Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 8 November 2023


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 8 November 2023

Doctor asking who is this cute girl, I never saw her before. Ranbir says she is Khushi. Khushi says my name is Khushi. Doctor says he made her understand. Ranbir says else your doctor’s degree would have failed. Doctor says acidity and heart attack symptoms are same, but it was acidity. Pallavi, Ranbir and Aryan tell that she shall not have any oily stuff etc. Dida says I just had tea in morning. Pallavi asks why you didn’t have breakfast, I had given you. Doctor asks her to have medicine, and asks if I shall go. Dida says there was no advantage to come here. Doctor says Khushi will take care of you. Pallavi asks Khushi to take care of her and goes. Ranbir goes to Pallavi and asks why you are smiling. Pallavi says you will not understand. Ranbir asks you tell that I am

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an understanding person and asks her to tell the reason for her happiness. Pallavi says I am feeling as if a big sadness and pain is gone, it seems like everyone’s laugh got a life. Ranbir and Aryan ask her to make them understand. Pallavi tells that she feels that khushi’s arrival brought happiness in their life. Ranbir says even he feels that sadness was never in his life, she is a ball of happiness. Pallavi says when Mummy ji fell down, she was calm and perfect and asked me to call doctor and she didn’t get worried even once. She asks when did you meet her? Ranbir tells that once she saw him sad and dropped the flower on his lap, when he was in car. He says since then, they are meeting accidentally and she has brought happiness in his life. Khushi tells Dida that she is like small child, who wants everyone’s attention. Dida says you don’t know how it pains when heart attack comes? She says you don’t know acidity.


Khushi tells that she doesn’t drink tea, but Maayi drinks and tells that she was selling flower there when she had fallen down. She says she helps Maayi to sell flowers. Dida says I am not making excuses. Khushi says even I act, but Maayi asks me to get up and get back to work. She asks Dida to come out. Dida asks Priya where is Pallavi and others. Priya says Pallavi Maam is making soup and Ranbir and Aryan are with her. Khushi says shall we play? Priya says Dida is unwell. Dida says we will sit and play. Pallavi, Ranbir and Aryan come there. Pallavi asks why did you come here? Dida says Khushi has brought me here. Pallavi asks her to drink soup. Aryan says you are unwell and will get soup only. Khushi whispers you are trapped due to acting. Dida refuses to have soup, and asks Pallavi not to become her Saas. Khushi says you scold fakely. Dida says I didn’t get heart attack, but acidity and will not drink soup. Khushi asks her to have soup and says whoever loves me, agrees to my sayings. She says you will have soup as you love me. She asks her to open her mouth, and makes her have soup. Pallavi says thank god Mummy ji have soup.

Ranbir gets a call. Khushi makes Dida finish the soup. Dida tells Pallavi that Khushi works with her mother, she has a flower shop. Khushi asks do you need anything? Pallavi asks her to bring special flower. Khushi says ok fine. She misses Prachi and reminisces her. They ask what happened? Khushi says she didn’t tell her Maayi that she came here, and asks for phone. Aryan gives her phone. Khushi goes to side and calls Laali. Dida tells Ranbir that she is missing her great grand daughter. Ranbir tells that even he miss Panchi seeing Khushi. Dida says we shall adopt a girl to complete our lives and says infact we shall adopt Khushi. Ranbir says Khushi already has a mother, how can you say this. Khushi is worried calling Laali.

Prachi finds Khushi’s bangle and says Khushi…She smiles thinking of Dadi’s words. Naina song plays…..She thinks if this can happen, if I can become Khushi’s Mamma. She says if this happens then I will feel good, I will get my Panchi. Pallavi asks why this can’t happen. Ranbir says why Khushi’s mother will give her daughter for adoption. Dida says she can give, and tells that hearing her, I felt that she is not a good mother. Ranbir recalls Laali asking for money. He says Khushi’s mother had sent her with rich woman, to get clothes for her. Pallavi says which mother sends her daughter with someone. He gets a call and goes. Dida asks Pallavi to talk to Ranbir. Pallavi says I will talk to him and will ask him to bring Khushi home.

Pallavi sees Khushi crying and asks what happened? Khushi cries and hugs her. Pallavi says what happened? Khushi says Maayi is very angry. Pallavi says I will come with you and make her understand. Khushi says don’t do this, she will get very angry. She asks her to ask Shiv to drop her home. Pallavi asks who is Shiv? Khushi says your son Ranbir Kapoor. Pallavi says he is really Shiv and hides his pain.

