Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 30 March 2022


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 30 March 2022

Rhea comes to the hall and asks Ranbir about Prachi. Ranbir says Prachi came and runs to her. He takes luggage trolley from her. Dida asks did you do all the arrangements? Pallavi asks all set to go. Rhea says yes. She thinks of Aaliya’s words and thinks why nothing happened to Prachi, she is fine. Soni comes there and tells that Shaina is getting vomiting and that’s why I am making lemon water for her. Dida asks her to add black salt in it. Rhea thinks this means Shaina had drank that tea and not Prachi. She gets tensed. Ranbir tells Dida that he will go. Dida asks him to say that he will be back home. Ranbir says and asks her to take care. Dida asks Ranbir and Prachi take care of each other and blesses them. Vikram asks Rhea why she is lost? He asks if you are fine. Pallavi says this is nervousness. Dida says when she will return from honeymoon, she will return happily. She says if they are not happy then I will scold Sid and Ranbir. She teases Vikram. Rhea hugs Pallavi and says I will leave. Pallavi says what happened to her. Dida asks them to call them. Vikram says what happened to Rhea. Pallavi says I am seeing her like this for the first time. Sid and Rhea are in the car. Rhea looks out of the window. Sid says the weather is good and says he likes to go on a long drive and asks if she wants to see the view of resort. Rhea says it is annoying to see you. He asks what? She says why am I going with him and asks him to keep quiet and keep driving.

Prachi asks Ranbir to talk. She says she wants him to talk and asks him to share his heart talk. He says if this journey ends soon, then our honeymoon will start. She holds his hand. He asks what are you doing? Prachi asks if she can’t hold his hand. Ranbir says you can. She asks him to see Sid and Rhea standing on the road. Ranbir stops the car. Sid asks him to open the decky and tells that he needs to keep the luggage. Sid and Rhea sit in the car. Sid tells that petrol got over, when tank was full. Ranbir says Prachi told that they shall go together, but he said that they shall go separately. Rhea says we are destined to be together. She recalls coming out first and puncturing the petrol tank so that the petrol leaks. Sid comes and sits in the car. She smiles looking at Ranbir and keeps hand on Ranbir’s suit. She thinks you don’t know what I can do to be with you, and once I get you, you don’t know what I will do. She thinks once Buji’s idea works, then nobody can stop me from getting successful.

They reach resort. Rhea calls Aaliya and tells that they have reached the resort. She says Prachi came with her. Aaliya says I sent you the medicine name. Rhea says Shaina drank that tea and not Prachi. Sid calls Rhea. Rhea ends the call. Prachi says checked in happened and asks Rhea with whom she was talking to? Rhea says Shaina. Manager comes and tells that they have arranged best view rooms. Rhea asks if the rooms are together. Manager says no, but he can get them rooms opposite to each other. Ranbir says no, it is good. Manager shows them the way to their rooms, and asks them to come for the special dinner. Prachi and Ranbir go to their room. Ranbir says view is nice. The resort staff tells that the view is good. Prachi asks him to give the tip. Ranbir gives him tip and thanks him. The staff member leave. Ranbir closes the door and calls Prachi. He says you started mischievous on honeymoon. He searches for her and calls her. Prachi says how did you know? Ranbir says the air told me that you are here, and tells that it is not our enemy. Prachi says if we were not married. Ranbir says if I was not married to you, then would have never married and don’t want to hear anything where you are not there. Prachi says whatever you have done for you, I couldn’t repay it for 6 births, you have accepted me, supported me and loved me. She says she fears to lose his love. Ranbir says I love you so much and don’t find flaws in you, you are perfect. She says I thought that I can never be a good wife but you made me believe on myself and have no idea what you have done for me. She asks him to love her always and never leave her, as she loves him a lot. Ranbir says I will never leave you as I love you more than you love me.

hotel staff taking Rhea and Sid to their room and asks them to call room service if they need anything. Sid gives money to him. He goes. Sid tells that it is beautiful. Rhea asks what is beautiful, I don’t think anything is special. He asks do you want to change the resort? Rhea says no. Sid says if she don’t like this room. She says there are many things, which is not liked by us, but we have to adjust. She says Ranbir is here, then why we will go anywhere else. Sid says we came here for holiday and need to have a good time, if you don’t want then we will change it. She says I came with Ranbir and will go back with him. Sid asks why are you taking Ranbir’s name? Rhea says I don’t need to explain small things to you. She says she needs to freshen up and goes. Sid thinks if she is the same. He blames himself and thinks problems started before honeymoon.

