Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 26 January 2022


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 26 January 2022

Pragya calls Raghuvir ji. Raghuvir ji says can I sit? Inspector asks if he came for a small case. Raghuvir says no case. Pragya comes there and calls Raghuvir. Inspector asks how much money, he got from her? Raghuvir asks how much money, did you get from Tanu? He says I didn’t ask you, just like you was joking, I was joking too. He shows the bail papers of Ranbir and Prachi. He asks if he arrested Abhi, then why did he give news to Media. Inspector says what I could have done if they reached here. Raghuvir asks who gave the news to Media. Inspector says I don’t know. Raghuvir asks him to find out, as such questions will be asked in the court and you have to answer. Vikram comes there. Pragya says she didn’t get time to tell him, and tells that the bail has been done. Vikram thanks her. Pragya introduces Raghuvir to Vikram. Inspector asks Raghuvir to be here. Raghuvir says though I have handled less cases, but my memory is sharp. Lady constable frees Ranbir and Prachi. Vikram goes to get the car.

Tanu comes to Pragya and congrats her, tells that Inspector told that they are bailed. Pragya says just like I saved them, I will save Abhi too. Tanu says what a coincidence and asks if she thinks she will defeat her, and says if she wants she can tell Inspector that they came to her home with murder intention. She says she has set up everything and asks shall I file this non bailable offence. Ranbir asks if this is a joke. Tanu tells that he is talking like Pragya and asks him to absorb his anger. Pragya asks Ranbir to leave it.

Tanu tells that Pragya has accepted that she will not win and asks her to get Prachi married, as when judge gives his verdict against Abhi, then who will marry rapist daughter. She talks about their values. Prachi asks her not to talk about values. Tanu says she wants her to see Abhi going to jail and tells that Pragya’s fake confidence will fail. She says it is clearly shown in video that Abhi is forcing on her. Ranbir says he knows Chief since childhood and will sue her. Tanu says Pragya is silent as she knows that her failure started. Ranbir gets Vikram’s call and tells him that they are coming out.

Sarita behen tells Shahana that she will go to the PS. Shahana makes her sit and asks shall I bring water for you. Door bell rings, Prachi comes there with Pragya. Shahana asks if Ranbir and his Papa went. Pragya nods her head and promises Prachi that she will bring her Papa.

Pallavi is furious at Ranbir. Ranbir comes home. Pallavi asks if he thinks everything as joke. Ranbir asks what happened? Pallavi says you get caught by Police and your Papa brought you home. She asks him to see his surname and says you are Kohli Industries, heir and future. Ranbir says you don’t know anything. Pallavi blames Prachi for all this. Ranbir says I had gone there for chief, she didn’t ask me. Pallavi says this girl is making you mad and blames Prachi. Ranbir says you don’t know. Pallavi says I care for you. Ranbir says you tell that you care for chief and asks if you did something for him. He says Prachi tried to do something for her Papa, and you are doing nothing, just blaming her. Rhea comes there and hears them. Pallavi says enough and raises hand on Ranbir, but stops. Vikram comes there and asks what is happening here. Pallavi asks didn’t you see what happened? Vikram says I know that what you was talking about and tells Rhea that both Pragya and Prachi are fine, I dropped them to Sarita behen’s house. Pallavi says Ranbir fought with me today and even last time he fought with her for Prachi. She says he got engaged to Rhea and is roaming with Prachi. Vikram says he is my son and went there for Abhi. Pallavi says if you had not bailed him out, then he would be in the lock up for the night. Vikram says Pragya got him bailed. Pallavi gets angry and says what a big deal, my son got arrested due to her daughter. Vikram says it is difficult to talk to you. Pallavi says don’t talk to me. Sarita behen is worried. Pragya says tomorrow he will go home from Court and not jail.

Sarita behen coming to Pragya and asks her to drink milk. Pragya refuses. Sarita behen asks her to tell what is in her heart? Pragya says I was silent when Tanu said bad things about Prachi, if I wanted then I would have given her a good reply. I didn’t say anything. Sarita says you would have replied to her. Pragya says Tanu thinks that she has made us trapped and we can’t come out from it, but I know to fail her conspiracy. Sarita behen says she will pray for Mr. Mehra and God will not make her sad. Pragya says I want to tell you something, but can’t tell. Sarita behen says don’t tell me, but tell if I will be happy or sad knowing it. Pragya says you must be my mother in the previous birth. Sarita behen says you are my daughter and hugs her. Pragya says she is worried, but she has her trust with her. Sarita behen asks her to think positive and goes to close the door. Pragya looks out through the window and thinks of Abhi. Allah wariyan plays….Abhi also thinks of her.

