Twist of Fate Zee World Friday Update 12 June 2020


Twist of Fate Zee World Friday Update 12 June 2020

Abhi telling Pragya that Tanu proposed him today to marry her. Bulbul comes there with towel and is shocked to hear that. Abhi says Pragya that he was just joking and asks her to stop Bulbul to from telling it to family. He thinks he is a problem child and cannot even enjoy freedom.

Pragya tries to convince Bulbul that Abhi was joking. Bulbul says he is telling right and she is just trying to protect him. She says Pragya that she did not realize earlier when Suresh wanted to marry her instead of Pragya. Pragya says though he married her to take revenge and for his sister’s sake, but he is not that bad. Bulbul asks why is she trying to mask his mistake. Pragya says she loves Abhi now and can see only his goodness, etc.

Abhi with Pragya while driving car towards home gets tensed reminiscing Tanu’s marriage proposal. Pragya sees him and thinks he was not joking and telling truth.

Raj takes Mitali for shopping. She happily says if he takes her for shopping often like this, she will not con him. He asks what does she mean. She says he always gives him less money to shop and insists that he get him some shopping bag. He hesitantly agrees and they start shopping bags. Police comes there and arrests Raj for cancelling marriage hall contract and taking bribe. Raj says he did not do any mistake and gets into police van. Mitali shouts that he did not do mistake, but she took his sign without his knowledge. She worriedly wakes up from her sleep and it is just her dream. She worriedly says she will not Raj happen anything. Raj also wakes up and asks what is she frightened so much. she changes track and says she took money from his wallet for diwali shopping. He says he got diwali bonus and he wanted to give it to her, but she took it before that, he asks her to go back to sleep. Mitali thinks if this was dream or reality.

Abhi at his room thinks he cannot explain neither Tanu nor Daadi. Pragya enters room and sees him tensed, she thinks of cheering him up. She says when he says no, it means yes, says she will sleep on his bed alone. She says he looks good silent and says she will gain weight with happiness if he continues to be silent. She thinks he is still silent and shouts cockroach. He says if she does not keep silent, he will break her spectacles and shove them into her throat and says he is not in a mood to talk today. She sees real cockroach and gets afraid. He kicks cockroach from there and goes and sleeps on couch. She takes his guitar and asks him to sing for her. He asks if she think him as roadside singer, says he is a rockstar and will not insult himself by singing in front of her. She says he is nervous and is afraid he will fail if he sings in front of her. He accepts her challenge and starts singing. She smilingly looks at his face while he sings. Serial’s title song…..,. plays in the background. He finishes song and asks if he is still looking nervous. She says he is neither nervous nor tensed now. He asks if she did it purposefully to take out his tension. She says yes and says she cannot see him tensed, says goodnight and sleeps.

Tanu comes to Abhi’s home and thinks she will convince him today for marriage. Cousin daadi’s see her and ask if she found a guy like Abhi and ask her to marry even if she gets a guy who has a little bit qualities of Abhi. Tanu says she will marry and come to this house soon. Daasi asks cousin whom she is referring to. Cousin says Akash. Daasi says they both don’t even talk to each other. They see Tanu talking to servant and ask servant if he is married. He says no. They think Tanu was fasting for servant and wants to marry him.

Tanu says Aaliya that she is sure Abhi is developing feelings for behenji and does not want to marry her now. Aaliya asks her to relax and gets back looking at article. Tanu says she cannot control her own boyfriend, then how can she help her. Daadi comes there and asks Aaliya if she invited her friends for card party. Aaliya says only some will come. Daadi says there is a laxmi pooja after card game and they will have to go after pooja. She invites Tanu also. Tanu happily agrees. Aaliya says Tanu she was reading article how to control men. She says they will spoil Pragya’s image in dadi’s eyes. Tanu thinks she herself has to do something now.

Sid inviting his friend for a card party at his home. He continues to talk over phone and tries to eat eat and toast breakfast. Pragya sees that and feeds him egg. He eats at the beginning without noticing, but when he notices it, he stops her and says only Tanu can feed him. He continues to fight with her but stops seeing Daadi coming there. Daadi asks him if he brought diwali gift for Pragya. He says no. She gives him necklace and asks him to make her wear it. Pragya reminisces their marriage when he dorned her mangalsutra. He thinks only Tanu deserves necklace from. Pragya thinks though he has not given her any rights, she has given it to him.

Pragya’s daadi waits for auto to reach Pragya’s home, but does not get one and starts scolding auto drivers. Suresh sees her and says he will drop her to Pragya’s house. Daadi hesitates at first, but agrees.

Abhi sees house well decorated for diwali pooja and asks Daasi if she arranged everything. Daasi says yes. He sees Pragya and Daadi and walks out from there. Daadi tells Pragya that pooja muhurath is around 8-10 p.m. and once Abhi’s card party is finished, they should start pooja. She gives keys to Pragya and says it is her responsibility from today as she is tired of responsibilities till now. Taiji sees that and thinks earlier it was difficult to extract money from Daadi, now it will be even more difficult to extract money from Pragya. Pragya happily walks towards her temple when Abhi clashes with her and scolds that she is unlucky for her.

