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Unfortunate Love July Teasers 2023

Malishka tries to execute her plan and spends time with Rishi, but he rejects her advances. Below are Zeeworld Unfortunate Love 2023 Teasers.

Zeeworld Unfortunate Love July 2023 Teasers

Saturday 1 July 2023

Episode 72

Balwinder takes Lakshmi hostage, and Rishi saves her but gets hurt as well. Neelam tells Virendra that she will get Rishi and Lakshmi separated. Shalu comes to Aayush’s rescue. Rano tells Neha to be with Aayush but Shalu takes care of him.

Sunday 2 July 2023

Episode 73

Malishka worries about Balwinder and fears the intervention of Inspector Durga Devi. Inspector Durga Devi resolves to find Balwinder at any cost. Neelam and Karishma insult Rano, but she rebukes them well and says that it is Lakshmi’s destiny to be in their family. Inspector Durga Devi comes to question Aayush.

Monday 3 July 2023

Episode 74

Rishi saves Lakshmi from falling. Balwinder calls up Malishka. Virendra feels overwhelmed by Lakshmi’s behaviour. Malishka tries to execute her plan and spends time with Rishi, but he rejects her advances.

Tuesday 4 July 2023

Episode 75

Kiran devises a plan, which puts Lakshmi’s life in danger. Harleen shouts at Karishma over her behaviour. Later, Kiran meets Balwinder and tells him her plan.

Wednesday 5 July 2023

Episode 76

Karishma vents her anger out to Neelam and speaks ill of Lakshmi. Rishi brings a gift for Lakshmi, but Malishka feels that it is for her.

Thursday 6 July  2023

Episode 77

The presence of the inspector and the constables makes Balwinder nervous but Malishka promises him a lot of money.

Friday 7 July 2023

Episode 78

Inspector Durga Devi looks for Balwinder. Rishi expresses his anger over the attack on Lakshmi. Aayush has a doubt and tells Lakshmi that it was Malishka who is behind everything.

Saturday 8 July 2023

Episode 79

Aayush questions Malishka and Kiran about the attack on Lakshmi, Neelam reprimands him. Malishka finds it impossible to separate Rishi and Lakshmi.

Sunday 9 July 2023

Episode 80

Rishi tells Lakshmi that he will protect her. Balwinder vows to get back at the Oberois. Rishi leaves the town for work but calls Lakshmi, who calms him down.

Monday 10 July 2023

Episode 81

Aayush keeps an eye on Malishka. Rishi wonders if Lakshmi is all right and worries about the hotel. Balwinder executes Malishka’s plan, and the guests start falling sick, one by one.

Tuesday 11 July 2023

Episode 82

Neelam blames Lakshmi for the problems and tells Virendra not to support her. Malishka talks to a reporter pretending to be Neelam and speaks ill about Lakshmi. Virendra affirms his trust in Lakshmi.

Wednesday 12 July 2023

Episode 83

Malishka pretends to save Lakshmi from the police and puts on an even bigger act in front of the reporters. The police take Lakshmi away, and Virendra tries to help her.

Thursday 13 July  2023

Episode 84

Neelam warns everyone to keep Rishi in the dark about the events. Kiran and Malishka celebrate their victory. Rishi regains consciousness in the hospital. Neelam decides to file a case against Lakshmi.

Friday 14 July 2023

Episode 85

Balwinder demands money from Malishka. Lakshmi tells Malishka that Rishi will save her. Aayush fights for Lakshmi with the whole family. Rishi returns home and learns the truth.

Saturday 15 July 2023

Episode 86

Neelam and Malishka feel shocked over Rishi’s behaviour. Rishi meets Lakshmi and tells her that he will help her. Malishka vents her anger out. Kiran instigates Neelam and says that Rishi chose Lakshmi over her. She asks Neelam to make a promise.

Sunday 16 July 2023

Episode 87

Rishi promises Shalu that he will get Lakshmi out. Malishka meets Balwinder and gives him money. Later, Shalu and Aayush bring food for Lakshmi, and she notices that Aayush likes Shalu.

Monday 17 July 2023

Episode 88

Aayush rebukes Rano for her taunts. Rishi discusses Lakshmi’s case with the lawyer, Mr Basu, who suggests interviewing the staff of the hotel.

Tuesday 18 July 2023

Episode 89

Lakshmi prays for her family. A dreaded criminal, Monish, comes to the court. Karishma berates Lakshmi. Later, Lakshmi arrives, and Rishi fights with the reporters for Lakshmi.

Wednesday 19 July 2023

Episode 90

Rishi makes a promise to Lakshmi. Shalu notices Balwinder, but he manages to slip away. Mukesh, the chef, arrives to testify.

Thursday 20 July  2023

Episode 91

Rishi intervenes as Lakshmi tries to save Neelam. Despite his best efforts, he fails to control the situation.

Friday 21 July 2023

Episode 92

The terrorists reveal their plan.Lakshmi and a few others manage to get out, but Monish points a gun at Rishi.

Saturday 22 July 2023

Episode 93

Lakshmi tells Shalu that she will protect her family at any cost and runs to save them. Monish shoots at Neelam and she falls unconscious. Aayush enters the courtroom, and all the family members beat the terrorists.

Sunday 23 July 2023

Episode 94

Malishka’s father gives her an idea. Rishi takes care of Lakshmi, as she feels weak. Balwinder follows Lakshmi and comes in front of Rishi. Aayush and Shalu raise their concerns over it.

Monday 24 July 2023

Episode 95

Malishka makes Rishi unconscious in order to stop him from going to Lakshmi. A scary thought frightens Harleen. Later, Rishi arrives in time to save Lakshmi from Monish, who threatens to kill Rishi.

Tuesday 25 July 2023

Episode 96

Lakshmi does something to save Rishi. Aayush manages to blindfold the terrorists. A fight ensues and Rishi and Monish point guns at each other. Lakshmi holds a gun at Monish as well but the police arrive.

Wednesday 26 July 2023

Episode 97

Rishi takes the blame upon himself. The judge announces his decision and frees Lakshmi, but gets Rishi in custody. Later, Malishka blames Lakshmi for Rishi’s condition.

Thursday 27 July  2023

Episode 98

Rishi wonders if he really loves Lakshmi after his conversation with Malishka. Balwinder vows to have Lakshmi by any means. Lakshmi visits Rishi in jail and he plays a prank on her.

Rano demands money from Balwinder and he learns that Lakshmi is out of jail.

Friday 28 July 2023

Episode 99

Aayush rebukes Soniya when she insults Shalu. Rishi tells Malishka that Lakshmi has found a way to get him released. A hermit tells Balwinder his future. An inmate wants to kill Rishi.

Saturday 29 July 2023

Episode 100

Shalu sees Malishka with Balwinder. Shalu tells Lakshmi about Malishka and Balwinder, and Aayush realises Malishka’s entire ploy.

Sunday 30 July 2023

Episode 101

Some people accost Soniya on the street, and Lakshmi comes to save her. However, Soniya blames Lakshmi and so do Karishma and Neelam.

Monday 31 July 2023

Episode 102

Rishi wonders if he is in love with Lakshmi. Harleen and Aayush remind everyone at home that Rishi is free because of Lakshmi. Balwinder and Guddu rob the employee carrying the pen-drive.

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