Ranbir comes to his room and finds Aryan there. Aryan says you didn’t pick my call when you were with Prachi, says you got engaged to Rhea in anger, but your heart still beats for Prachi. Rhea comes there. Ranbir tells her that whatever Aryan told was just like that. He asks Aryan to go. Rhea asks why did you do this to me? She says you were with Prachi and didn’t tell me. Ranbir says there was nothing to say. Rhea says you went to Tanu’s house with Prachi and didn’t tell me about your arrest. He says he didn’t go with Prachi, she didn’t know that I was going there, and even I don’t about her. He asks what is her problem and says Prachi doesn’t love me, you know well. Rhea says she don’t love you, but do you love

her. Ranbir asks her to answer if he loves Prachi. Rhea says she wants him not to go near Prachi. Ranbir says you can’t control my life. Rhea says I can, shows the ring and says it is my right. She goes out. Ranbir hears Pallavi’s screaming. Rhea gives her ointment. Ranbir comes there and asks what happened? Vikram says she was walking fast and got her leg hurt. Pallavi asks him not to show care and reminds of his words. Ranbir says I just told that Prachi cares for everyone and cares for chief a lot, than anyone else in this house. Rhea says you can’t judge my love for my father and says I love him a lot, which you can’t see. Ranbir says he is not talking to her. He tells that neither I know that I was going to Tanu’s house nor Prachi knows about me being there and tells that she has nothing to do with whatever happened. Pallavi holds Prachi responsible for everything. She gets up. Vikram says we shall make the kids understand, but we are fighting. He says you shall not talk infront of Rhea. Ranbir says Dad…Pallavi asks him not to interfere. Ranbir asks Rhea if she is happy and goes. Pallavi tells Vikram that it all happened due to her.

Shahana asks Prachi why did Ranbir come there? Prachi says Ranbir had come there for Papa, so that he can find proofs. Shahana says it is more than a coincidence and tells that Ranbir is doing good for Mr. Mehra. She says if I was in your place, then would have snatched him from Rhea if he loved me even 1 percent. She looks at her injured finger and asks what happened? Prachi tells that a lady constable was angry and hit her. Shahana holds her hand. Prachi asks what is she doing like Ranbir. Prachi says Ranbir always helps me, even helped me in lock-up, whatever I think of him, he always helps me. She says she has heard from Maa that if someone loves you, then cares for you in any circumstances. She says why he is good and helps Papa and Maa. She says Ranbir is engaged now with Rhea. Shahana says even you were engaged to him before Rhea, says just like second marriage can’t happen, second engagement can’t happen. Prachi thinks of him and asks her not to talk about him. She asks her to think of the case.

Rhea comes behind Ranbir and asks what does he mean by his words? Ranbir says everything was in your hand, you are the root cause of every fight. Rhea says why are you blaming me, you should blame Prachi. Ranbir says you are asking why I was with Prachi, but didn’t think why I went there. He says Prachi is not important to me, Chief is important to me. He says your hatred for Prachi, decreases your love for your Papa. He says if you had not supported his mother then the latter wouldn’t have fought with him. Rhea says sorry. Ranbir says I can’t understand how can anyone can have hatred for Prachi, who is too good. He says if Prachi would have been here, then she would have told that I went there for Chief and not for her.

Vikram asks Pallavi to understand his feelings. Pallavi says you want Ranbir and Prachi’s alliance to happen. Vikram says it didn’t matter and asks her not to drag Prachi in the matter. Rhea comes there and asks them to stop fighting. She says Prachi has created this misunderstanding and asks them not to fight. Ranbir comes there. Pallavi says my would be bahu is very understanding and everything became good, just as you understood. She says I am with you Rhea. Rhea nods her head.

Sarita behen comes to Pragya. Pragya says you had done mannat for him. Sarita behen says God will not make me sad. Prachi says if we lose due to the proofs then. Ranbir thinks Chief was in the video. He thinks he knows what to do to defeat Tanu.

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