Abhi starts card game and informs about the rules to his friends that no one will leave game until they lose all the money in their pockets. He asks where is his lucky charm. Tanu and Aaliya come and sit next to her.

Daasi sees Pragya near temple instead of sitting next to Abhi in card game and asks her to go and sit next to him in place of Tanu. Mitali says Abhi will not Tanu move away from him as he thinks her as his lucky charm. Daasi says says he does not know Pragya his his lucky charm. Abhi loses his first card game and his friend says he cannot win always even with his lucky charm next to him.

Suresh drops Daadi at Pragya’s house and says he will wait outside until she comes. She says she may take a lot of time and asks him to accompany him in. Abhi’s daadi greets them both. Daadi gives Pragya’s daadi about Sarla. She says she could not come, so she came with diwali shagun. Suresh says he will meet Abhi. Daadi says ok.

Abhi’s friend continues win and Abhi is annoyed. Suresh comes there. Abhi asks him to join him. He says he does not know to play cards and thanks him for saving Kumkum Bhagya marriage hall. Abhi jokes that he must be eyeing on the hall. Suresh asks what does he mean. Abhi says he is just joking and asks him to walk out as he is busy with game. Abhi is tensed that he is losing continuously and asks Tanu to show her charm. Tanu says she will go to washroom. Abhi waits till she comes back, sees a girl standing next to him, shows cards and wins game. He hugs her saying she is his lucky charm and is shocked to see Tanu standing in front of him and he hugging Pragya instead. He starts scolding he why did she come and sit on his lap. His friend says he should be thankful to Pragya instead as he won double money which he lost and says Pragya is his lucky charm and not Tanu. Tanu gets irked hearing that and walks out. Friend asks him to let Pragya touch his card and play then. He does so and wins again. Friend says she told him already that his wife Pragya is his lucky charm. Abhi says he will play one more game and asks Pragya to touch cards again. Pragya says she does not have to stay next to him and asks him to close his eyes and remember her if he wants to win. He closes eyes, imagines Pragya, wins game and thinks he did not get these kind of cards in his life till now and it is all because of Pragya. He continues to play and wins all games.

Abhi happily getting money won in card game and peeps into changing room. He is shocked to see Pragya changing her dress, she shouts and asks him to get out. He asks why did not she lock changing room. She asks why did not he knock. He says he wanted to keep money in locker and asks why is she changing dresses today. she says daadi asked me to change sari before pooja. He says he will get keys from daadi. Pragya shows him keys. He asks why did she steal them. She says Daadi herself gave her.

Suresh asks Pragya if she forgave him and apologizes for rejecting her marriage offer. Aaliya hears their conversation and realizes that Pragya wanted to marry Suresh before. Pragya says Suresh she has forgiven him long ago and walks out saying she has a lot of work. Aaliya thinks of tarnishing Pragya’s image by alleging her to have relationship with Suresh, but then thinks she will wait for the right opportunity. She sees Pragya running towards Daadi’s room and asks where is she going. Pragya she is going to call Daadi for pooja. Aaliya says she will call daadi and asks her to rest. Pragya thinks what has happened to her so suddenly. Aaliya thinks Daadi herself will kick Pragya out.

Abhi comes to ask daadi why did she give locker keys to Pragya. Daadi and her cousins instead praise Pragya, Daasi says he got a precious gem in Pragya and he is lucky to have her. He thinks he wanted to complain about Pragya, but she has taken over everyone’s brain and is controlling them. He gets a call from event organizer and worriedly talks. Daadis get worried and asks him what happened. He says he got an offer for biggest event ever. Akash asks if he got the offer which he was waiting for. He says yes. Daadis say he should be happy then and say it is all because of Pragya’s luck and asks Pragya to be with Abhi always. Abhi gets irked hearing that.

Aaliya sees Tanu trying to act as religious and asks how did she change so suddenly. Tanu says she is doing this to get into good books of Daadi. Daasi calls everyone for pooja. Pragya, Daadi and all guests perform pooja. Daadi asks Tanu to show aarti to everyone. Daasi stops her and says only bahu can perform aarti. She gives thali to pragya who draps pallu and shows aarti to everyone. Daasi says that is called culture and she will show her culture today. Pragya says she wants Abhi to get aarti. Daadi says he will not. Pragya then goes to Abhi and asks him to get aarti. He says he will not. She tells the importance of aarti lamp. He says he will accept aarti and will show that she does not have any place in his life. Daadi and whole family watch Abhi taking aarti and get happy. Abhi after taking aarti says Pragya that he will see till when her philosophy will work. Pragya sadly stands there while he walks out.

Aaliya, Daadis and everyone enjoys crackers. Pragya sees Abhi enjoying and asks him not to burn money like this. He says he does not need her lecture. Pragya takes 500 rs note from Daadi and asks Abhi to burn it. Daasi says Pragya is telling right. Abhi says he will burn 500 rs and she will have to give cracker sound effect. She says she cannot laugh on his joke. He says he wants to laugh on her poor joke. Tanu gets irked seeing them together. Pragya slips and falls on Abhi. Daasi says their diwali is complete now.

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