She says you have come, everything will be fine, I will call your Shiv now. She goes. Prachi comes to Dida’s room. Dida asks her to come. Shahana asks her to tell whatever she wants to tell. Dida says we shall get her marriage done, and then only her childishness will go. Shahana says you have to come with me to stop the fight between me and my children, as we will fight when they steal my chocolate. Prachi says she came to talk about adoption. Shahana asks adoption. Prachi says I thought to make Khushi as my Khushi, and we can bring her in our life and home, to complete me. Shahana gets happy and says my sister will become mother.Prachi telling Dadi that she will make Khushi as her life’s Khushi, and they will bring her in their life and house, to complete her. Shahana gets happy and says my sister will become a mother. She says Khushi has a mother, if she will let her come here. Dadi says Khushi’s mother is not her real mother, and she didn’t see her Papa till now. She says her mother is letting her stay with her to earn money, and treats her like Servants. She says either Khushi is orphaned or her mother has kidnapped her from somewhere. Shahana asks what are you saying? Dadi says this is my experience which is saying, and tells that my old eyes are saying that this is truth, it is clear from Khushi’s words that the lady is not her mother and the guy who comes to meet her mother, when Khushi calls him papa, he scolds her and this means she is her mother’s lover. Prachi says if she has kept her for money, then we will offer her money, and she will not refuse. Shahana says yes, we will offer her much amount. Dadi says Khushi will get love and family here. Shahana says she will study here and she will get her Mamma’s love. Dadi and Shahana are happy. Prachi gets call from office, hugs Dadi and kisses Shahana and goes. Shahana tells Dadi that she shall become spy like Sherlock homes. Dadi says we shall get you married. Shahana says she never wants to get married. She hugs her.


Ranbir talks to Mr. Manchanda and tells that he couldn’t come as his Dadi was unwell. Pallavi comes there and hugs him. She says Khushi. Ranbir asks what happened? Pallavi says Khushi hugged me and I felt as if Panchi hugged me. She says I felt for a moment that our panchi has returned, and says I want Khushi in this house. She says all the happiness of this house will return. Ranbir says she already has a mother and asks what we will tell her, that we see our daughter in her daughter so please give her to us. Pallavi says I don’t think that she is her mother, and tells that it seems that lady doesn’t love her, as Khushi was scared of her. Ranbir says there are many mothers who beat their children. Pallavi says there is no terror in mother’s love, as the child hugs her mother even if she scolds her, but Khushi was crying with fear. She asks him to go and talk to her, and says she is not her real mother. She says even the poor mother will want her daughter to go to school. She says you had only said that you never saw her working as she makes Khushi work for her. She says we will give her money and take Khushi. Ranbir asks how can you think like this? Ranbir says I saw fear in Khushi’s eyes, I can understand between motherly love and selfish love. She says even if she is her mother, then also don’t love her like her real mother. She says I see Panchi in her, and says she needs our love and motherly care. She says Khushi will complete your life, don’t let her go, think that God has sent her for us. She says we have lost her, but don’t let us lose this girl. Ranbir says I will talk to her mother and will bring Panchi back. Pallavi says she is crying a lot after her mother scolded her, and she told that she will go with Shiv. Ranbir tells that she will go with Shiv, and return with Shiv. He says he sees Panchi in her, and feels like God sent his Panchi to him. Pallavi says go and bring her. Ranbir says our Panchi.

Prachi comes to the office and thanks Ashok Tandon for the house. Ashok Tandon says I hope you will do good in business, we will talk later, I am getting late for flight. He goes. Prachi says he is talking rudely, arrogant. He thinks she told me arrogant. Prachi goes.

Ranbir brings Khushi to her house in his car. Khushi asks him not to come, else her mother will get more angry. Ranbir says ok and asks her to tell her everything. Laali is scolding Juhi’s mother. Laali sees Khushi and twists her ears. Juhi’s mother says she is a little girl. Ranbir gets down from the car and says she has helped us, don’t scold her. Laali says Juhi’s mother told me everything and says why she went to help the old lady. She says we have to do work to eat food, and says if this girl runs to help others, that what we will eat. She says who will pay for the losses for the day. Ranbir says I will pay and asks what is the loss. Laali says 2-3 K. Ranbir gives her 4 K for the loss and requests her not to scold her. Laali takes it and says ok. Ranbir says I want to talk to you and says your daughter is special and has true heart. He says you shall be happy that God has given her to you, and tells that she spreads happiness and you behave her this way. He requests her not to behave badly with her, and says she deserves love like she spreads love. Laali asks if lecture is over and says it seems that she is your daughter and not mine. She says if she gets angry, then will vent out on her, and then he will be responsible. Khushi folds her hands and signs him to go. Ranbir feels helpless as Laali takes her from there. Naina song…Ranbir sees Laali scolding Khushi again. He stops thinking her threat, that she will vent out her anger on her if he lectures her. He sits in the car. Khushi waves him bye. Ranbir gets sad and leaves.

Prachi sits in the car and asks the driver to take her home. She then realizes Ashok asking her to fax him documents after meeting. She asks driver to take her back to office. Ranbir is sad and thinks of Khushi. He thinks to talk to Khushi’s Maayi and says today, I will talk to her. She comes to the office and sees Payal crying. She asks what happened to you. Payal goes.

Laali scolds Khushi to sprinkle water on the flowers so that it don’t wither, and then sell it first in the morning. She gets her lover’s call and asks why you didn’t come. Ranbir comes there. She ends the call and asks what does he want? Ranbir looks at Khushi and tells Laali that I told her that you are lucky to have Khushi, and tells that he wants to take up the responsibility of her education. Laali asks if you will get her educated and says you are Devta person. She says you thought about us and her, and thanks her. Ranbir says I want her to become educated and make you and us feel proud. He thanks her for accepting his words. Laali says my foot. Ranbir is shocked.