Unfortunate Love Sunday Update 29 October 2023


Unfortunate Love Sunday Update 29 October 2023

The Episode starts with Virender asking Anjana about her elder son. Anjana says he is very busy and tells that she asked him to come for marriage. Vikrant’s father asks Virender to inform when he is doing charity and says I will tell you where it is needed, and tells that they will do what they could do and says they shall return whatever they could to the society. Anjana says we shall plan the other rituals too. Rano says dates shall be fixed and we shall do the arrangements from today. Anjana says you said right. Neha looks for Shalu. Bani asks if Di is happy or pretending to be happy. Saloni comes to Malishka and tells that she is looking very gorgeous today. Malishka thanks her. Saloni then praises Lakshmi. She then praises Rishi to be handsome and says he is marriage material, and asks why Rishi and Lakshmi got divorced. She asks if Lakshmi has any problem. Malishka says no. She asks if Rishi has any problem. Malishka asks what are you saying, he is marrying me. Saloni says then why did the marriage break. Just then Anjana calls Saloni and she goes. Malishka tells Sonia, what she would have told her that they were having affair so Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage is broken etc. Shalu tells Ayush that roka has happened. Ayush says we can’t do anything and asks them to be happy with whatever is happening. Neha asks her to give Ayush to her, and says she wants to talk to him. She says Lakshmi is getting married and asks him to accompany her for shopping. He says ofcourse. Rishi comes there and sees Lakshmi and Vikrant sitting in the temple area with Dadi. Dadi asks if I said much. Vikrant asks Dadi not to worry and says he will take care of Lakshmi. Dadi says I hope so. Malishka asks Rishi what has happened? If he is sad. Rishi says no. Malishka says Saloni was asking why Lakshmi and you got divorced etc and so many questions. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. Vikrant is holding Dadi and is taking her from the temple area. Lakshmi walks past him. Her dupatta catches fire due to the diyas in the temple. Rishi sees it and shouts Lakshmi. Vikrant and others turn and look at Lakshmi. Vikrant tries to set off the fire from her dupatta.


Rishi tears the burning dupatta and throws it far. Vikrant thanks Rishi. Rishi scolds him for being careless and asks if you will take care of her like this. He asks do you think that you deserve Lakshmi. Karishma asks Neelam, how badly Rishi is talking to Vikrant? Neelam says I wish we would have gone to teerat. Malishka thinks why Rishi is reacting and thinks Vikrant will answer him now. Lakshmi gets worried seeing Rishi’s reaction. Shalu and Bani tell that they shall hear Vikrant’s reply. Vikrant says I didn’t see as Diya was behind me. He then apologizes to Rishi, Lakshmi and others, and says I couldn’t take care of Lakshmi ji, but I promise that I will take care of her well. Shalu and Bani are shocked. Ayush says he is a cold man, ice baby. Bani says I thought that relation will break. Ayush says it is not a big thing. Malishka says he is chilled out and saying sorry, if I was in Vikrant’s place, then would have asked Rishi to keep Lakshmi with her, and would have called off the alliance. Karishma says what a thorough gentleman. Virender thanks Vikrant. Neelam also thanks Vikrant. Karishma asks Rishi, if he saw Vikrant’s positive gesture. Dadi says bad thing has gone. Rano tells that they are lucky that vikrant is becoming their damad. Karishma apologizes to Vikrant on Rishi’s behalf. Vikrant asks her not to worry. Rishi also apologizes to him. Vikrant says I didn’t feel bad and hugs Rishi. He says today is important day for me, as my relation got fixed with Lakshmi ji for 7 births, and thanks him for saving Rishi. Karishma asks Anjana to forgive Rishi. Anjana says leave it. Neelam tells Virender that she has chosen right guy for Lakshmi and says Rishi said so much to him, but Vikrant apologized to him. Virender says what is important to me that he will keep my daughter, my Lakshmi happy for all life.

Lakshmi changes her clothes and recalls Rishi’s concern for her. She says why Rishi is worrying for me so much, taking care of me and if he speaks his heart feelings out, then all the relation will shatter. She says there will be problem and thinks to go from there. She thinks I will make Rishi understand that I have to go from here.