Tanu confronts Aaliya and says you said that you don’t have any connection with Pragya’s daughters, but just now I heard you talking to Rhea. Aaliya says you can’t come between Rhea and me. She says she is like my daughter and was in the situation where I was in same situation, and only I can help. Tanu says you can tell me, and I went through the same situation. Aaliya says you don’t love Bhai, but wanted his money. Tanu says even Purab was your stubbornness, and likewise, Ranbir is Rhea’s stubbornness. Aaliya shouts Tanu. Tanu says she has shown her mirror and asks her why she is getting angry, and asks her to hear the truth. She says love is love, its emotions can be different, and asks her not to lecture her that her love is truthful than her.

Sid comes out and tells Rhea that she came alone. She says she is not a little girl and goes to sit on the table. She thinks where is Ranbir? Sid says sorry, actually petrol was over. He says I know you are upset with me due to this. Rhea asks him to call Ranbir and Prachi. Sid says it seems your mood will be good when they come. She says no doubt, and says you will get such answer for silly question. He calls them. Ranbir and Prachi come there. Rhea hugs Prachi and Ranbir. Ranbir is surprised. Rhea asks where was you, why you came late. Prachi asks Sid, what is he looking at? She says they got late due to Ranbir.

Sid says really. Prachi tells Ranbir that she was complaining to Sid about him. Ranbir says we are on honeymoon and holds her hand. She holds his hand and says we are on honeymoon. Ranbir asks Sid and Rhea to sit together, and hold each other’s hand. Prachi says that’s why I don’t want to come. Ranbir says you are officially married and can do anything, atleast can hold the hand. Rhea says how can you see this Ranbir, how can I hold someone else’s hand. She says if I do this, then won’t you feel bad? Prachi laughs and says you scared Ranbir. She says she was joking? Ranbir says I asked you, but she responded. He says I was thinking why you said this. Prachi falls. Ranbir kisses on her cheeks and says we are on honeymoon. Prachi says you thought I will scold you, no. We are on honeymoon. Rhea gets jealous seeing Ranbir and Prachi’s romance and throws the fork on the floor. She then says sorry.

Manager comes there and thanks the guests for giving them good reviews. He says we have special arrangements for today. He brings guitar and asks Ranbir to sing. He says I confirmed with your wife. Ranbir says no. Prachi says please Ranbir. Ranbir says I will sing 100 songs, and dedicates his song to Prachi. He sings song….main agar kahun…. for Prachi. Prachi enjoys the song, while Rhea looks jealous and angry. Ranbir comes to Prachi and takes her to stage. Prachi sings and dances with him. Sid plays the guitar.

Aaliya is upset and tells that Pragya can change, but Bhai will not change. All world is at first side, and Pragya on the other. She says he came to take revenge and showing faithfulness. She thinks neither my husband nor my son don’t need me. She says only Rhea matters in her life. Rhea thinks of Ranbir and Prachi’s romance. She collides with a guy and scolds him. Aaliya calls Rhea and asks how is everything? Rhea says horrible. She says nothing is happening as I thought, I shouldn’t have come here, and then Ranbir and Prachi wouldn’t have come. She says they are romancing as if they got married yesterday and says my blood is boiling. Aaliya says I had told you an idea. Rhea says Ranbir is behaving as if he is waiting for this day since 2 days, and tells that she didn’t come to see this. She says I want him to say that I am good and attractive. Aaliya asks her to shut up. She says you don’t have time to attract him, then you will go to room and get closer. She says it is waste of time. She asks her to come to point, asks her to take Ranbir to room and get closer to him. Rhea asks what to do, to divert his mind. She says how to take him to my room, it is too difficult. Aaliya asks her to get him drunk. She tells that Prachi’s effect will go away when he is drunk. She says she will book a room there, and asks her to take him there. she asks are you getting my point. Rhea says book the room, I will make arrangements of drinks. She calls waiter and asks if he wants to earn extra money. He smiles. She smiles. Prachi asks Rhea where did she go, and tells that Ranbir sang well and everyone clapped for him. He tells that Prachi also danced well. Rhea tells that she has ordered dinner. Ranbir says I am very hungry. He asks Sid if he wants to eat something else. Sid says no. Rhea says I ordered food of everyone’s choice. The waiter comes there whom Rhea has bribed. Rhea takes the drink and gives to Prachi, saying soft drink. The waiter signs Rhea. Rhea takes the glass and recalls adding tablet in it. She gives the spiked drink to Ranbir and smiles.