husband, come with me. Toral sees Rajvi and says you are Rajvi Sanghvi, right, you had the sweets shop, what are you doing here, where is my son, did anyone take him. Darsh asks how does she know your old name. Vipul says maybe she got any old diary. Rajvi says no Vipul, its enough, how long will we lie to him. Toral asks where is my child. Rajvi says no one took your child, you went from here for the treatment 28 years back, your son isn’t a baby now, he has grown up, Darsh is your son. Everyone gets shocked.

Nandini asks what is Rajvi saying. Toral asks is Darsh my son. Rajvi cries. Darsh says no. Toral faints down. Everyone holds her. Vipul says Rajvi said right, Toral is your real mum. Darsh cries. Dada ji says when Vipul got married, we got to know that Toral isn’t mentally fine, her family had hidden this from us, when we were coming back, she screamed hearing the train voice, we thought she is crying for her Maayka. Vipul says Toral was making big mistakes that was hurting the family, she lost her parents in a train accident, her uncle and aunt didn’t tell us about her behavior, we started her treatment, we thought she will get fine, she was pregnant, she came in much depression after that, she didn’t care for you, she left you in the market, she forgot that you are her son. Chetan says Vipul took Toral to London for treatment also. Dada ji says we did the best for her, she put little Darsh in a water tub and forgot, I decided to send her to institute, Vipul wasn’t ready for marriage but we wanted a mum for Darsh, I saw Rajvi, she is my friend’s daughter, I asked her hand for Vipul. Vipul says we had no option, I was helpless, Rajvi has raised you like a real mum, she has handled the entire family, she has made you and Shobit so capable, she expanded our business and made us reach here, when you got blind, it was just Rajvi, who didn’t let you lose courage, she has given birth to Shobit, she loved you more than Shobit. Darsh cries.

Darsh goes to Toral. Toral says Rajvi told me everything. Rajvi turns to go. Darsh stops her. Rajvi says don’t hate me, I could have not told this truth and lost you, I will go away. He says you have raised me, who will handle me if you go, what are you saying, will I hate you, I m your son, you are my mum, nothing can change this truth that I m your son, you will always be my mum. They hug and cry. Toral and Vipul smile. Toral says I wish I never had to leave you, but this was Lord’s wish, I m nothing, I m just a medium to make you both unite, I m thankful to Bapu ji that he chose such a good life partner for Vipul and a good mum for you, its good that laws have given me permitted me to take divorce seeing my mental state, else who would have handled Darsh, I have no regrets. She asks Darsh to promise her, he won’t let Rajvi cry ever. Darsh says you are crying. Toral says I m very happy meeting you, I can go to Guru ji’s ashram, this world isn’t for me, it was never for me, Rajvi will be your mum, don’t cry, I will come to meet on diwali, don’t cry now, everything is fine.

Darsh says Nandini, we are lucky to get blessings of two mothers. Nandini smiles. Darsh says I m feeling that my dreams will come true. She asks what dreams. He says I can’t say it, else it won’t get complete. She says you have to say it. He says a dream of a beautiful life. She says your hair are falling, you are getting old. She jokes. They smile and hug. She gets dizzy. He holds her and worries. After some time, Rajvi asks what happened to Nandini. Darsh and Nandini show we are now 10 boards.

Shobit says we are 9, not 10. Darsh says it means, a 10th member is going to come in our family, junior Rawal is coming. They all get happy and hug Darsh and Nandini. Rajvi says I will call Toral at ashram and tell her. Nandini says this miracle has happened with us. Darsh says yes, we will be getting our life’s biggest happiness. She says I also got it in you, I m the world’s most luckiest girl. He says no, when I was blind, I thought I won’t get true love, I m lucky because your eyes have regarded me deserving of your love. They smile and hug.