Ayush asks Rishi, why you scolded her. Rishi says if Vikrant will take care of her this way. Ayush says he is Lakshmi’s would be husband and you are her friend and asks him to understand. Shalu comes to Lakshmi, and tells that Vikrant should have got angry, and then the marriage would have called off. Ayush says Lakshmi is just your friend, and Vikrant is her would be husband. He asks him to move from their way.

Lakshmi says you are still thinking about breaking the marriage, and reminds of her promise. Ayush says leave them alone, Lakshmi is just your friend, if you want her marriage to break. Shalu says Ayush named him ice baby. Lakshmi says Vikrant has understanding and good values. Shalu asks if jiju didn’t have it and says he fought with Vikrant as he cares about you.

Shalu asking Lakshmi to see what he has done, and tells that he fought for you, as he cares about you and loves you, but no you thinks him immature and insensitive. Lakshmi asks why you are comparing Rishi and Vikrant and says both were doing good for me. She says enough and says Rishi and Malishka’s marriage is decided and Vikrant and my marriage. She says Ayush has agreed so you shall agree too. She asks her not to do anything and let this marriage happen. Shalu asks if you are marrying happily. Lakshmi says yes, and says I will marry happily only. Ayush asks Bani where is Rano and Neha? Bani says they left. Anjana asks Neelam if she is going for teerat. Neelam thinks she has to go anyhow. Virender says she will go after Lakshmi’s marriage and then Rishi’s marriage is also there. Vikrant asks Rishi to help him with the designer, as his designer is busy with his own wedding. Lakshmi comes back and sits. Saloni asks Neelam if Lakshmi and Vikrant can go out and celebrate this day. Neelam says they shall go and celebrate. Saloni asks Lakshmi. Lakshmi nods her head. Vikrant asks if you are saying yes or no. Lakshmi says yes. Rishi gets upset. Vikrant asks Rishi to come with him, as he knows that he is concerned for Lakshmi. Rishi apologizes to him, and asks him if he is upset about that. Vikrant says no, I really want you to come. Malishka asks why will we come with you, and tells that they are already going somewhere, and will not be bone in the meat. Rishi is in his room and thinks why this is happening with Lakshmi. Neelam appreciates Malishka for taking Rishi away from Lakshmi today. Malishka says she really want to go with Rishi today. Karishma tells that Rishi and Malishka are having true love. Malishka says they will go to a new restaurant and tells that there is a competition of best couple there and she wants to win. Karishma says you will win. She goes from there. Karishma asks Neelam not to worry as today is not that day. Neelam says but when Lakshmi’s pallu was on fire, Rishi ran to save her. Malishka convinces Rishi to come with her outside. Rishi says he is not in a mood. Malishka convinces her.


Saloni, Anjana and her husband come home. Saloni brings water and gives to Anjana. Anjana asks what happened? Saloni tells that today Rishi’s behavior was not good, and tells that the way he shouted at Vikrant was not right. Anjana says yes. Saloni doubts that Rishi and Lakshmi’s relation is strange.

Vikrant and Lakshmi are in the car. He asks Lakshmi, if she talks late and asks if she was same with Rishi. He then says sorry and then says he don’t know what to talk. Lakshmi says even I talk less. Vikrant says that’s why our Jodi will be good. He stops the car and asks her to wait for the surprise. He comes back and asks her to guess, what he has brought. Lakshmi recalls Rishi coming to the room and scaring her. Lakshmi says you will be beaten. Rishi says it will be a sin. Lakshmi says let me do the work. Rishi tries to scare her, but she scares him. He says ok, I will not scare you. He comes near her and tells that he wants to give her surprise. She asks what? He asks if I tell you, then surprise will not be surprise. He asks her to guess. She says vada pav, saree..Rishi says it is useful thing. Lakshmi asks if you brought tool box. Rishi says there is no romance in you, and says I shall jump down and die thinking a girl thinks that I will give you tool box. Fb ends. A florist girl comes to Vikrant and asks him to take the change. He asks her to give in the temple. Fb starts again. Rishi gives gajra to Lakshmi. Lakshmi gets happy. She tries to wear it. fb ends. Vikrant gives her gajra. Lakshmi tries to wear it and it falls on the seat. Fb again. Rishi says I will make you wear it, as I wear Mom worn it. He ties gajra in her hair. Song plays….Lakshmi asks how is it? Rishi says perfect. He asks how did I tie it? Lakshmi says perfect. Fb ends. Vikrant says if you don’t have any objection, then I will make you wear it.