Twist of Fate Zee World Thursday Update 21 February

Abhi and Pragya come there. Disha says we will not give a chance to you to laugh. Purab tells him that he saw someone shadow who was hearing them. Pragya thinks even she saw some reflection. Abhi says he must be having a misunderstanding. Purab asks Pragya not to take tension. Pragya says purab was telling truth, that person can harm Abhi.

Sangram sees Disha’s photo and says destiny brought him in her room only. He touches her makeup, bed, dress. Purab forgot keys, he comes to his room and sees Sangram. He asks what he’s doing in his room. Sangram puts chutney on dress and says chutney fell on dress. Purab says he spoiled Disha’s party dress. Simonika is passing from there and wonders what Sangram he’s doing there. She manages to get Sangram out of there by scolding him.

Later, Simonika says she made mistake by involving him. Sangram apologizes and says he won’t repeat same mistake. First he will help her in killing Abhi and then he will see Disha. Simonika gives him another chance. Someone screams. Simonika goes to check.

Pragya is hurt. Everyone comes to her. Disha is very worried. She is

scared seeing the blood, but wants to help Pragya too by taking her to hospital. Dadi says Simonika will take her and asks her to make tea for them.
Disha comes to the kitchen and asks Sangram to make tea. She gets call from Purab. Sangram listens carefully. He says in his mind that both Abhi and Purab are busy in meetings. Pragya has also gone to hospital. No one can stop him from going to Disha.

Simonika brings Pragya to Dr. Jyoti. Simonika says it’s same doctor and hides. If she remembers her, then she will tell everything to Pragya. She says she has to go to washroom and sends Pragya for dressing. Pragya is chatting with doctor. Simonika is waiting for her to come out. Doctor brings Pragya out. Simonika puts dupatta on her head. They were about to leave when doctor says she has seen Simonika. Simonika says she never came to her. Doctor says she felt she is her patient. Pragya says how that is possible. Her patients are married women only and Simonika is not married. Simonika asks Pragya should they go. They leave. Doctor still feels she has seen Simonika.

Disha is sleeping her room. Sangram comes there and watches her. He hears Dasi coming there and hides. Disha wakes up and feels someone was there. Dasi tells her Pragya is back. Sangram says if Dasi didn’t come, then he had almost touched her. But it’s okay, he is there now. He will get many opportunities.

Pragya is in her room. Abhi comes in worriedly. Pragya says nothing happened. He stops her from working. They argue. She says she doesn’t want to talk to him and gets up to go. Abhi pulls her to him. He hears her heartbeat and says it wants to say something and then says I love you too. He romances with her. Pragya screams as he touches her injured hand. She says Dadi is calling and leaves. Abhi says himself to control and then says, he can’t do it. Pragya is that lovely.

Dr. Jyoti recalls Simonika had come to her nursing home with her mad husband who was threatening her. She wonders why Simonika said she never saw her? She is hiding something for sure from her as well as Pragya. Dr. Jyoti decides to talk to Pragya about it.