Unfortunate Love Monday Update 27 November 2023

Malishka telling Vikrant and Lakshmi as best Jodi and asks them to show that they are good Jodi. Vikrant says our Jodi is the best. He bends down on his knees and asks Lakshmi if she will dance with him. Lakshmi looks at Rishi. Ayush says blo*dy rascal and crook, does so real acting that everyone gets fooled and thinks he will expose him. Vikrant and Lakshmi have a dance. Apna banale piya plays…..Rishi gets angry as Vikrant holds her hand. Everyone sees them dancing. Rishi thinks I have hurt Lakshmi so much, and said so much to her, I have hurt my Lakshmi and have done a sin. Vikrant tells Lakshmi that today she is looking very beautiful. He looks at Saloni and signs her. Saloni asks Rishi to go and dance with Malishka. She says if you don’t want then we will not dance in your marriage functions. Malishka asks him to come and dance with her. Rishi says he is not in a mood. Karishma asks Rishi to go and says she is your responsibility and you have to take care of her happiness. Rishi and Malishka dance. Ayush and Shalu are also dancing. Karishma asks Saloni if she is missing her husband. Saloni says yes, she is attending the marriage function alone. The partners change. Lakshmi comes to Rishi and Malishka comes to Vikrant. Lakshmi and Rishi stop dancing. Saloni says the dance is not enjoyable and says there shall be different tadka to the dance. She goes to the dancing floor and asks if they don’t get bored of dancing same and tells that they shall have a special dance. She makes Lakshmi go back to Vikrant and Malishka go back to Rishi. She tells that they will do dance competition between the couples.

Shalu says she don’t want to dance for Di’s life destruction. Ayush says we will dance, to make Vikrant lose, and says Bhabhi don’t want to win with Vikrant. Ayush asks her to do hifive. Shalu asks him to give on cheeks. He says you are getting bold just as episodes increases. Shalu asks shall I give? Ayush says he has no problem. She is about to slap him, but he stops her. He says kiss is given on the cheeks. He says right now they shall focus on their aim. Saloni asks them to dance on the square board. Karishma asks Neelam and Virender to dance. Neelam says she will not dance in Lakshmi’s marriage function, but will dance in Rishi’s dance functions. Karishma says yes. Ayush tells Shalu that they have to do something in next round. For the next round, the board or paper is half. Malishka asks Rishi to lift her and dance. Vikrant also lifts Lakshmi and dance. Shalu refuses at first, then asks Ayush to lift her. Malishka asks Rishi to win, and asks if he wants Vikrant to win. Rishi recalls challenging Vikrant and says no. Anjana thinks Vikrant and Lakshmi shall marry. Vikrant thinks he has never lost. Rishi thinks today you will lose. Malishka imagines dancing with Rishi while nobody is there. She smiles. Rishi looks at Lakshmi and imagines seeing her standing alone and coming to her. He holds her hand and hugs her. Lakshmi keeps hand on his eyes and goes. Marhaba song plays…. He imagines having a playful dance with her, as she runs. He kisses on her cheeks while dancing. He kisses on her forehead and holds her. He says I love you Lakshmi, I love you so much and asks do you also love me, and asks her to say what he wants to hear. Lakshmi says I….Vikrant comes there and calls Lakshmi. He forwards his hand. Rishi holds Lakshmi’s hand. Lakshmi gives her another’s hand to Vikrant. Rishi leaves her hand. Vikrant lifts her and takes her from there. Rishi’s imagination ends. Ayush asks Shalu, if she is ready. Shalu says yes, lets do it. He says 1..2..3..Shalu looks at him. Ayush asks when will he say 3 and asks if she was thinking about kiss, and changes his words. He says I will say direct 3, and you shall kick Vikrant. Ayush says 3 and swirls…Shalu kicks Vikrant. Vikrant and Lakshmi are about to fall. Rishi leaves Malishka and holds Lakshmi from falling down from Vikrant’s arms. He holds Vikrant’s collar while holding hand. Lakshmi’s bangles break. Vikrant sees Rishi holding his collar.
Shalu scolding Ayush and says duffer, you made this plan and says if anything had happened to Di. Ayush says who has saved her, Bhai and says he will not let anything happen to her. He asks for hifive on cheek. Shalu says Jhalle. Ayush smiles. Virender tells Rishi that it is good that you saved her, else she would have hurt if fallen down. Anjana asks vikrant if she is fine. Vikrant tells Rishi if you haven’t held her then also I wouldn’t have let her fall. He says he will take care of Lakshmi well and tells that he is her would be husband now. Neelam says nobody is hurt. Karishma says all is well. Rishi sees Lakshmi’s hand injured due to the broken bangles, and takes off her bangles from her hand. Neelam shouts Rishi and says enough. Virender says how did this happen?


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