Unspoken Bond Monday Update 5 September 2022


Unspoken Bond Monday Update 5 September 2022

Rajvi saying Aatish deserved this, he will go to jail for ten years. Darsh says I will tell this to Namrata. Nandini says how can this happen. Rajvi gets angry. Darsh stops her. He goes to Nandini and says listen to me carefully, you will meet more people like Aatish, who would cry and do a drama, we can’t blindly trust them, Namrata is so hurt, I know your motive wasn’t wrong, I know you wanted to help Aatish thinking he is right, we have to rectify the mistake, go and apologize to Namrata. Nandini thinks to talk to Aatish first. She goes. She asks Aatish why did he accept the crimes he didn’t commit. He says my old parents are suffering to prove me innocent, I can’t torture them, I accept my defeat, its impossible to win against Rawals, thanks for supporting me, leave me on my state. She says I can’t let my family do this sin, I will prove the truth. She ends the call.

Its morning, Rajvi says Aatish’s case ended, a bad marriage can ruin your life, Namrata is strong, she will start fresh, I decided to get Ganesh ji. Parul says I don’t want to celebrate, our family is divided in two parts. Rajvi says no, Namrata is our daughter, whoever stands against her will be alone. Darsh asks where is Nandini. Vipul says she would have gone to prove the truth. Rajvi says she will end this chapter here if cares for us. Nandini asks the lady to help her, Aatish didn’t do the crime, he is in the jail. The lady says we didn’t hear any voice, we heard that he used to beat his wife, why are you trying to save such a man. Nandini says no neighbor is ready to help him, I won’t give up. Darsh says where did Nandini go, she isn’t answering.

Nandini meets the doctor and asks for Namrata. Namrata says she doesn’t have any word to say the family. Nandini says I want the reports, Namrata is filing fraud case on her husband, I think she is innocent. The man says you mean we make fake reports, ask Namrata to come and collect reports herself. Parul talks to Vini. Nandini comes. Vini says everyone is making modak, no one can make better sweets than Nandini. Nandini says I will help. Rajvi says I don’t want any help. Nandini says I will make tea for you all. Vipul says I don’t want. Charmy says I will get juice for you all. Vipul says fine. She goes.

Darsh asks where were you. Namrata says she would have gone to get proof against me. Vipul answers and says Aatish is a criminal, Nandini didn’t give any statement. Darsh asks Nandini did you say sorry to Namrata. Rajvi asks what is your ego, if we are wrong, then what’s the problem in accepting it. Namrata says I got defamed because of her.

Nandini thinks sorry, I m not weak like Aatish, why shall I apologize when I didn’t call Mrs. Patel. Charmy spikes a drink. She says I didn’t stay here to see Darsh and Nandini’s romance, the family will get me married to Shobit, Nandini will sleep forever after drinking this. She gets the juice drinks. She asks everyone to have it. She asks Nandini to drink it. Vini comes and says you know how football player did the goal. She takes the juice glasses and mixes them to show the goal. Vini gives the glasses back to everyone. Charmy worries. She asks Nandini to drink.

Nandini drinks. She gets dizzy. She holds Darsh. Darsh asks what happened, are you okay. Nandini says maybe due to tiredness. Charmy thinks hank God, right glass reached Nandini, I can drink the juice now. Nandini helps Darsh. He says you should take rest. She says I m fine now. Namrata sees Charmy sleeping. She asks Charmy to wake up. Charmy doesn’t get up. Darsh goes. Rajvi says you should stay away from this puja, because you think Namrata is lying. Nandini cries. Shobit comes home with a Ganpati. A lady says I had ordered that idol, the shopkeeper made a mistake. He returns the idol to the lady and takes his Ganpati. Ramila looks for her son. She asks Nandini to find Nimesh, maybe he went inside. Nandini says I didn’t see, sit here,I will find out.

Rajvi does the Ganpati aarti. Charmy yawns. Namrata says you slept for long. Charmy thinks maybe I had that drink. Darsh looks for Nandini. Rajvi says I asked her not to come. Darsh says let it go, I promise, Namrata won’t have any problem because of her. Nandini says don’t make any promise, this family’s happiness matters to me, I don’t want any innocent to get punished, I won’t stay in this puja, I will pray to Bappa that he brings the truth in front of you. She leaves. Darsh says how shall I do this alone. He calls Charmy and Shobit to place the Ganpati.

Nandini sees Nimesh playing near the pool. He gets scared seeing Namrata and says she is so dangerous, she used to live in our neighborhood with Aatish, we went in his birthday party, she was shouting on him, I have the video also, recorder was left there, shall I show you. Nandini says it may have further recording. She thinks Bappa has sent this boy. He says I don’t have the recording now, its in old tab, mummy gave it to Sudarshan’s uncle shop. Nandini thinks to get the proof. She says your mom is waiting, come. She takes him outside. Ramila asks him to come. Namrata sees them and hides. Nandini thinks to visit the store.

Namrata coming to argue with Nandini. Nandini lies to her. Namrata says I feel you are planning to insult me. She goes to everyone and says Nandini was talking to some woman outside, I just hope that she isn’t planning to insult me. Darsh asks can’t Nandini talk to anyone now. Charmy says Nandini, Rajvi scolded you in anger, don’t show attitude to elders, come. Nandini says I don’t show attitude to elders. Charmy says its your mistake, can’t family stay upset with you. Shobit asks her to leave it. Vini comes there. Parul asks what happened. A lady comes and says Vini has beaten my son, do you teach this to your daughter, you have no time to focus on her. Darsh asks who are you to talk in our personal matter. Nandini asks why did you beat her son. Vini says her son said you are a bad woman, you are helping a bad uncle. Nandini says I m sorry from my side, your son should know not to comment on elders. The lady says he said right. Rajvi says we will pay the hospital bills, go now. The lady says we don’t need your money, thanks. She goes. Nandini scolds Vini. Vini gets upset and goes. Parul says she is a kid, don’t scold her, see how things are affecting her, I will explain her.

Its morning, everyone does aarti. Nandini stays away. Darsh says I will do aarti with Nandini, she doesn’t have ego. Rajvi says fine. Nandini says sorry, I can’t come, I have to go to mobile store, Namrata may doubt me. She prays and goes. Charmy sees her. Rajvi says mahurat is ending, do the aarti. Darsh says no, I will do it with Nandini. Parul says maybe Nandini felt upset. Darsh says I hope you aren’t doing anything wrong. Nandini meets Sudarshan and asks about the tab sold by Asha. He says I have kept the old stuff in godown, its tough. She says that tab is really imp for me, think its about someone’s life. He asks her to wait, he will get the keys. Charmy says I bribed the doctor to follow driver, he said she went to the area where you used to live. She gets a call. She says Nandini went to some electronics godown. Namrata says yes, its there, what is she doing there.

Sudarshan calls Nandini and says Namrata called me and asked about you, I told about the tab, she said its a police matter, I can’t help you. He ends the call. She says I will find the tab. Namrata says I have threatened him, he will not entertain Nandini. Charmy says Nandini will find that tab, but what can be there in that tab. Nandini tries to get inside the godown. She goes through the window. Nandini looks for the tab. Namrata comes there. She says I know Nandini is inside. Nandini gets a tab and checks. She doesn’t find any video. She checks Nimesh’s tab. She sees the video of Namrata and Aatish’s fight. She hears Nandini’s plan of filing domestic violence case on Aatish to take divorce. Nandini says I wanted this proof. Namrata tries to break the lock with a stone. Nandini says did Namrata reach here. Namrata breaks the lock.