Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 23 June 2021


Twist Of Fate Wednesday Update 23 June 2021

Maya reminsces Ranbir confession that he can’t live without Prachi. Maya thinks I hope Ranbir ends his affair and concentrate on our marriage forgetting the prachi. Deepti tries to wake up Rhea and motivates her to move on seeing her family and fashion show pictures.

Ranbir calls Prachi asking her to tell whether blue color suite is good for him or not. She says color is good but it won’t suit you. Then Ranbir asks why? Prachi replies that you don’t look good for that color but perhaps it suits you. Ranbir says it’s very bad joke but you are the first girl with whom I’m not getting angry even though you are making fun of me because something something is happening inside when I saw your smile. Prachi says, you are mad. Ranbir says we have to work together in our love story to make Maya to break up with me. Prachi asks, what we need to do? Ranbir says you are bad actress because you fail to convince Maya that you love me. Prachi says, what about you? Ranbir notices Maya is outside his room and he asks Prachi to act like Juliet to make Maya jealous. Prachi agrees. Ranbir confesses his true feelings and asks her to meet him in 110 room. Maya feels angry listening his convo. Ranbir notices her and asks Prachi to meet him at room.

Meera handover Maya and Ranbir sangeet card to Aliya and leaves. Aliya thinks Rhea is not staying at home and her love story hurdles are Maya and Prachi, I must help to tackle this situation. Aliya calls Rhea but she won’t attend the call. Aliya blames Prachi for everything and thinks to handle Maya first. Maya gets mad and thinks Ranbir is mine and I can’t loose him to anyone. Ranbir thinks whether I’m acting or it’s real. Prachi thinks why I feel his confession is true. Ranbir also feels the same and calls Aryan and informs the same to his friend. Prachi gets Shahana call and she asks about her outing with Ranbir. Prachi informs her about Ranbir confession. Aryan says youre in love with Prachi and you meant every word you said. Ranbir says my heart is reacting heavily when I’m with Prachi. Aryan says true love and hold your heart and Prachi. Ranbir says I can’t loose her and I can her to my room to make Maya jealous. Shahana teases Prachi and question her whether her heart is beating heavily while listening Ranbir confession. Prachi cuts call after hearing Knocks.
Aliya thinks I will make Ranbir Unites with Rhea and I will show Maya that how to play games in my way.

Maya knocks the door and asks Prachi to open the door. Prachi thinks Rabir is not inside and she shouts that she won’t open the door and opening door means inviting her to their life. Maya knocks hardly but Prachi says Rabir won’t marry you. Maya leaves to Attend Aliya call. Aliya says I got your sangeet card. Maya says don’t talk with me about Sangeet. Aliya says see my name Aliya mehra, I’m the one who hired you to seperate Prachi and Ranbir for Rhea but here you’re dreaming to get married to Ranbir.
Maya says Ranbir is having affair with Prachi and I heard their talks and Ranbir is staying with Prachi in hotel room and you know what that mean and I went to talk with him but Prachi is not allowing me, I know you’re angry but I’m more angry because I can’t see my fiancee with other call. Aliya thinks to use Maya emotional state and instigate Maya to kill Prachi or kill herself. Meera hears their convo and gets shocked.

Prachi calls Ranbir and informs him that Maya is outside her room and their plan is successful to make her jealous. Ranbir feels happy and asks her how you did it. Prachi informs him that Maya believed that we both love eachother and you won’t leave me and Maya was mad at you and she gonna breakup with you. Ranbir thanks her and informs her that he gonna enter her room through fore exit to thank her.

Meera gets worried remiscing Aliya provoking Maya to kill Prachi and thinks how to stop Aliya than she tries to contact Rhea to stop Aliya plan. Rhea won’t attends the call than Dimpi answer Meera call and informs her about Rhea situation. Meera asks Dimpi to make Rhea talk with her. Dimpi says she will try and Meera asks did Aliya know Rhea loves Ranbir. Dimpi says don’t know, I will try to know and contact you in 5minutes. Meera thinks Aliya know about it that’s why she is planning to remove others from Ranbir life.

Aliya thinks Maya will kill herself or kill Prachi, so one hurdle will be out than I will take care of other, I will make Ranbir belongs to Rhea. Maya plays with Knife and thinks to kill Prachi for her Ranbir.
Ranbir enters Prachi room and tries to hug her. Prachi stops him. Ranbir says it’s celebration hug for appreciation not love hug. Prachi asks him to go out from her room. Ranbir says I worked alot to found and enter your room so let me relax. Prachi asks him to leave immediately.

Maya imagines pouring kerosene from outside and litting Prachi room. Prachi gets strucked in fire and shouts for help. Maya comes out from her imagination and thinks to implement her plan.
Dadi asks Shahana about message from Prachi. Shahana informs Dadi that Prachi is feeling something for Ranbir. Dadi closes door so Pragya won’t listen their convo. Dadi says we have to remove Maya from Ranbir life than Prachi and Ranbir realises their feelings for eachother. Shahana and Dadi thinks to do something for Prachi and Ranbir without Pragya notice.

Abhi and Pragya reminisces their old moments seeing their pics and thinking about eachother and gets emotional. Pragya listens mein phir bi tumko song and thinks I feel you’re near me Abhi. Abhi also checks Pragya pic in his wallet. Pragya thinks Prachi have to face these problems if she fell in love, if god asks me what I needed after death than I will ask our togetherness in next birth. Abhi says i wish we were not separated, I will anything to live with you. Both kisses eachother pictures.

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