Unfortunate Love Friday Update 13 October 2023


Unfortunate Love Friday Update 13 October 2023

Ayush teasing Malishka. Malishka says it is for Rishi. They both are in Bhang effect. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi….Malishka comes to him and says what is he saying? She takes her ears near him. Rishi says I love you Lakshmi. Sonal comes there and looks at them. Rishi applies color to Malishka’s face and whispers I love you Lakshmi. Malishka thinks what is he saying? Rishi whispers I love you Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks Neelam if I shall tell you, what Rishi told me, and says he was about o tell you, but I stopped him as the matter was such. Dadi asks what he told you. Lakshmi asks shall I tell you? Dadi says yes. Lakshmi says I stopped Rishi, why shall I say. Virender asks her to say. Lakshmi says Bau ji, you are very good, like my Bau ji, and says you are my Bau ji and loves me a lot. She tells Dadi that she is also good and loves her a lot. Dadi says we are good and asks her to say what Rishi told you. Lakshmi recalls Rishi telling her that he just loves her and that means he doesn’t love Malishka. Shalu thinks to stop Lakshmi and thinks don’t know where is Ayush? Lakshmi asks shall I tell what Rishi told me.


Sonal is happy and thinks Rishi and Malishka are going to kiss each other. Rano gets up and thinks her head is heavy. She is fine and thinks when did she sleep here? She recalls eating laddoos and thinks something was mixed in the laddoos. She thinks surely bhang, that’s why my head was round and round. Lakshmi says Rishi said that….Rishi tells Malishka that he loves Lakshmi. Just then they fall down from the chair. Sonal laughs. Rishi gets up and asks Malishka if she was kissing the ground. Sonal realizes they both are in bhang effect. Malishka says I was going to kiss him and says he was saying I love…Sonal says Malishka. She tells them that Ayush is riding the scooter and Lakshmi is insulting Karishma and your Mom. Rishi says she is insulting Mom and goes. Lakshmi sees Rishi and says he has come. Dadi asks what he told you? Lakshmi asks them to ask Rishi. Dadi says you said that you will tell us. Lakshmi says how do I know what he told me. She says what did he tell me, but I don’t remember. She questionably asks herself. Virender says I thought Rishi told her, and realized his feelings, but my hopes break always. Dadi says he might have said something. Lakshmi makes sad face and says Dadi, hugs her. Sonal asks Malishka not to go, and tells that Lakshmi is doing what they want her to do, and will be scolded. Malishka asks her to let her go and says you are drunk. Sonal says you was drunk and that’s why kissing the ground. Malishka laughs and asks her not to go there and do drama. She says you romance with your boyfriend, though you have a husband. She tells that I will go to my would be husband. She goes. Sonal tells that Malishka might expose her, and that’s why she doesn’t go behind her.

Lakshmi tells Dadi that she loves her, but they don’t love her. Karishma says they instigate you against us. Rishi comes there and takes Lakshmi’s side. Lakshmi says hero has come. Kiran asks where did you go? Malishka says I was here, laughs and asks didn’t you see? Lakshmi asks where did you go, Rishi…. leaving me. She says we can’t go away from each other, and says black dog…Rishi asks where is the black dog? Lakshmi says you might got it. Rishi says no, I didn’t get it. Lakhsmi says we shall collide our heads else black dog will bite us. Malishka stops them and says he is my Rishi, why you come between us. Shalu thinks Baba ji is with us, seeing Malishka in bhang effect.

She thinks Ayush is not fine to provoke Malishka to confess the truth. Malishka says he is mine, I have done so much to get him and you can’t even think of. She asks Lakshmi to stay away from him. She says we both love each other and asks Rishi to say. Karishma asks Malishka to calm down and says Rishi said that he loves you, then why you want to talk to Lakshmi. Malishka asks Lakshmi if Rishi will marry you, he will never marry low class girl like you. Rishi shouts asking Malishka to be silent, and says you will not say anything against Lakshmi. He says she is so good, that nobody is like her, not even you. He asks her to become like her, to say something. Malishka says you are favoring her and scolding me. Rishi says no. Malishka says you want to insult me and that’s why scolding me for her, she is nothing to you.

Shalu comes to Ayush and asks him to come in his senses. Ayush asks him to say if he is in good condition, if he has petrol in him or not, if he gives good mileage. Shalu pats on his face and says we have to fulfill our plan, Malishka is in bhang effect. Ayush says my bike is ready and goes. Shalu tells Bani that their plan will be ruined because of him. Bani says we can do something. Shalu says we shall expose Malishka so that Di and Jiju unite for forever.

