Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 9 December 2020


Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 9 December 2020

Twist of Fate Wednesday Update 9 December 2020: Pragya crossing the road, and the truck driver hits her while acting to save her. Nikhil thinks this is the end of your story. Sarla shouts Pragya looking at her injured body. Tanu smiles and says your kumkum and husband couldn’t help you. It turns out to be Sarla’s dream. She says I will save you my daughter and tries to move her legs. She hears Dadi and everyone doing the puja and aarti. She asks God to give her strength and understand her motherly’s love. She stands on her feet with much difficulty and comes out of room. Purab is standing outside the room and sees Sarla crying. He asks what happened? Sarla shows Pragya’s photo in the frame. He says I will take you there.

Tanu asks driver to take her fast and break signal. Mitali asks driver to take her back home as they missed Tanu at the signal. Pragya thinks why mum is tensed and thinks something is wrong. She thinks about Abhi’s words and thinks Tanu lied to Abhi, and went when I came out. She thinks to check again if she is Tanu. Tanu says I have reached there, and asks are you coming there alone. Pragya gets doubtful and calls her Tanu. Tanu is shocked, and says she is not Tanu. Pragya asks her to answer face to face. She says when I can come there, you also show the strength. I want to know what you are playing against me. She says it is enough of rat and mouse game. Tanu cuts the call. She calls Nikhil and informs her that Pragya came to know everything. Nikhil scolds her and says it is your mistake. Tanu says I didn’t tell her anything.

Nikhil shouts at her. He says you don’t need to come now. Everything is over. Tanu says Pragya wants to talk to me face to face and confront me. She said fight will be infront of each other. Nikhil says Pragya is giving us a chance to kill her, and is accepting her death. He asks his goons to get ready as victim is coming in 5 mins. He says Pragya, you are most welcome. Pragya wonders what Tanu want to do? She thinks I have to take this risk, may be I can get some proofs against her.

Puja continues to happen at Mehra house. Mitali comes back home and thinks she would have blackmailed Tanu and made her dance on her tune. She falls down because of the water on the floor. Dasi comes. Mitali asks her to help her get up. Dasi refuses and goes. Tai ji comes and asks her to stay there itself. Mitali gets irked and thinks she will not think anything wrong about anyone. Purab asks Sarla if you know where is Pragya? He says how can you speak? He gives her tissue paper and pen and asks her to write. Sarla writes the address. Purab calls Pragya and asks her to return home as her life is in danger. Pragya says she will come once she does the work. Dadi and Rachna come to room, and sees Sarla missing in the room. They wonder where is she? Akash comes and says I will call Purab. Mitali thinks it is a good chance to trap Tanu. Dadi says what to do now? Mitali says we shall inform Pragya that Sarla is missing from her room. Dadi says no, and says Pragya will get worried. She says we will not inform Abhi also. Sarla prays to God and says don’t do anything to my Pragya. Purab asks Sarla not to worry. Sarla asks God to keep Pragya away from Tanu. Pragya thinks to take risk if she will unite with Abhi. Pragya reaches there in her car. Nikhil thinks she will get down from her car searching Tanu and then………….Purab comes there in his car. Sarla comes of out car with much difficulty and falls down on the road.

Sarla walking on the road after getting down from the car with difficulty. Pragya gets down the car and looks for Tanu. Pragya gives money to the children begging there. Nikhil signs the truck driver and bike rider. Purab wonders where is Sarla? Sarla sees Pragya and thinks God give her strength to save her daughter. Truck and bike are coming from opposite directions. Tanu is also standing there and thinks Pragya have done a grave mistake and the punishment for stopping her marriage is death. She thinks you have done a big mistake, and will die, nobody will come to save you at the last min. She says even Abhi couldn’t save you. Pragya comes on road searching Tanu. Nikhil panics. Sarla thinks Pragya should move from there, sees truck fast speeding towards her and shouts Pragya……….Nikhil and Tanu are shocked. Pragya says Maa….Sarla signs her to see the truck.

Nikhil goes to Sarla to stop her. Pragya sees Nikhil fighting with Sarla and moves from the way. Sarla pushes Nikhil and he falls on the speedy truck. Sarla asks Pragya if she is fine? Pragya says Maa. Sarla hugs her. Tanu comes to Nikhil and checks his breath. He says I am alive. He says plan is failed because of you. He blames her and says you have planned to kill me. Purab comes there and says Maa can give life to protect their children. Sarla says Nikhil and Tanu made plan in her room and tease her. She says Tanu called her from her phone. Pragya says I am fine. Nikhil asks how did she start speaking? And told the details to family. Tanu asks him to come. Sarla says I got a dream and started walking. I got Purab’s support and I reached here to save you. Purab says Tanu wants to kill you. Pragya says Nikhil deserve this and was caught in his own plan. Pragya goes to Tanu and says that’s why you called me.

Tanu says you was foolish to come here. Sarla says my maa is with me, and that’s why nothing can happen to you. She says you will also be on road one day. Tanu says what is the proof that I tried to kill you. She says you have your maa as proof, but nobody will believe you. She says if you want to prove me wrong, then prove that this baby is not of Abhi’s but of someone else. She says you want to make me go from Abhi’s life, and I want you to go from this world. Pragya asks her to start her life with Nikhil. Tanu says Abhi loves me. Pragya says you don’t love him. I will give you money and leave Abhi. Tanu says Abhi is mine and that house also. Tanu says I need everything, I have right on everything. Pragya says you have no right on anything. She asks her to thank her as she is not filing case against her. She says she is sparing her just because Sarla got fine.

Tanu says although you are married, but you are still spinster and can’t share bed with him. She says I am going to become his baby’s mum without marriage and he has promise me of marriage. She says I will make legal relation with him through this illegitimate child. She says I will kick you out from my life. She says you can’t snatch Abhi from me. Pragya hears her silently. Sarla says I want to slap you, but I don’t want to dirty my hands. She says if you have illegitimate child, then Pragya has kumkum. She says you can’t be happy in life. She says Pragya is not getting her arrested right now, but one day she will get arrested. She asks him to marry Nikhil and settle down. Tanu stares her. Sarla asks her to take Nikhil to hospital, as if Abhi comes to know about her then she can’t be mum or his wife. Pragya takes Sarla from there.

Pragya says Sarla that they will go home. Sarla says no, and asks her to call Abhi there. Pragya says we don’t have proof. Tanu will lie and prove that we are lying. She says Tanu makes Abhi emotional always because of baby. She says she knows that Tanu was planning against her, but came here. Sarla scolds her. Pragya says she tried to get proofs against Tanu, but got her mum. Sarla prays to God to give her husband. Tanu takes Nikhil to hospital. Receptionist asks her to get FIR done first. Doctor comes and asks what happened? Tanu says I will complete the formalities later, and asks him to admit him. Doctor asks her to fill form first. Receptionist asks Tanu what is her relation with patient. Tanu says wife….Abhi comes to hospital and asks about lifelong hospital. Ward boy asks can he read the board. Abhi reads the hospital name. Pragya tells Sarla that everything will be fine. Receptionist asks Tanu to file FIR at other desk, and asks about his age and address. Abhi enters hospital and checks gynaec dept. Tanu takes Nikhil to some ward and thinks if he went or not. Abhi asks receptionist about gynaec, and searches for that doctor room. Tanu gets tensed.

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