Unfortunate Love Thursday Update 2 November 2023


Unfortunate Love Thursday Update 2 November 2023

Rishi telling Neelam that she has done what she wanted to do, and tried to keep him away from Lakshmi. He says I will stand infront of Lakshmi, as her shield. He says you have given me birth, but Lakshmi gave me life, and if I lose my life while saving Rishi then also I have no regrets, this is my last decision. He says if I couldn’t save Lakshmi’s life then I will give my life. Neelam says I will handle everything, don’t say all this. She folds her hand and says you will not do this. Rishi says I will do this, will save Lakshmi’s life. Neelam says I can’t see my son’s life in danger, I have right on you as a mother, I can do anything for my son, if you get stubborn then you will see my dead face, swear on you. Rishi says if anything happens to Lakshmi then I will

give my life, she is my life, if she is not there, then I will also be not there. He asks her to let him go, and says Lakshmi is my everything, I love her, I love Lakshmi. He requests Neelam to let him go, and don’t stop. He begs her to let him go and cries. Lakshmi comes to Virender and gives his juice and says you have to take the medicine too. Virender says Lakshmi…as he looks at her neck without mangalsutra. He tells Lakshmi that he loves her very much. Lakshmi gets emotional and hugs him. She says she is feeling alone, so much have happened till now, but she never felt this and feeling that her relation has ended with them for forever. Virender says your relation will be over with Rishi, but will always have relation with us. He asks her not to cry and says you are my tigress daughter, and always thought of our betterment. Lakshmi says you all have given me immense happiness, but it is not written in my destiny. He says whereever you stay, you will be happy. Lakshmi hugs him. Bhagyalakshmi song plays…

Rishi also cries. Karishma comes there and keeps hand on his shoulder. He realizes he is imagining everything. He thinks he shall not let them know that he has heard them. He says he has come to ask Mom, if she is fine and asks her to take medicine on time. He goes. Karishma asks Neelam what has happened? Neelam says Rishi must be hiding something, what is the thing which made him so worried. Karishma says don’t know. Rishi recalls Pandit ji’s words and Neelam insisting to go to teerat yatra, and asking him to stay away from Lakshmi, as Vikrant is for her. Rishi says I will not let anything happen to her. He recalls Neelam saying if you want her happiness then don’t be wall between them. He says he has taken the decision, Lakshmi has saved him always, and recalls everything. He thinks this life is given by Lakshmi, and Mom is not understanding and wants me to stay away from her. He says if I had told Mom then she would have stopped me. He says I will save her life, she is my savior. He says I will not let her get even a scratch.
Karishma asks Neelam if Rishi heard us. Neelam asks her not to make her worried. She then says if Rishi has heard. Karishma asks her not to take tension. Neelam says he cares for Lakshmi, more than me. She says if he comes to know then what he will think about me, and if he will understand motherly’s love. Karishma asks her to have patience and says first see if he comes to know or not. She asks her to sit and calm down. Rishi searches for Lakshmi. Vikrant comes there with Dadi and makes her drink water. Dadi asks him to sit. Vikrant says I came to pick lakshmi to buy engagement ring. Dadi says Vikrant picked her from outside the Gurudwara. Vikrant and Lakshmi leave. Rishi comes there. Dadi says Lakshmi went with Vikrant. Rishi asks where, and asks did you see where she is going? Dadi says Vikrant has taken her to buy engagement ring. She says she didn’t ask and asks what is the matter? Neelam and Karishma come there. Rishi says he wants to do jewellery shopping for Malishka as marriage date is nearer. Malishka comes there and gets happy. Neelam asks if he wants to go behind Lakshmi. Rishi thinks he shall call Vikrant, and thinks otherwise. Malishk says she don’t want to go. Neelam asks Karishma if Rishi came to know. Karishma says no, else he would have confronted you. Dadi asking Malishka, why she upsets herself. She asks her to stop doubting Rishi and Lakshmi, and says may be he wants to go with you for shopping seeing them going for shopping. Malishka says really? Dadi says if he wanted to go with them then he would have called them and asked them to stop, saying he will also come. Neelam and Karishma come there. Malishka says how we will go, if we go to the same jeweller as Lakshmi and Vikrant then? Dadi asks her to go to their jeweller. Karishma calls Vikrant and asks where is he going? Vikrant says they have a trusted jeweller on the 8th road. Karishma ends the call and asks Malishka to go to their jeweller at 9th road. Shalu calls Lakshmi and tells her that she is coming to meet her. Lakshmi asks why? Shalu asks if I can’t meet you.

She says I am coming. Lakshmi says she is not at home and is going with Vikrant to the jeweller. Shalu asks where? Lakshmi says 9th road, mistakenly. Shalu says she will come there to get her sign on Bani’s form. Vikrant asks her to call them so that he can buy gift for them.


Shalu calls Rishi and informs him the same. Rishi asks her not to call him jiju, but she says it again. Rishi thinks he has to make Malishka say that they shall go to 9th road. Karishma asks Malishka to control Rishi and don’t let him go to Lakshmi. Malishka says she tries hard, but don’t know how they get back. Neelam says this thing shall not happen today. Malishka and Rishi come out of the house. Rishi sits in the car, when Malishka sees Ayush sitting with him. Ayush argues with her and refuses to leave. Rishi asks him to sit on the back seat. Ayush sits on the back seat and argues. Malishka blames Rishi for Ayush’s presence there and tells that she knows that he is going to Lakshmi. Rishi refuses to go. Ayush teases Malishka. Rishi says he is going for Lakshmi and then tells that malishka feels so. Rishi asks Malishka to suggest which jeweller they shall go. Malishka says 9th road.

Vikrant tells Lakshmi that it is good that Mom called and said that our jeweller’s store was closed. He says we shall go to 9th road. Rishi’s car stops on the way. Rishi asks Malishka to give phone and is calling cab. Vikrant and Lakshmi gets down from the car seeing them. Vikrant offers lift to them, but Malishka refuses and says we are going to 9th road. Vikrant says we are also going there and tells about his Mom’s message. Ayush asks Rishi to come and asks Malishka to come later in cab, but Rishi refuses to go without Malishka. Vikrant and Lakshmi sit on the front seat, and Rishi, Ayush and Malishka sit on the back seat. Rishi thinks to drive, so that no accident happened? Suddenly he shouts that buffalo is infront of the car. Vikrant stops the car. Rishi gets down and tells Vikrant that he will drive, scolds him for not seeing the buffalo. Vikrant asks where it is. Rishi shows his hand and asks him to count the fingers. Vikrant says 5. Ayush says 4, one is thumb. Rishi says you seems to be unwell, and asks him to go to back seat.