Malishka asks Lakshmi, if she is great. Rishi asks her to be silent and not to say anything against Lakshmi. Virender says I talked to Thandai wala, he said that he didn’t add anything, it is someone else’s mistake. Rishi says we shall make them get fine first. Malishka asks Lakshmi to do competition with her and dance to show her value. She says you agree to Rishi’s all sayings, so lets compete. Lakshmi and Malishka dancing on the song ghar more pardesia….Rano thinks if they are drunk to dance together. Everyone looks at the dance. Kiran tells Sonal that she is scared and feels that something wrong is going to happen. She says like Lakshmi, if malishka also gets the victim of Neelam’s anger, then don’t know what will happen. She asks her to stop Malishka. Sonal goes to stop Malishka. She pushes her in the water tub. Rishi shouts Malishka. Kiran thinks Sonal pushed her in water so that she came back to her senses. Shalu and Bani think to do something. Sonal gives her hand and asks Malishka to come out. Malishka pulls her inside the water. Malishka asks Rishi and Lakshmi to come to the water. She comes to Lakshmi and asks her to come. Shalu asks Lakshmi to come with her. Malishka says we are not enemy. Shalu says you regard lakshmi as your enemy and can do anything for Rishi jiju. Malishka says yes, I can do anything for my Rishi. Bani asks if you can do wrong and right.


Shalu says she can act to give her life and can trap someone. Lakshmi says she can trap Rishi also, and says that day nothing has happened, as Rishi will not cross his limits. Bani says Malishka can’t betray jiju. Shalu says we shall ask Malishka. Malishka says I can do anything for Rishi, and says I tried to save you Rishi, but I couldn’t save you and Lakshmi saved you. She says I will not forgive myself. She goes to Neelam and says she wanted to save Rishi, but. She says she can give her life for Rishi. Shalu says you showed that to Lakshmi did and then told lie to Rishi. Malishka says what has happened that day. She says you said right, nothing had happened that day.

Sonal thinks Malishka and Rishi’s marriage will be called off now, Neelam will slap her and they will not forgive Malishka. Malishka says that day nothing happened to Rishi and thanks Lakshmi for saving her. She says if anything had happened to Rishi, then I would have died. She faints and falls down. Sonal thinks Malishka is saved. Malishka opens her eyes a bit and thinks she came in her senses when she came out of pool and started her game. Neelam comes there and tells Rishi that Malishka is guilty even now, that she couldn’t saved you, and says her heart is good, and lakshmi has done my tamasha. Malishka appreciates herself. Lakshmi says I will become helicopter. Rishi says it is not her mistake. Neelam asks him to take Malishka and says I will handle Lakshmi. Rishi says don’t do anything to her. Shalu and bani hold Lakshmi.

Kiran asks if you wanted to ruin my daughter’s image. Shalu tells her that you might not know your daughter, or else you was involved with her. She says she is sure that Rishi jiju can’t do this. She says they have tried to expose Malishka, but…Neelam asks did you add bhang in it? Shalu says we tried, but didn’t do. Rano takes Shalu and Bani’s side when Neelam scolds them, and asks them to come home. Rishi takes Malishka to room, and says I didn’t know that you was feeling guilty. Neelam takes Lakshmi from there angrily. Dadi assures Shalu and bani that she is with Lakshmi. Neelam takes Lakshmi to her room, and says you will not come out of the room. Lakshmi says even Maa used to do this. Neelam says I am not your Maa and can never be. Lakshmi rests on the bed and sleeps. Neelam tells Rishi that she has left Lakshmi in her room. She says until you gain consciousness, you will not go to meet her. Rishi says ok.

Karishma, Kiran and others blame Lakshmi and her sister. Karishma asks Dadi if she will not say anything. Dadi says I don’t say anything who does mistake in conscious state. Karishma says everyone saw what she said. Dadi says she said right and didn’t insult anyone. Neelam comes there and says you feel that she said right, she didn’t insult me. She says I understood what I mean to you. Dadi asks her not to punish her. Neelam says if I don’t agree. Dadi says think it as my request. Neelam refuses. Dadi says think it as my order. Neelam gets angry.

Rishi comes to his room and looks at his face. He recalls their moments and says now I understood why love is called as a disease, I can’t think of anything other than Lakshmi. He takes her paper rose, and says love color never fades away, and there is love in Lakshmi’s every color, she said that she don’t love me, but I love her and can’t lie to myself. He says I love her very much, and I felt her love even when she applies color to my face. He says I love Lakshmi a lot and keeps hand on his heart.